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eCoinomic presents a brand new platform that provides financial services to the crypto community. Crypto holders can now invest, transfer and exchange funds. They can manage their assets and do mutual settlements. The maintenance of the platform incurs service fees in form of CNC tokens. The fees are transparent and fair. The system benefits the crypto holders as well as investors in the platform. The eCoinomic platform offers financial services based on crypto assets. It provides its users with the functionalities of lending, exchange, transfer, financial management and integrates with online payment services and systems. The eCoinomic platform is intended to offer its users a wide range of services in the long term, but the primary focus of the first stage of platform launch is secured fiat loans. Fiat currency lending backed by crypto assets in cryptocurrency market presents a unique opportunity for crypto owners and investors.

eCoinomic platform aim to provide financial services for crypto owners. The users are free to choose their list of services and take advantages of these services for growing their meets in future. eCoinomic to launch the financial services platform based on crypto assets in 2018. eCoinomic is a fintech startup based out of Tallin, Estonia. The international team behind the project consists of 16 experts and 20 advisors and possesses a strong background in developing software products for the banking sector, consulting and auditing in the field of information technology and creating digital services for collecting and processing statistical data.


  1. Multicurrency options with the help of which making payments in different currencies will be possible. Customers can take loans in any form like USD, EUR, JPY, and so on.
  2. The transactions speed for making credits increases with time. With eCoinomic, this will happen in just some fraction of seconds.
  3. With the facilitation of smart contracts, the process of blocking and returning the collateral assets become easy.
  4. The alpha-version will be made available for the people to test after the pre-sale.
  5. The eCoinomic project will take care of the funds and will be equally responsible to attract the investors on a large scale.


In order to assess the platform’s capabilities, the user has to undergo a simple registration process. Next, in the newly created personal account, the user must to add CNC tokens to his balance to get access to selected services. The balance of the personal account can be replenished in two ways: by transferring CNC tokens that were previously purchased in an ICO and on a crypto exchange or by buying CNC tokens at a fixed price on the eCoinomic platform. After project launch, the value of eCoinomic token on the platform will be market-determined meaning it will be based on CNC exchange price + 20%.


The platform is based on the Ethereum ecosystem. Smart Contracts are built with Solidity. The main programming language is Python. All registered users who make a loan application can independently establish credit conditions: the loan amount and interest rate. The platform allows to automatically search/recommend a counterpart to sign a loan contract. Applications with similar conditions are formed into clusters that operate on the basis of FIFO (first in, first out). Any user of the platform can be both a borrower and a lender. In order to guarantee the declared volume of investments and ensure the speed of funds transactions the lender is required by the platform to open a deposit for the amount of at least 10% of the sum in the loan application. In order to guarantee the assets pledged as security the deposit is transferred to the personal account of the platform user. In case if the crypto asset is not blocked by the current loan agreement, the owner can withdraw it from the platform at any time. Every user can sign any number of loan contracts for a term not exceeding 30 calendar days. The contract can be further prolonged under condition of paying interest and service fees.


eCoinomic Token (CNC) is an ERC20 utility token, based on Ethereum blockchain. The purpose of CNC token is to pay service fees on the eCoinomic digital platform.

Token CNC

PreICO Price 1 CNC = 0,01 USD

Price 1 CNC = 0,05 USD

Bonus Available

Bounty Available

Platform Ethereum

Accepting BTC, ETH, LTC,Various

Minimum investment 1500 USD Pre-sale 200 USD ICO

Soft cap 9000000 USD

Hard cap 35000000 USD

Country UK

Whitelist/KYC KYC

Restricted areas China, Singapore, USA


The presale starts on 15th March and public ICO launch is on 1st of May 2018. 150 million tokens forms the total token supply. 45% of the total supply is reserved for presale and public sale. 5 million tokens and 63 million tokens are allocated for presale and ICO respectively. Each token is priced at $1. Presale comes with an extraordinary 85% discount bring down the token to just $0.15. During ICO you can avail bonuses in range of 40-50%, depending on how early you participate. The softcap and hardcap of public sale is $9 million and $35 million respectively.



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