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Hello everyone, I will introduce the project about ECOSTART, if you wish to join the ECOSTART project, let’s look at the following review

About Ecostart

Ecostart is a distributed cryptographic platform that is widely available to create applications and software solutions in open block chains. This platform is designed for financial support for environmental and environmental projects. The essence of Ecostart is TerraEcocoin’s own cryptocurrency (TECO), which produces the “Proof of Importance” algorithm.
This platform will solve many problems with financing in environmental projects, as well as in the fields of ecology and economic exchange. Project to increase investment in environmental projects by attracting good investment.
This platform also has many advantages such as:
  • Development of technological blockade
  • The attractiveness of capital to finance the project and the beginning environment
  • Stimulating environmental activities and supporting environmental initiatives
  • Attract the attention of the public, the media, business circles and the authorities to environmental issues
  • Promote voluntary and environmental sponsorship.
EcoStart will use blocking technology to simultaneously complete several tasks: from creating fundraising services to recording information about customer trading operations and selling tokens at ICO. Thanks to the transparency aspect of key technology, customer trust in EcoStart reaches an extraordinary level.
For investors and sponsors who develop environmental projects will help improve the image and relationship of the community, and get a good investment in environmentally friendly projects. A representative from TerraEcocoin currency will be able to create master nodes and receive fixed income. Volunteers will have the right to information about the place and time of the environmental campaign. Investment funds will be made from which finance companies will be able to submit their applications to participate.
In general, what can be said about this unique platform, it will attract the attention of the public, the media, business and government to environmental issues, and promote environmental volunteerism and sponsorship.
Many projects are currently being made in various countries, but not many of them have strong standards and good quality, as did EcoStart.

Main Features

  • NGOs and environmental initiators Ecostart projects will provide set of tools to create own tokens. Sale issued tokens will allow to collect money for environmental projects.
  • Volunteers can get information about the place and time of the environmental shares.
  • Investors, Sponsors (Socially Responsible business) for financing environmental projects will create themselves positive image and PR, and in the case of investments in the ‘green’ commercial projects will receive also profit.
  • TerraEcocoin cryptocurrency owners, will have the opportunity to invest without intermediaries in the ‘green’ startups and create master codes to confirm TECO transactions, receiving a steady income.
  • For startups, the opportunity apply to the investment environmental fund, which is focused on financing enterprises and startups implementing environmental projects.

Sales Tokens

TECO tokens can be compiled with Standard ERC20.
  • Token Symbol – TER
  • Token Sale Start – 10 December 2018
  • Token Sale End – 31 March 2019
  • Token Price – $0.1 USD
  • Issue of tokens – 210,000,000
  • Token for Sale – 130 000 000
  • Max circulating supply – 150 000 000
  • Token for Sale – 110 Days
  • ICO
  • Start PRE-ICO
  • ICO
  • Start ICO
MARCH 2019
  • Listing
  • Listing of tokens on the exchange
JUNE 2019
  • Alpha version
  • Launching a mobile application
  • TECO
  • Release of TECO Blockchain
  • Beta testing platform
  • Open API for developers
  • Finish of the project
  • Formation of an ecological community on a platform

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