“A next-generation blockchain platform for a decentralized world”. There is a new player in the blockchain fold with a plethora of ideas for a revolution in the marketing world simply identified as “Edenchain”.


EdenChain is a platform that will enhance the exchange of tangible and intangible assets to be capitalized and traded for monetary value without the need for intermediaries using smart contracts and blockchain tech. Participants on the platform will reportedly enjoy high performance, secure interoperability, and fees so low, they are negligible.


When it comes to intangible assets—e.g. time, service, fame, network, followers etc.—there aren’t many third-parties willing to broker a deal between buyers and sellers. As a result, the few that provide this service charge very high fees. In a general sense, the need for a platform where people can trade their assets, both tangible and intangible, is highly needed. EdenChain wants to provide this platform.

Tangible assets—e.g. real estate, cars, phones, jewelry etc.—are sold in marketplaces with the help of intermediaries. Buyers and sellers need the services of intermediaries to ensure the safety of their assets during these transactions, and for overseeing the process, the intermediary earns a fee.


 EdenChain’s solution to the problem above is to provide a programmable economy on the blockchain. On the EdenChain platform, users can create marketplaces, bring their assets, and exchange them for cryptocurrency tokens without the need for a third-party. By doing so, the traders save themselves the fees usually given to the intermediaries. Also, EdenChain provides an opportunity to create new markets that do not exist in the traditional economy.

In addition to individuals looking to monetize their assets, Edenchain will also serve as a platform for companies and industries. ICO, IoT, shared economy, games, and so on can be facilitated through Edenchain.

Edenchain does not only provide a platform where marketplaces can be built, the project also claims to have eradicated scalability issue on its network. This means a large volume of transactions can be processed per second (EdenChain did not provide a tps range). Additionally, there is enhanced security from attacks, and the fees on the platform are very affordable.

The advantages of the system include:

  • Lower transaction costs as there are no middlemen
  • It allows users to share the profits that intermediaries monopolize
  • It will create a new market through the capitalization of new and foreign assets.

Some Of The Feautures Of Edenchain Include:

Secure Interoperability

 The existing blockchain technology is not secure from hacker threats. However, Edenchain secure interoperability allows the smart contracts in the platform to interwork with external systems, which enhances security.

High Performance

 The use of Namespace allows Edenchain to perform transactions fast and in large volumes. This is because the technology separates spaces and executes transactions in parallel. As the transactions increase, the processing platform is organized by Namespace to ensure optimal performance all the time.

Reasonable Fee

 In the existing smart contracts, the processing costs for functions are based on cryptocurrencies prices. However, on Edenchain the costs depend on the number of executions regardless of the processing function. This makes the costs lower. Additionally, the platform was designed in such a way that the costs are kept reasonable.

To Get More Familiar With This Project You Can look Them Up On The Following:

Visit the website; https://edenchain.io/



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