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According to the main reason or structure for completing this article, I will show you a short presentation on the blockchain

The Blockchain is a growing list of records, called boxes, that are connected using cryptography. Each box contains cryptographic hashes from the last box, time stamps, and exchange information (most speak as hashes of the Merkle tree roots)

Structurally, the blockchain is resistant to information changes. This is an “open and appropriate record that can record exchanges between two meetings productively and on a path that is not questionable and sustainable. To be used as an outstanding record, the blockchain is regularly supervised by a distributed system all things considered to hold fast to the convention to between the correspondence hub and approve the new box. When recorded, information in a number of random boxes cannot be changed retroactively without adjusting each single consequence box, which requires greater part system approval. Despite the fact that the blockchain record cannot be changed,

WHAT IS AN EcoStart?
Ecostart is a publicly distributed cryptographic platform for creating software applications and solutions on the open blockchain. This platform is made for financial support from environmental and ecological protection projects. The essence of Ecostart is TerraEcocoin’s own cryptocurrency (TECO), which produces a Proof-of-Importance algorithm.
The core of the platform is the TECO cryptocurrency, which is generated using the Proof-of-Importance algorithm.
EcoStart will be a reliable platform for making applications for funding in “green” projects, in the field of ecology and economic sharing.
 Our aim is to increase investment in green projects and the tokenisation of investment activities.
The EcoStart Blockchain has all the characteristics needed for this:
• Fast transactions of around 100 K transactions per second
• Mobility
• Transparency
• Democracy
• Lack of intermediaries;
• Energy-saving verification protocol (up to 100 times less than Bitcoin)
• Low transaction costs
• Smart contracts with new advanced features and tools to make them.
  • Development of technology blockade
  • Attract capital to finance environmental projects and new companies
  • Stimulate environmental activism and support environmental initiatives
  • Bringing the attention of the public, the media, the business community and the authorities to environmental issues
  • Promote voluntary work and sponsors in the environmental field.
We use the Proof-of-Importanc (POI) algorithm to create applications for open project finance, TerraEcocoin (TECO) encrypted currency, and its generation. Ecostart – Environmental Movement Integrator in Public Websites (Markets): – Looking for environmental projects for investment . – To raise funds to invest in environmentally friendly projects. – Search and adjust for voluntary activities – Form actual evaluations of platform users (initiators, investors, experts, volunteers) – Get objective recommendations.


Instant and clear finance from the environment to come,

EcoStart can be a blockchain-based public distributed cryptanalytic platform

TerraEcoCoin (TECO) revolutionary cryptocurrency is at the core of the platform, which resulted in poor treatment of the Important Evidence algorithm rules.

EcoStart will be a reliable platform for making applications for inexperienced finance, ecology and economic sharing

. Our goal is to expand investment in coming in with no experience and tokenisation of investment activities.

EcoStart WORK
This platform will be created on the Ecostart block system that will meet the requirements for effectiveness, reliability and cost speed. Currently, the ecosystem uses Ethereum where the smart contract at the ICO stage is written on it. This platform combines several technological solutions including applications that have been used, into one system.
EcoStart uses blocking technology to simultaneously complete several tasks, from creating fundraising services to writing information about client trading operations and selling tokens at the ICO. With the transparency aspect of blocking technology, customer trust in EcoStart grows to an amazing level.
The EcoStart ecosystem has seen the integration of TECO cryptocurrency to enable all ecosystem services to be done with it. With the increase in transactions and activities on the EcoStart platform, and the higher participation of buyers and sellers of cryptocurrency, the more benefits will be received by all participants.
The development of cryptosinger as a communication channel also opens environmental enthusiasts to a convenient and functional mode of communication in the ecological community while ensuring maximum confidentiality and anonymity.
FEATURES of EcoStart
1) Ecological observations anywhere in the world
Monitor in minutes. Participants enter the geoportal – choose one point – and he sees the actual ecological picture in the selected area.
2) Simple fundraising for environmental projects
Without banks, bureaucracy and significant costs.
3) Every member of the community will be able to make their own application for environmental projects.
The application logic will provide smart contracts, and integration with third party resources – APIs open to developers.
4) The portion of the commission from the TECO transaction is automatically sent to the environmental fund
When community members conduct financial transactions among themselves, the commission from this transaction replenishes the investment fund (IEF), which funds the green project
Token Details  Symbol: TER
Token Sale Starting: nineteen Nov 2018
Token Sale End: 31 Jan 2019
Price Token: $ 0.1 USD
Token problem: 210,000,000
Tokens for sale: 123 900,000
Maximum supply: 100 900,000 Maximum current inventory : one hundred fifty 000 000
Tokens for sale: 72 days
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link: :;u=1953415

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