The platform of EdenChain is aimed at the capitalization and monetization of people’s assets via the framework of third generation blockchain. The system provides individuals and corporate entities with a unique ICO platform, where they can launch their projects in the spheres of ICO, B2B, P2P, shared economy, and others. The developers of EdenChain say that their solution will let users run their start-ups across multiple sectors and award smart contracts featuring increased security, excellent performance, and lower fees.

Purposes of EdenChain

The system is focused on the following issues:

Regarding technology:

  • The sphere of programmable economy is getting more and more innovations. But the only factors that are currently holding such platforms are security and performance. Frequently, it is insufficient to provide the economy’s safety and efficiency.
  • Some of the new platforms are really safe and secure, but they cannot boast of a high speed of process transactions. Thus, they lose the opportunity to adopt important mainstream technology.
  • Current platforms offer their users a variety of actual solutions, aimed at the improvement of performance, but lacking certain security controls.

Regarding the global market:

  • Selling or buying tangible assets, such as real property, vehicles or valuable art, people often have to deal with intermediaries. Ordinary sellers and purchasers are obliged to pay for their services, as they lack experience in such transactions and cannot strike the deal by themselves. Sometimes, the fees to intermediate agents are as high as 20% of the total transaction amount or even more.
  • Dealing with intangible assets, people lack the platforms that would provide them with the suitable means for broker deals. The term ‘intangible assets’ means here time, frame, networking, and other factors that let existing systems charge very high fees for their services.

The developers of EdenChain are planning to resolve the aforementioned global and technical problems without sacrificing their clients’ safety and security. They are doing this in the following way:

  • The system of EdenChain lets every user create his personal marketplace, attach certain assets and trade with digital currency. For all this, he won’t need any third parties.
  • The solution provides the highest level of security in respect of personal data, transactions and assets. It implements a unique consensus algorithm, which ensures integration of on-chain and off-chain data.
  • The new system isolates every deal by its Namespace. It provides the highest level of security for the transactions’ performance and scalability by means of developing parallel processing scheme.

EDN and Token Sale

EDN, the platform’s tokens, act as the currency for the payment of transaction fees within the limits of the system. They are also necessary for risk management, as the network’s financial base. EDN are ERC-20 approved tokens that will be swapped into the platform’s native currency at the beginning of 2019, when the EdenChain’s mainnet is opened.

1 EDN costs $0.06. The company is going to issue as many as 1 billion of tokens. During the Hard Cap they plan to realize $24,000,000. Those who buy EdenChain’s currency at the time of pre-sale will get a 20% bonus. At the moment, you can take part in the Strategic Presale Round A. Now, the minimum purchase amount is $100,000. Presale Round B is scheduled for May 2018. When it’s over, the company is planning to start the EDN Crowdsale.

EdenChain Team

The company behind the project is based in Seoul, South Korea. James Ahn, the platform’s founder, is a Master of Software Engineering in Korea University and KAIST. He can boast of enormous experience in IT. During his career, James worked in a number of well-known Asian companies, such as CyberRenassance and DeepNumbers. He changed several specialties, from consultant to advisor and decided finally to develop his own blockchain-based project.

EdenChain’s co-founder is Jenny Ryoo. She is an author of several award-winning scientific works and an experienced specialist in IT. After the years of work at the Korea University and the Dongguk University, she focused on the analysis of the users’ behavior patterns on the basis of different websites. Before EdenChain, Jenny conducted a very influential research on smart grid solutions.

Hokyun Kim is the company’s blockchain developer. He has a solid experience in IT and a variety of achievements in neighboring fields. Hokyun Kim became the world’s first specialist who managed to develop Saw and PinckandPlace, the innovative system performing multiple functions in one process. The team includes also Brian Park, Kangho Kim, HJ Moon, Richard Jahnke, Kathy Roe, and other highly experienced specialists.

The list of EdenChain’s advisors includes Don Chang (Project Manager in Big Data of National Defense and Science Institute and Ph.D. in Computer Engineering), Joongheon Kim (Ph.D. in Computer Science and Professor at Chung-Ang University), IckChan Joo (Ph.D. in Aeronautics & Astronautics), Alan Moonsoo Kim (Head Professor at the aSSIST Graduate School of Business Administration and founder of BeNative), and many others.


2018 Q2


  • EdenChain ICO
  • Alliance Program
  • 1st Developers meetup
  • HelloEden ICO Platform Alpha Version Open
  • Partnership with potential clients


  • EdenChain Alpha version
  • Wallet Alpha Version
  • EdenCoin Issuance

2018 Q3


  • 2nd Developers meet-up
  • Financial investment consortium
  • Partnership with major blockchain network


  • HelloEden (ICO Platform) launch
  • EdenChain Beta Version
  • EdenExchange Alpha Version
  • Web Wallet Launch

2018 Q4


  • ICO on EdenChain
  • 3rd Developers meet-up
  • CleanDeal Service Open
  • EdenChain Real Service PoC
  • Partnership with major blockchain network


  • Testnet OpenEdenChain Platform Open
  • Custom Coin Issuance Service Open
  • EdenChain API Service Open
  • Mobile Wallet

2019 Q1


  • ICO on EdenChain
  • Blockchain Conference
  • 4th Developers meet-up
  • Partnership with major blockchain network


  • Platform migration to Cloud
  • E-Oracle Network Launch
  • EdenChain Optimization
  • Mainnet Open

The project of EdenChain will be launched in the second quarter of 2018. In April-May the developers are planning to start their ICO, trigger the Alliance Program, conduct their first meet-up, and make partnership with the system’s potential customers. Besides, they are going to start the EdenChain Alpha version and launch the platform of HelloEden.

The second quarter of the year will be devoted to the launch of the EdenChain Service and its Web Wallet. The developers will conduct their second meet-up and make partnership with the main blockchain network. By the end of 2018, the platform will get its CleanDeal Service, Real Service PoC, Custom Coin Issuance Service, and the Mobile Wallet.

The beginning of the next year will be devoted to the platform’s migration to Cloud, the launch of E-Oracle Network, EdenChain optimization, and opening of its Mainnet.

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The team of EdenChain has very far-reaching plans and ambitious purposes. Besides, most of the platform’s advisors are distinguished scientists, while the developers themselves have an impressive experience in the sphere of IT. The only question that remains unanswered is whether they’ll manage to put their ideas into practice in compliance with the roadmap.

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