EcoVerse – The first-ever self-sustainable blockchain platform

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Peaceful greetings of the universe, this time I will discuss about ICO or project EcoVerse, thanks for taking time to read this article. Sampean Pancen Ngeten (JOSS).
The EcoVerse platform

Basically, there is only one problem that the EcoVerse team tries to tackle: self-sustainability .

The problem, however, is rather complex

Self-sustainability problem from a technical perspective. Technically speaking, the EcoVerse team believes that a cryptocurrency must meet two requirements to be self-sufficient:

Usability in everyday life . Every person should be able to use cryptocurrency for their daily activities. This implies that secondary issues such as scalability, volatility / price optimization, privacy / KYC-AML compliance and security must be addressed.
Universal applicability . EcoVerse’s cryptocurrency must be widely accepted and used. This means that a cryptocurrency must be easy to use just like a credit card, and must be widely accepted and therefore usable both online and offline.

Self-sustainability problem from an economic perspective . The economic perspective concerns the patrimonial distribution of cryptocurrencies. Moreover, almost all of them are terribly failing to distribute wealth evenly, aka seigniorage . The EcoVerse team believes that this seriously threatens their sustainability. As soon as ordinary people realize that they do not get anything from their investment in the crypts, they will leave and will not come back.

Self-sustainability problem from a philosophical (and socio-psychological) perspective. Philosophically, the problem is the lack of trust and anonymity. If an error / bug occurs, this implies less trust on the cryptocurrency system due to theft of the latter. This is why hackings and attacks have become so common in the cryptocurrency industry recently. In fact, from 2009 to 2015, a third of the cryptocurrency exchanges was attacked and half of them were closed. We believe that it derives from the philosophical flaw that people can exchange without knowing each other continuously. Hackers and crypto attacks are developed as an industry itself.

About EcoVerse
EcoVerse is the first ever self-sustaining ecosystem based on a blockchain network developed for daily usability and universal applicability. It is capable of handling millions of transactions per seconds (TPS) with a less than two second transaction finality time (TFT).
Our objective is to create a cryptocurrency environment in which individuals are offered: Equitable opportunities; Contributions justly valued; Rewards properly distributed; All decisions made democratically; Accumulation of wealth with integrity.
EcoVerse is self-sustainable because it is incentive compatible. The EcoVerse team designed the ecosystem to attract dApps equipped with a variety of services. By taking a sociopsychological approach indebted to Spiral Dynamics and Integral Theory, the EcoVerse allows individuals to pursue fulfillment and the desires of human nature–for example, selfesteem and self-actualization.
The EcoVerse team envisions an economic ecosystem such that the individual’s pursuit in fulfilling their desires will also prompt “goodwill”. We define “goodwill” as the capacity for human empathy and compassion towards others. Goodwill will also promote and proliferate various forms of “good” economies–including a gift economy and value-sharing economy.
The solution proposed by EcoVerse
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Ultimately, the EcoVerse team seeks to build a new self-sustainable economic ecosystem that will contribute to the prosperity of human society and posterity of future ecosystems.

The EcoVerse team will solve the eco-sustainability problem outlined so far. The team’s mission is to build the first self-sufficient ecosystem on a blockchain network. Below are the solutions to the problems mentioned above.

Daily usability . EcoVerse is designed with a cryptocurrency system consisting of two base coins, each with different characteristics and functions. EcoVerse-X ( ECX ), anchored to a fiat currency (ie US dollars), for daily use. On the other side, EcoVerse-R ( ECR ), a cryptocurrency for trading. ECR is a typical cryptocurrency used to store the value and is the means for the exchange of cryptocurrency.
ECR offers a fee charging function and various authentication functions for dApps that wish to provide services to users through a blockchain; when the ECR and ECX currencies are exchanged, the Foundationdeposit the same value of the FIAT currency as the ECR value exchanged at a designated bank . This policy minimizes ECX price volatility, ensuring ECX as a stable means of transaction. EcoVerse will issue ECX in exchange for ECR, which can then be used for goods and services within the eco-economic ecosystem. The figure above shows the use of tokens within the platform.
Universal applicability . EcoVerse will develop a portfolio that conveniently converts ECR to ECX in real time. The ECX should be used comfortably in the same way as credit cards.
Economic solutions . The operational stability of the network is of fundamental importance. Block management and log management must be performed by someone who is trustworthy.
In this regard, EcoVerse will use the consent algorithm AI-DPoC (Delegated contribution test supported by Artificial Intelligence). Artificial Intelligence techniques will respond quickly, and appropriately, to problems that may arise during the operations of each node. The AI ​​agent in each node will automatically cooperate with each other for smooth operation and management of the network.
For more technical details on the algorithm, I refer you to the WhitePaper of the project that can be reached in the homepage of the project Website

Philosophical and socio-psychological solutions. Earlier I said that hacker attacks can happen when people do their business without knowing each other. However, if people build their name and honor within the system, the number of attacks will certainly be reduced.

The project will soon launch its ICO for the development of the platform. Here are the details of the token:

Symbol: ECR
Type: ERC-20 (Ethereum network)
Single token price: 0.50 USD
Total number of tokens available: 2,500,000,000 units

Following is the token allocation

In conclusion, EcoVerse will be the first self-sustainable platform that uses the AI-DPOC algorithm. EcoVerse will try to solve daily usability and universal adoption by improving transition times, security and interconnectivity. The platform aims to reach the target of hundreds of thousands of TPS (Transaction per second) in real-world applications with TFT in less than 2 seconds.

More Information Visit The EcoVerse Link:


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