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eCoinomic Platform

eCoinomic is a project of a future platform that will focus on providing and developing financial services using Blockchain technology as the basis for its development.
eCoComic plans to provide transparent, secure and easy-to-use financial services for all users. The project promises to provide the best and reasonable access to financial services for investors and traders of crypto currency.

eCoinomic is developed using systems and resources that support the creation of a universal financial ecosystem. The advantage of platform is the application of innovative technology.
The eCoinomic task is to create the best financial services for crypto investors worldwide. eCoinomic will provide financial services that let you manage your assets easily and securely.
In addition, the eCoinomic platform will provide lending, investment, hedging, exchange and crypto transactions, with full integration of the services into a single system.
eCoinomic is developed by a team of experienced professionals in various fields, understanding what issues to solve and how to do it.
eCoinomic provides a reliable credit system based on cryptoeconomics.
This project will ensure a comfortable investment management from any time period.
Integration to popular services such as eBay and Amazon will be created, which will allow users to pay for payments directly using the eCoinomic payment system.

eCoinomic is a Platform that spotlights on giving and developing financial services, utilizing Blockchain innovation as the reason for its advancement. eCoinomic provides a financial administration that clients can without much of a stretch, securely and more quick witted. eCoinomic provides a superior and more intelligent access to financial services for Crypto Holders. The new framework expects to give its clients the best open doors for fiat speculation, financial services and exchanges. eCoinomic is wanting to build up the accompanying arrangement of platform services: Secured and unsecured advances in view of fiat cash and cryptocurrencies. Long haul and here and now interests in fiat cash and cryptocurrencies. Instrument of supporting the conversion standard dangers for crypto assets financialсrypto economy stays exceptionally fascinating and to some degree secretive to us. When thinking about this new pattern, our awareness regularly falls into disharmony, yet at the same time, we attempt to comprehend it urgently. In this way, we come back to fundamental inquiries like how, why, and what will occur straightaway. The beginning of Blockchain innovation has exhibited a test for every one of us.

Any client started exchanges will be founded on a CNC token, which will be utilized to help the stage’s inward monetary framework.

Token depends on ERC 20 framework, in view of Ethereum Blockchain.

eCoinomic can be a fleeting credit instrument for new businesses that require interest being developed assets.

The undertaking stage will be multicurrency. Notwithstanding money, in excess of ten noteworthy digital forms of money will be utilized.

It is intended to utilize secure Smart Contract on the stage, which will guarantee the straightforwardness and security of each client exchange. The development of such a stage will eventually prompt the making of a beneficial and extensive money related biological system

all the client’s money related necessities.

This Reasons Why You Should Be Posted By eCoinomic:

eCoinomic gives different multicurrency in their stage. Bitcoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin, and 10 different cryptographic forms of money are upheld. USD, EUR and other fiat monetary standards exist for the advance.

Exchange speed in the stage is extremely great. Close to seven minutes for the exchange, having a place with the default installment specialist.

Open administrations to give greatest supports and adjust. This is the usual way of doing things of capacities, for example, inning and exchanging the insurance.

The value checking framework is precise and works progressively.

What is eCoinomic Destination?

The principle goal of the eCoinomic venture is to create, advertise, and enhance asset based asset based cryptosystem-based administration stages. It offers advance capacities, trades, exchanges, budgetary administration and mix of administrations and frameworks through clients through online installments. On the eCoinomic stage, you can get a fiat credit that stores your crypto resources as guarantee. For crypto proprietors, they would now be able to begin accepting installments for items and administrations. Individuals would now be able to purchase cryptocurrency as a long haul venture. The eCoinomic stage gives the vital liquidity that will help hold the crypto. Speculators will profit extraordinarily from this stage. Savvy contracts force conditions in advance commitments. This secures the speculation of crypto holders and fiat financial specialists.


Anchored and unsecured advances depend on cash and fiat cryptocurrency

Long haul and here and now interests in cash and fiat cryptocurrency

Swapping scale hazard supporting instrument for crypto resources

Money related exchanges, trades, insurance administration

Installments for products and ventures in online advanced cash stages, for example, eBay and Amazon

Fiat cash exchange, virtual card issuance upheld by crypto resources

Crediting on the eCoinomic stage

To accomplish a wide conveyance of ventures among clients around the globe, the coordinators will present a mutual loaning capacity. Every stage member can give its resources for different members for a specific intrigue and a specific timeframe. The framework itself will direct an investigation of the individuals who need to offer credit to other people who need to get it and give a rundown of the most productive contributions. At that point, with the utilization of the Smart get, the arrangement will be finished up. Also, the framework will screen the usage of intrigue installments and discounts to client accounts.

This task will effectively use every one of the benefits of “brilliant capacity”.

This will enable you to effectively educate your individuals from the conversion scale changes on different trades. This will empower members to effectively change their methodology, and utilize the chance to participate in discretion.

ICO eCoinomic project, token sales

For those who want to invest in a project, an opportunity is offered to participate in an initial sale of tokens.
There are several stages planned: the initial sales and the main round, which in turn is divided into several sub-stages.
Pre-sail will be held from 15 March to 30 April 2018,
the main sales round – from 1 May to 1 June 2018.
80% of tokens will be allocated for public sale, 14% – rewards to founders and project partners, 6% for project advisors.

The most favorable price is expected for the initial ICO participants:
0.01 USD for 1 CNC, the minimum contribution for participation in this phase is 1500 USD, the identification procedure is mandatory.
Token sold during the pre-sale round will be frozen for 5 months after the end of ICO, or purchased by the project team at 0.02 USD.
Possible methods of payment: BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, DASH, XMR, BTG, ETC, NEO.

Main round of tokenail:
0.05 USD for one token and minimum 200 USD.
At this stage, there are bonuses, depending on the amount of fees.
The minimum collection of project money is 9,000,000 USD,
the maximum cost is 35,000,000 USD,
Tokensail will continue until it reaches the upper limit or until June 1, 2018. All unsold tokens will be burned by smart contract.

To participate in the purchase of tokens, go to and sign up to receive tokens:

In the long haul, the eCoinomic platform is planned to offer its clients an extensive variety of services including trade, exchange, financial administration, virtual cards issuance and the sky is the limit from there, however the essential focal point of the main phase of platform dispatch is secured fiat loans.Fiat cash lending backed by crypto assets is a standout amongst the most prominent and understandable services to date on the cryptocurrency advertise and, when done right, it is one of the most secure methods for utilizing crypto assets and fiat stores. To put it plainly, the mechanics of the eCoinomic platform are as per the following: each enrolled client can make an advance application and build up the advance sum and financing cost. The platform takes into consideration consequently looking and prescribing a partner to sign a credit contract. Shrewd contracts sent in the framework control the lending procedures and go about as the underwriter for security and straightforwardness of the credit tasks. The innovation provides programmed administration of the security crypto assets, which goes for broke identified with both human conduct and market the progression into account.



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