“Crypto Currencies” was not actually in existence some year back. There are recent developments which necessitated its advents.

Rapid development in the global market and advances in technology brought changes in the way issue of “Crypto” are viewed.

More so, the world of work has shifted its focus toward creativity and dynamism. This makes it imperative for everyone to take the issue of “Crypto Currencies” more serious.

“Crypto Currencies” today is not what it was years ago, it has shifted to an era of downsizing, uncertainty, insecurity, and unpredictability etc.

Conversely, “Crypto Currencies” are systems akin to Bitcoin in terms of public access, and the proficiency to send, receive and trade the tokens. “Crypto Currencies” need to come to a consensus among untrusted parties.

“Crypto Currencies”, by their stripe, are public for anyone to join and participate. They differ significantly in terms of details, such as the congruence protocol used by the network to agree on the list of valid dealings, the way transaction, and account information is stockpiled, the specific algorithms used for mincing, the type of public-private key cryptography, the real-world solicitations and use cases and the type of community.

A learner who is not a “Crypto Investor” or that has no knowledge in the “Crypto Currencies Souk” will need some rules to twig, otherwise, he/she will innocently and ignorantly invest wrongly and will end up losing.

That’s why I’ve been hard at work trying to share this innovative project with my like-minded crypto lover

What is the EcoStart?

Ecostart is an associate innovative resolution for the worldwide marketplace for environmental comes. Ecostart is enforced within the variety of a public distributed science platform for making applications associated software package solutions on an open block system to support environmental and nature protection comes. The issue of EcoCoincryptocurrency y is the primary step towards our goal. it’ll be followed suburbanized investment environmental fund (тикер IEF), fundraising application – service for making a private digital token and a lot of.

Nature is an integral part of our daily life for which humanity is not particularly looking at building plants and other polluting facilities without thinking about the environment.

Therefore, the EcoStart team decided to develop this project and support environmental projects.

Ecostart is a widely available distributed cryptographic platform for creating applications and software solutions on an open block chain. The platform is designed for financial support for environmental and environmental projects. The core of Ecostart is TerraEcocoin’s own cryptocurrency (TECO), which generates the “Proof of Importance” algorithm.

This platform will solve many problems with financing in environmental projects, as well as in the field of ecology and economic exchange. Project to increase investment in environmental projects by attracting good investment.

Also this platform has many good advantages such as:

1. Development of a technological blockade

2. Attraction of capital for financing environmental projects and start-ups

3. Stimulating environmental activity and supporting environmental initiatives

4. Attracting the attention of society, the media, business circles and authorities to environmental problems

5. Promoting volunteering and sponsorship the environment.

EcoStart will use blocking technology to simultaneously solve several tasks: from creating fundraising services to recording information about customers’ trading operations and selling tokens in the ICO. Thanks to the transparency aspect of the lock technology, customer confidence in EcoStart reaches amazing levels.

For investors and sponsors who develop environmental projects will be able to get help to improve the image and public relations, as well as get a good investment for green projects. Representatives of a currency TerraEcocoin will be able to create master nodes and receive a fixed income. Volunteers will have the right to information about the place and time of environmental campaigns. An investment fund will be created from which the financing companies will be able to submit their applications for participation.

In general, what can be said about this unique platform, it will attract the attention of society, the media, business and government to environmental issues, as well as promoting environmental volunteering and sponsorship.

Many projects are currently being created in different countries, but not many of them have solid standards and good qualities, as EcoStart does.

  • Token Symbol <<>> TER
  • Price <<>>1 TER = 0.0005 ETH
  • Platform Ethereum
  • Accepting <<>> ETH, BTC, LTC
  • Country <<>> Estonia
  • Whitelist/KYC <<>> KYC & Whitelist
  • Restricted areas <<>> USA

For more info:

Bitcointalk username: cryptounique

Eth address: 0x00a9b763FF87ae5E9c6312779456144A06f6200F


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