Eatonomy is a blockhain protocol to build inter-operable, smart, and interesting program, through a traditional revolutionizing loyalty in the FoodIndustry. The purpose of this project are to improved the more income (maxs) so that produce value is greater for customers. So users do not need to issue a cost to get it. And mission of this program is activates smart program loyalty so customers can get in return in accordance with how much they buy. This platform make different fundamentally from other blockchain loyalty as it is built on Stellar. Stellar eliminate the challenge technical who runs consumers dAPP in Ethereum-be based on dAPPs – wallet management, transaction fees, the transaction time . Use the system Loyalitas Management Suite aims to to set up courses loyalty, set the rules onsite ( that is 10 token to $ 30 spent ), using application Ponsel Eatonomy that where customers can buy with free. Stellar allow the fastest, most efficient, and the safest transactions in blockchain, compared with protocol that popular as Ethereum. So Why waiting for 6 minutes just for the finished a transaction process, and it’s also for more than the cost of processing card? With Stellar, the transaction fees less than one percent, while Stellar allow 40x more transaction per second of Ethereum! As a loyalty rewards token, the transaction quick time and low costs.

Exchange layer

  • The exchange layer provides direct access to buy / transfer TRE tokens.
  • With the API in it, the exchange layer allows brands / retailers to buy TRE tokens seamlessly using fiat – without friction in creating accounts, understanding price exposure and more. The exchange layer facilitates this transaction and gives the TRE buyer the best price for each given volume. Similarly, customers can sell their TRE tokens on the exchange through API access too.

Protocol Layer

  • The TRE Token is built on the Stellar blockchain – the ideal choice for performance, speed and durability.
  • Stellar is the ideal blockchain for Eatonomy because it provides significant benefits – especially with the technical challenges of building consumer dAPP. For example, competitors who build blockchain loyalty programs that use Ethereum must pay a minimum amount of Gas when making   each wallet for users & brands / retailers to facilitate the initial transaction   – with Stellar and SDEX, such capital investment is not needed. Other benefits from Stellar include very low transaction costs, near instant transaction time, and TRE token liquidity.

Why do you need an icon token?

  • TRE tokens serve as loyalty reward points in the Eatonomy ecosystem. Its function is to capture user data, function as reward points, and to bring real cash value to loyalty prizes.
  • How do you make network effects? Icon
  • Brands / retailers who want to build a special loyalty program must first purchase TRE tokens. Because the number of users in the ecosystem increases – brand / retailer activity will increase – thus increasing the value of TRE tokens.
  • Why did you build a universal loyalty gift? Icon
  • Traditional loyalty rewards are limited & this has contributed to a lack of customer involvement. Customers feel universal rewards are of higher value – this results in increased purchases to get universal rewards.
  • Why did you build Stellar and not Ethereum? Icon
  • Stellar has lower transaction costs (less than one cent!), Faster tx times, and Stellar wallets do not require an XLM to process transactions – whereas each new ERC20 wallet requires a minimum amount of Gas to operate the transaction.

Benefits for Brands / Retailers

Intelligent Loyalty Programs: Bring deeper analytics to loyalty programs – create personalized, custom campaigns for high-value customers

Reduce Costs: Eatonomy’s platform is the lowest-cost option to run a digital loyalty program with a full analytics suite

Turn Customers into influencers: Reward customers on purchases – or brand enegagement like social engagement, or completing offers via airdrops

Lesser liability, greater value: Eliminate the accounting liability for loyalty redemption while distinguishing yourself in your category by offering a truly free loyalty reward


High Cost to Operate

A fully functional digital loyalty program is very expensive to manage –  resulting in less value for customers & a barrier for smaller brands / retailers to operate digital loyalty programs.

Limited rewards

Current prizes can only be exchanged with the issuing retailer / brand –  so that the customer is not involved and causes a low payoff.

Lack of Intelligence

Brands / retailers do not have deep insight into their customers to create personalized programs that  value loyal behavior, involvement & repeat purchases.



August 2016

Inception of Eatonomy


April 2017

Developed MVP (iOS & Android app)

November 2017

Won startup awards in Canada for $100,000


April 2018

Onboarded 11 restaurants for beta testing & 5,000 organic app downloads with zero marketing

October 2018

Start of TGE


February 2019

End of TGE

February 2019

Development of integration layer: APIs for TRE import and mobile wallet development

March 2019

Development of platform (application layer, exchange layer)

March 2019

Onboard major North American CPGs & restaurant chains

September 2019

Expansion into EMEA & APAC markets

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