an intellectual loyalty program – brands / retailers can identify the most valuable customers


The loyalty program has mushroomed in the travel, retail, financial and Food & Beverage (F & B) industries. The total value of the loyalty gift program market is estimated to be worth USD 500 billion. While the average household has been registered in an average of 25 programs, the actual utilization of these award points varies from 10% to 80%, depending on the sector. This provides a big gap where the company wants to overcome it. In the current era of companies in the sharing economy, how can companies release the excess prize loyalty and transfer it to the hands of consumers who truly value this offer?

Eatonomy strengthens the future loyalty market by introducing a decentralized platform that allows brands and retailers to easily create loyalty programs that can be operated, smart and attractive to modern buyers. The Eatonomy brand and retailer loyalty ecosystem are designed to bridge the gap between loyalty programs that have traditionally been inefficient and expensive as well as high expectations from current buyers. Create a channel loyalty program without prior technical knowledge or customer experience. Introducing real value interoperability, intelligence / distribution and loyalty programs.

At the end of 2017, Eatonomy won the prestigious Best Toronto Startup Enterprise award at the InnovateToronto Pitch Competition, among 200 other competitors. This competition is a collaborative partnership between the University of Toronto, City of Toronto, Ryerson University, which focuses on the use of innovation to shape the next 150 years in Canada and beyond.

Introducing Blockchain-as-a-Service to build a Smart Loyalty Program

Our mission is to activate smart loyalty programs – imagine where brands / retailers can identify their most valuable customers, understand their behavior – and reward customers according to their purchases & habits.

Using Eatonomy’s Loyalty Management Suite – brands / retailers can build custom loyalty programs in minutes –  without technical knowledge or experience with blockchain.Our platform is basically different from other blockchain loyalties because it is built on Stellar. Stellar eliminates the technical challenges of running consumer dAPP on Ethereum-based dAPP –  wallet management, transaction costs, transaction time & liquidity tokens.

How does it work?

Application Layer

The application layer consists of Loyalty Management Suite + Eatonomy Mobile Application

The Loyalty Management Suite is what brands / retailers use to prepare loyalty programs, set redemption rules (i.e. 10 tokens for $ 30 spent), buy TRE tokens through the API, and track / analyze the performance of their programs. Brands / retailers can choose to launch their loyalty program either at the Eatonomy Mobile Application – where customers can buy & redeem food / goods using TRE or fiat tokens  or brands / retailers can launch programs using their own infrastructure – the choice is theirs.

Integration Layer

The integration layer is a code library that simplifies platform architecture so that queries between lower layers become automatic.

The main function of the integration layer is API access with external exchanges and data sources so that users of Loyalty Management Suite (brand / retailer) and Eatonomy Mobile Applications (customers) can buy / redeem / transfer TRE tokens seamlessly without additional effort – thus  removing obstacles to using the platform Eatonomy.


Exchange layer

The exchange layer provides direct access to buy / transfer TRE tokens.

With the built-in API, the exchange layer allows brands / retailers to seamlessly buy TRE tokens using fiat – without friction in creating accounts, understanding price exposures and others. The exchange layer facilitates this transaction and gives TRE buyers the best prices at each given volume. Similarly, customers can sell their TRE tokens on the exchange through API access too.

Protocol Layer

The TRE Token is built on the Stellar blockchain – the ideal choice for performance, speed and durability.

Stellar is the ideal blockchain for Eatonomy because it provides significant benefits – especially with the technical challenges of building consumer dAPP. For example, competitors who build blockchain loyalty programs that use Ethereum must pay a minimum amount of Gas when making  each wallet for users & brands / retailers to facilitate the initial transaction  – with Stellar and SDEX, such capital investment is not needed. Other benefits from Stellar include very low transaction costs, near instant transaction time, and TRE token liquidity.


High Cost to Operate

A fully functional digital loyalty program is very expensive to manage –   resulting in less value for customers & a barrier for smaller brands / retailers to operate digital loyalty programs.

Limited prizes

Current prizes can only be exchanged with the issuing retailer / brand –   so customers are not involved and cause low returns.

Lack of Intelligence

Brands / retailers do not have deep insight into their customers to create personalized programs that   value loyal behavior, involvement & repeat purchases.



  • 2016
  • August 2016

    Inception of Eatonomy                     

  • 2017
  • April 2017

    Developed MVP (iOS & Android app)

  • November 2017

    Winning a startup award in Canada for $ 100,000

  • 2018
  • April 2018

    Has 11 restaurants for beta testing & 5,000 organic application downloads with zero marketing

  • October 2018

    Starting from TGE                                    

  • 2019
  • February 2019

    Final TGE                                      

  • February 2019

    Development of integration layers: API for importing TRE and development of cellular wallets

  • March 2019

    Development platform (application layer, exchange layer)

  • March 2019

    Establish the main CPG chain & North American restaurant

  • September 2019

    Expansion to the EMEA & APAC market



The user
Shaheryar Ahmad
Technical Co-Founder  and Blockchain Lead

Shaheryar leads the development of the Eatonomy Rewards platform on the Stellar blockchain, as well as the next iteration of the Eatonomy mobile platform. Read more

The user
Maleeha Alvi
Co-Founder of
Marketing and Lead Operations

Maleeha is eager to bring efficiency through decentralization to a loyalty gift program that is traditionally inefficient. He leads the marketing and operations of Eatonomy,  Read More


The user
Wilbert Madarang
Fintech Innovation Manager @ RBC
Software and Development @Qualcomm, Microsoft

Wilbert brings with him more than 20 years of technology, management and strategic experience in various vertical industries globally. Wilbert leads the team for the Acceleration and Innovation Solutions and Emerging Technology Project at Canada’s largest bank,  Read More

The user
Paul Bravi
SVP @ Food Basics

Paul is a Senior Vice President at Food Basics, a large supermarket chain that operates more than 115 stores in Canada. Prior to his current role, Paul held the position of Vice President, at Metro Inc. – the third largest grocery store in Canada, with 365 supermarket locations throughout the country. As an executive in food retailing  Read More

The user
Stephen Pumple
Founder @
Director of AZCAR TECH, Professor

Stephen Pumple is a business leader and IT entrepreneur with more than 35 years of experience in building a business. He is currently a distinguished visiting professor at the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture at Ryerson University. Pumple started the IMMAD Broadcast Service in 1974,  Read More

The user
Rafik Loutfy
Director @ Center for Innovation and Engineering, Former VP @ Xerox Research Center, Holds 32 Patents

Dr. Rafik Loutfy is an experienced businessman, inventor, professor, and former Xerox executive with 32 US patents for his credit. For more than 30 years, Dr. Loutfy worked with Xerox Corporation in an increasingly senior role, including the company’s vice president and director of the Canadian Xerox Research Center. Read more

The user
Alex Gill
Mendicant Group Founder.
Director of the Social Venture Zone. Professor

Alex Gill is a social entrepreneur who founded and led the Mendicant Group. Mendicant is a consulting agency based in Toronto that works with various social problems, and organizations that try to solve it, in Canada and in 12 different countries throughout the world. He has moderated the G20 Young Entrepreneurs’  Read More

The user
George Goodwinn
Consultant, Former
Executive Special Advisor for George Weston Ltd

George served as a special advisor to the executive team at Weston Group Ltd., a large Canadian public company representing the largest food and drug retail business in Canada through his control of Loblaw Companies Limited and the recent acquisition of Warsro from Drug Mart. George’s 40 years +  Read More

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