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Technology development is indeed one indicator of a country’s progress or not. Technology becomes a land of amazing business because it can bring enormous income. ECOINOMI aims to integrate this technology into the system to create an atmosphere for all users, in order to enjoy the best and fastest transactions in all directions. The ECOINOMI system is designed for interdependent power supplies from four separate sectors using major currencies – XCOM and a unique multi-currency wallet, because it accommodates everyone. XCOM’s main goal is to improve the standard of living of ordinary people. ECOINOMI strives to improve understanding of cryptocurrency by making crypto applications that are easy to use and can be used in everyday life for every ordinary person.

ECOINOMI will be built to meet the economic needs of ordinary people. In this field, the company is trying to highlight a number of economic issues and how their e-commerce platform is trying to solve them using a blockchain and cryptocurrency to improve everyone’s daily lives.


The reason is not too far-fetched because the awareness of ordinary people is lacking. Only Trading, Investors and corporations currently use the currency.

Even recently, the secret market has been marked by many fraudulent activities and fraudsters. According to US-based research agents, more than 57% of all ads on Craigslist are «fast collection» and fraud.


Escrow-based applications can be fully regarded as saviors for lay people in conducting transactions that are free, safe and fair. Our escrow based application offers the general public and almost all security people needed when trading online, this can be applied to buying and selling cars, real estate, and other related business niches.

In Buyers and sellers can enjoy the benefits of security and protection during the purchase and sale of goods, services and property.

At (At ECOINOMI, we aim to promote cryptocurrency awareness by making the Crypto application easy to use and can be used in everyday life for every layman)

XCOM Tokens can also be used to complete fees on our platform, including but not limited to:

• Exchange Fees
• Transaction Fees
• Collateral on the lending platform
• Discount on Fees
• Listing Fees for the Exchange
• Future exclusive services


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