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About is a digital platform that provides traditional financial services for encryption holders. prime minister – is a fiatnye loan supported kriptovym software. The project aims to bridge the gap between fiat and crypto the world by combining cryptocurrency holders and institutional investors / family offices in a single credit network. Visit here
What is is a digital platform that provides traditional financial services for encryption holders. prim
The platfe minister – is a fiatnye loan supported kriptovym software.
Aimorm is intended to solve two major problems of cryptomarket:
Limitations of crypto isolation are limited. carries the family office / institutional investors and withdraws large sums of money into the cryptomarket necessary to create a full-scale loan product. Making loans more accessible to crypto owners, allows them to use cryptoactive assets as collateral.
eCoinomic provides its users with financial management services for digital assets.
Secured and unsecured loans based on money and currency crypt
Investments – Short-term and short-term investments in crypto and fictitious money
Hedging – The mechanism of currency hedging risk for a cryptoactive asset
Crypto Exchange – Includes collateral management functions
Crypt payment is a payment agent with the release of a virtual card. Integration with the largest trading platform (such as eBay and Amazon)
How does it work
The loan closure was successful
Loans are not closed
Each year it becomes clear that the acceleration of technological change is the most creative, and the most destructive force in today’s financial services ecosystem. We are at the beginning of the fourth industrial revolution, based on technology that transforms our work and life. Technological breakthroughs in the field of artificial intelligence and robotics are reinforced not only by how financial institutions interact with customers and the products they offer, but also how they work. In this rapidly changing environment, financial institutions need to adapt to a new future, when the lines are obscured by sectors and industries.
About eCoinomic
eCoinomic – it is a unique platform, is to provide full financial services, thanks to Blockchain technology, as the foundation of all technologies. This project provides an opportunity to use 24-hour financial services anywhere in the world – easy, reliable and reliable.
The team’s primary job is to develop, advertise, and optimize this platform. Judging from the past successful projects of the team, they can easily overcome this task. The team wants to provide all users with credit functions, exchanges, transfers, financial management and the introduction of services and systems through instant payments.
All processes will be implemented using an intellectual contract based on the EthherEum block chain. It is interesting that the platform will not perform the mediator role in the calculation, this function provides intelligent and reliable intelligent contract, which guarantees the purity of the transaction.
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An optimal portfolio of financial services will be available to each user:
a clear investment risk level in the crypto currency;
trust management;
work with paper money, including problems with bank cards, with the possibility of using crypto currency assets, and more.
Project strength includes multi-currency transaction processing and high speed. Corrected transaction speed is provided by an integrated payment agent.
This platform has many attractive advantages for investors. Thanks to the accumulated experience, capital and financial assets, we can talk about the high revenues of all project participants. And large investors, who are accustomed to getting the greatest profits and not sacrificing the safety of their capital, will also be able to use this platform service.
I advise everyone to pay attention to this project, he did not collect little information about the chip’s initial sale, do not miss this opportunity.
Q3-4 2020 – Organizing an IPO
Q1-2 2020 – Initializing IPO procedures The first phase of the launch of cryptographic banks (licensed in the UK and EU)
Q3-4 2019 Technical cooperation and communication with the trading platform Bond issues Procedures for initiating crypto bank registration
Q1-2 2019 Financial transfers from financial institutions and family offices Expansion through global partnership with local micro organizations Legal procedures for issuing bonds
Q4 2018 A virtual card issued by an payment agent with an open API launch. Platform launch – November for early users, December – publication.
Q3 2018 Obtaining licenses, developing solutions for various jurisdictions Settlement of Token Sell Partnerships with leading payment agents in the world Signing a Letter of Intent with financial institutions and family offices
Q2 2018 Launch of pilot project in Russian Federation Token sales (pre-sales) International platform from alpha release Token Early sales
Q1 2018 First public information about the initial platform development project
2017 Origin of ideas Conducting studies on the crypto currency market, evaluating technical solutions Collecting working groups, developing concepts
Our team
Our team has years of experience in the real sector of the economy, working with banking and credit products. We know about the obstacles to merging two markets: fiat and crypto currencies. Therefore, we plan to implement in 2018 a platform that can function within the current legal and technical framework.
2005 – Legal and accounting services, financial consulting and auditing.
2009 – Services for software development and telecommunication systems.
2010 – Consulting and auditing in the field of information technology; services for the collection and processing of statistical data.
2012 – The first orders of companies in the banking sector, doing marketing research, automating business processes.
2013 – being a member of a group of financial companies; improvement of software products.
2015 – origin of eCoinomic ideas; do targeted research, evaluate existing cryptoconversions.
2017 – Creation of working groups, development of platform concepts and prototype of loan products.
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