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Project Overview

You know that the cryptocurrency business has been drawing serious global attention recently?  So many people have invested in the cryptocurrency market and making huge gains. It’s worthy to note that crypto investments which are online investments based on the blockchain technology are indeed very much profitable. People are always looking for investment projects that very much reliable and have a great future. Now remember how I told you guys that the world is basically ruled by information in this generation, Truth is to whoever that is going to read this blog now or later, this is one of among all vital information’s you’ll got to know about. I have always monitored crypto-currency news, and today I came across a very attractive project with good crypto-currency future. Let me introduce you to one of cryptocurrency finest project because you know I always give you the best- EByte

EByte venture uses the disruptive intensity of blockchain innovation in a joint effort with Draglet to make the main worldwide money related framework particularly intended for the eSports people group. The eByte venture additionally incorporates a legally binding framework that can be trusted for alliances, groups and players, to guarantee all members and specialist organizations can be remunerated for their accomplishments in a sheltered and basic way.

Problems Associated With Traditional Esport Market the Ebyte Proffers Solution To

·        Players invest a lot of time and energy in training and competitive games but have no financial safety.

·        Insufficient financial compensation for event & tournament organizers, teams and leagues Inhibiting the growth of eSports.

·        Service providers cannot be rewarded in a fair and easy way for their work – some even volunteer their work.

·        Investment decisions are very difficult since there are no uniform portals for secure participations in eSports.

Much the same as Ethereum Blockchain, engineers will have the capacity to utilize eByte Blockchain as an outsider advancement platform, streamlined for both gaming tasks and eSports arrangements. The eByte venture additionally incorporates a powerful contract framework for groups, groups and players to guarantee that all members and specialist organizations can be remunerated for their administrations in a protected and simple way.

Additionally, the new digital money will enable fans to help their most loved groups and players with gifts. Also, the eByte entry and stage will give financial specialists and backers an entire review of the eSports showcase, making it less demanding for them to take part in eSports development.


The eByte venture has objective of making a money related framework that is universally acknowledged and broadly utilized for eSports, to guarantee taking an interest associations, groups and players can be enough adjusted for their duties and accomplishments while keeping up the decentralized idea of computerized sports. The eByte venture likewise mean to make a stage for different amusements utilizing eByte, including aggressive stepping stool frameworks, sites for smaller than expected recreations, and different versatile applications and games.Players, groups and fans don’t have to utilize our entry. EByte exchanging will be accessible on numerous regular crypto trades when our coins are issued.

ICO Token Sales

Details With the publication of the eByte Blockchain, 10% of the eBytes are initially generated (prefabricated). As part of our token generation event, certain quantities of pre-minted coins can be purchased in advance as ERC20 eByte tokens.

Token Distribution

First, 10% of the eBytes (4,700,000) are generated (prefabricated) with the release of the blockchain. 90% of the eByte coin is then reduced.

In the ERC20 Token Event shares of this 10% can be purchased in advance.

The ERC-20 token is exchanged 1: 1 into a fully functional and tradable eByte coin as soon as the private blockchain goes live.

PreICO Price

Price 1 eByte = 0,026 ETH

Bonus: Available

Bounty: Available

Platform:  Ethereum

Accepting:  ETH

Soft cap:  2,000 ETH

Hard cap: 30,000 ETH

Country: Germany

Whitelist/KYC: None

Restricted areas USA, China

Tokens are received at the end of the public presale and at the end of the crowdsale. The unsold token will go into a separate budget of the Foundation and will only be used to support and support the eSport community.

Further information on the investment projects can be found at:

Website: https://www.ebyte.sale/en/

ANN Thread Bitcointalk : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3917826.0

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eByteCommunity/

Telegram: https://t.me/eByteCryptocurrency


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