Edenchain is a new permission blockchain that consists of 3 layers which allows anyone to join its network and run smart contracts quickly and efficiently in a trusted environment.

Edenchain is built on its own secure blockchain using E-Oracle consensus and intels software guard extension which allows it to maintain smart contracts to interwork with external systems without any risk of compromise or activities by hackers


Edenchain support secure smart contracts on its platform which basically means that individuals with a project/prospect are welcome to host their project on edenchain

Another thing is edenchain is targeted and focused on the korean market [just as we have NEO affiliated to china] and interestingly enough,it is in a partnership with M & K,the number one[1] PR/marketing firm in korea.

Edenchain will be used to fulfil transactions on cleandeal b2b open market platform which has a supply agreement with hyungji corp KHMA,this implicitly means there is a ready market for edenchain that will facilitate a large trading volume everyday because of its usage on cleandeal which is a major housing company in korea.

EDENCHAIN will support financing on its platform through cryptocurrency based loans by strategic investors to smaller investors who intend to start up small businesses,it plans to achieve this objective through a korean based fintech company named MYCREDITCHAIN.

The intresting thing about edenchain here is that its not just a platform which sets to achieve its goals and objectives on certain future criteria or potential setup,it has already strategically partnered and formed affiliation with the right set of firms/organizations necessary to make sure its eco-system runs efficiently without hiccups.

EDENCHAIN masternodes:yes,edenchain will have a masternode of its own which simply means users/investors can lock up some amount of eden to make daily returns,this would definitely result in a reduced supply which might push the price foward as time goes on.



1》Presale Round A

  • Ongoing for institutional and strategic investors
  • Minimum $100K
  • Bonus: 20%
  • ETH/USD rate pegged when SAFTs are signed

2》Presale Round B

  • Commence in May 2018, for strategic investors and active contributors of the community
  • Bonus: 10 -15% (It depends on the result of Presale Round A)
  • ETH/USD rate pegged at start of Presale Round B


  • Crowdsale date will be held after Presale Round B (date to be announced in April), open to whitelisted community members
  • No bonus
  • ETH/USD rate pegged at start of crowdsale
  • Individual contribution cap will be tiered based on their level engagement with the community (further details to be announced in April)

I went through the edenchain roadmap which consists of list of events for the edenchain project,what intrested me is the uniqueness in the roadmap planning,they strategically categorized their roadmap activities into 2 sections:
● technical aspect: this has a list of activities mainly focused on the coin development in terms of programming,coding testing etc

● business aspect: this has a list of activities which are basically for marketing purposes as well as good public image such as meetups etc

Moreso,the hierarchy in which the events on the whitepaper are going to take place is amazing,and i have no doubt that these events will surely move the price up in a healthy movement over time

The edenchain team consists of 22 highly professional and experienced personnel,they have all worked for a reputable number of years in various technology setup which were successful


They also have a technical and financial advisor as well as 13 general advisers,no wonder they have been making outstanding decisions so far.A big thumbs up to the edenchain team and I wish them the very best of luck.

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