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Currently, the cryptocurrency is developing in a very fast direction and for humanity this is a new turn into the future. However, many people do not know anything about cryptocurrency. Therefore, the ECOINOMI team decided to develop a platform that would inform the public about the crypt most.
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Ecoinomi ecosystem is designed for interdependent supply of four separate sectors using our main currency – XCOM tokens and our multi-currency wallet. The main goal of XCOM is to improve the lives and standards of ordinary people. Escrow-based applications will help people conduct free, secure and fair transactions. The goal of ECOINOMI is to raise awareness of cryptocurrency by making Crypto software easy to implement and can be used in the daily life of every ordinary person.
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What ECOINOMI can offer:
1.Multi-currency wallet – Safe and secure storage of your crypto-tokens.
2.Android and IOS application
At the same time, there is an XCOM token on this platform, which can be used to pay any fees and conduct transactions on the ECOINOMI platform, namely:
. Exchange fees
.Operational costs
Providing on the credit platform
.Discount on commission
Exchange listing fees
.Future exclusive services.
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