Cryptocurrency since its conception have offered to its users numerous benefits ranging from allowing them to make payments without banks to anywhere around the world at an amazingly high speed, trading investments that yield in steady profits, ease of conducting transactions between people at different ends of the world and lots more which have turned in millions of dollars in form of cryptocurrency as revenue and this revenue has opened the eye of many other developers to create new cryptocurrencies.

However despite all these benefits offered by cryptocurrency, there are several fall outs in the effective usage of cryptocurrency which is because there are too many cryptocurrencies in the market these days hereby making the separation of good ones from bad ones hard, most are not secured and have slow exchange time leading to traffic on the network which in turn slows down transaction rate, investments made on some of them are quite risky especially since no guarantees are involved, complexity of platform which discourage new investors.

All these challenges must therefore be solved as only through this can the cryptocurrency market realize its full potential and this need gave rise to the birth of EXTRADECOIN which will provide high speed transactions of up to 1,000,000tps, support different exchange strategies such as spot exchanging, margin exchanging, centralized and decentralized etc. while also creating an avenue for investors to earn profits on their funds through short term loans.


This is a cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform built on successful blockchain procedures that were created with the aim to provide faster and more efficient services for users as well as making available financial security for investors by creating an opportunity for them to lend to others securely with interest.

Features of Extradecoin

✔️Trading platform

This platform makes the process of trading a lot easier and faster due to the integration of certain functions such as an increased capacity to process which will complete transactions quickly within a very short period of time thereby giving room for more transactions to occur while also supporting a wide range of cryptocurrencies such as ETH, BTC, USDT, ETE, NEO etc. but is not in support of fiat currencies.

This trading platform also boasts of the following functions:

• It makes available to investors the current news concerning the cryptocurrency market which will guide them in trading profitably.

• Creation of an offline and online training courses which can be taken by investors new in the cryptocurrency market in other to possess in-depth knowledge about cryptocurrency trading as well as mingling with expert traders.

• Making available analysis and evaluation of the cryptocurrency market trend by experts in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

• Creation of a multi-lingual base where investors from different countries with diverse languages can communicate with one another and can be able to trade in their native dialect.

✔️Borrowing or lending platform

This is an extremely beneficial feature or platform for investors because it provides investors with the opportunity to gain extra income monthly and this is done by lending other investors funds that are unused in an investor’s wallet.

However this process of lending has some terms and conditions that must be followed and they are known as margins mechanisms which means that for borrowing to occur, the investor that wants to borrow should have at least the exact amount of funds intended to be borrowed in their wallet which serves as a guarantee.

The loan is paid back with interest according to the currency or coin in which it is borrowed e.g. in ETH, BTC etc.

✔️Token play

This is an avenue for users interested in playing games to entertain themselves as well as also earning rewards from these games simultaneously through Game Bet or Gamble.

Token Details

The token of this platform is symbolized as ETE Token which is a utility token structured according to the ERC-20 standards and is required by users to be able enjoy all benefits and various functions offered by the platform.

Benefits of Extradecoin

  1. Provides round the clock customer support service to users which ensures that all complaints lodged are attended to speedily regardless of when the complains are made.
  2. Creates an avenue where either new or old investors in the cryptocurrency market can get insights and training which will guide them on how to use the market at a reduced risk and at increased profit acquisition.
  3. Extradecoin provides an opportunity for investors on the platform to bring in more income to their wallets through interest generation whenever they loan their funds to others.

In conclusion, Extradecoin will step up the cryptocurrency exchange market by making it realize its full potential and functionality.

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