eGold Mining

eGold Mining

Passive income for owners of toGM eGM with cryptocurrency benefits

eGold Mining is a community of people who want to mine crypto currencies by combining resources to achieve savings on cutting-edge equipment, professional care, and very cheap electricity. We are conducting a Token Sale to build the world’s largest crypto crowdfunded mining operation. The eGold Mining Token will be an eGM Token.

Many people hold long-term cryptocurrency but do not receive income from holding. Their investments are related primarily to the overall market situation, increase or decrease. If the market slumps, so does their investment. The founders of eGold Mining have also created solutions where an investor can earn money even when the market is bleeding.

eGold Mining will operate a large-scale cryptocurrency mining facility in the cold South Dakota state. South Dakota is the right place to start cryptocurrency mining operations, especially with low electricity costs at 4.5c / kWh. The EGM Token will be a cryptocurrency supported by a gold ETF.

eGold Mining will provide incentives to long-term shareholders of GMOS regardless of market conditions. We want to reward investors who are just ‘HODL’ their tokens and put their trust in the future of our company. The longer an investor has, the more they make in the long run.

Our plan is to position the business to be the leading brand in cryptocurrency profit sharing mined in the United States. At present, there is no licensed security that shares profits with long-term token holders in the US so the market is wide open for retrieval. After conducting extensive research and feasibility studies, we are very enthusiastic and confident that this operation will benefit all those involved.

The main purpose

The aim of ITO is to raise sufficient funds to cover the initial costs of operations. This is also to distribute eGM tokens to token buyers so that they can begin to get a share of mining profits. The eGM tokens play an important role in receiving your share of cryptocurrency mined.

There will be a total of 25 million eGM tokens. 20 million tokens will be publicly available through pre-sales & ITO and 5 million other tokens will be distributed among directors and advisers.

Distribution of profits of
50% of net income divided by token holders every month, six months and years depending on accumulated G-points and the length of time the EGM tokens are held. Payments will be made at ETH through smart contracts.

eGM legality takes appropriate steps to comply with all security laws established by the United States government. The aim is to become the first US-based revenue sharing company in the mining industry. eGM plans to operate legally under the jurisdiction of South Dakota, USA.

Being a registered company in the United States allows investment security compared to similar companies around the world. Registration for official eGold Mining business entities can be found here.

Cheap Electricity Rates Electricity costs for eGold Mining are below 4.5 cents per kWh with all additional cost factors included. eGM has the cheapest electricity costs from all profit sharing mining companies.

Contrary to traditional profit sharing methods, eGM rewards investors through a point system called ‘G-point’. The G-point system is present to provide the most prizes to long-term token holders.

The EGMS will also provide large incentives for token holders in the long run because the longer they hold it, the higher the profits they receive. This is made possible by the payment structure below.

Short-term Holders

  • Dividends are paid every month
  • Reset G-points every month
  • 25% of profit
  • They must hold a token for a full month to receive profit sharing

Long-term Holder

  • Dividends are paid every six months
  • Reset G-point every six months
  • 15% part of profit
  • They must hold tokens for at least three months to receive profit sharing

Elite Holder

  • Dividends are paid annually
  • G-points are never reset
  • 10% of profit
  • They must hold tokens for at least six months to receive profit sharing

There are three softcaps for the project: $ 8 million, $ 12 million, and $ 20 million. The first softcap is the minimum amount needed to start a profitable operation.

The second softcap is the amount needed to meet the projections set out under ‘Projections and Returns on Investment’, below.

The third softcap is the amount needed to buy land, build a warehouse, invest more, and buy more ASIC miners.

With a larger number of startups, we will be able to eliminate a lot of costs in the future and will be able to buy more to support the eGM tokens.

Prices per token will be determined at the time of ITO completion. The reason for this is a bonus from the presale and referral program that must be calculated into the overall price of the eGM token.

ITO Budget Requirements and Allocation 
Soft Cap 1 = $ 8m 
Soft Cap 2 = $ 12m 
Soft Cap 3 = $ 20m 
Hard Cap = $ 50m 
Calculation is based on 8/02/2018 mining difficulties (subject to change) 
Calculations are based on Soft Cap 2 
Energy Levels ~ 4.5c / kWh 
Energy costs can change by market for
natural gas Energy  levels will range from 4c-4.5c / kWh



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EGMS Advisor

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