eGOLD MINING-Earn a Growing Monthly Passive Income

eGM plans to be the first U.S. legally compliant security token that pays investors a share of net profits every month regardless of the state of the market! Our model was developed to help ensure investments are profitable even if the market tanks or if the difficulty dramatically rises. The goal of eGM is to provide a solution where regular people can earn their share of profits from cryptocurrency mining while greatly incentivizing long-term token holders by insuring the base value of their investment. With electricity rates of 4.5c/kWh, highly discounted mining hardware, and a team of experts dedicated to a successful operation, we believe investing in our large scale mining operation will be beneficial for all investors. By eliminating the risks, fees, and maintenance issues associated with cryptocurrency mining and cloud mining contracts, everyone can benefit by earning a passive income through a trustworthy, transparent, compliant, secure, and profitable venture.

About eGold Mining

eGold Mining is a cryptocurrency mining solutions project (the “Project”) that is designed to allow individuals to support and participate in blockchain mining. The project intends to build and maintain datacenters with blockchain mining capabilities. eGold Mining will be building datacenters in South Dakota, USA. With industrial electric prices quoted at 4.5c/kWh, cool temperatures throughout the year, abundance of green energy, and lack of state corporate taxes, South Dakota is a prime location for a large-scale cryptocurrency mining operation. To finance the Project, eGold Mining is launching an Security Token Offering (or “STO”) to certain investors, which we will convert into an Initial Public Offering (or “IPO”), in which eGold Mining’s selling (EGM) tokens, a security token, pursuant to Simple Agreements for Future Tokens between eGold Mining and the investors. eGold Mining plans to work on a Mini-Initial Public Offering (“IPO”) under Regulation A+, which, upon approval by the Securities and Exchange Commission

(“SEC”), would open up participation in the Project to the public. The EGM token holders will get up to 50% of the Project’s blockchain mining profits paid out monthly in ETH.

Our plan is to position the business to become the leading brand in profit sharing of mined cryptocurrencies in the United States. Currently, there are very few companies that share profits with token holders in the USA so the market is wide open for the taking. After doing extensive research and feasibility studies, we are enthusiastic and confident that South Dakota is the best place to launch our cryptocurrency mining business.


Profit Sharing

50% of the net profit is shared with token holders every month, six months, and year depending on accumulated G-points and the length of time the eGM tokens were held. Payouts will be in ETH via smart contracts.


eGM is taking proper steps to comply with all security laws set by the United States government. The goal is to be the first US-based profit sharing company in the mining industry. eGM plans to operate legally under South Dakota, USA jurisdiction.


Being a registered company in the United States allows for security of investment compared to similar companies around the world. eGold Mining’s official business entity registration can be found here.

Cheap Electricity Rates

The electricity costs for eGold Mining is under 4.5 cents per kWh with all additional cost factors included. eGM has the cheapest electrical costs of all profit-sharing mining companies.


Opposed to traditional profit sharing methods, eGM rewards investors through a point system referred to as ‘G-point’. The G-point system is there to reward long-term token holders the most.

No Contracts

Unlike Cloud Mining, eGM does not require the purchase of contracts or hash power to receive mining profits. Profits are shared by simply holding eGM tokens and accumulating G-points.

How It Works?

Miners simply have to buy eGM tokens and hold them in an ERC20 private wallet. By Holding these tokens, they allowed to accumulate G-points every day. Miners compete with others to see who can accumulate the most G-points and earn the largest share of the profits.

eGM greatly incentivizes long term token holders as the longer they hold, the higher profit share they receive. This is made possible by the payout structure below:

Short Term Holders

Dividends paid every month

G-points reset every month

25% profit share

Must hold tokens for full month to receive profit share

Long Term Holders

Dividends paid every six months

G-points reset every six months

15% profit share

Must hold tokens for at least three months to receive profit share

Elite Holders

Dividends paid every year

G-points never reset

10% profit share

Must hold tokens for at least six months to receive profit share

ITO Budget Requirements and Allocation

Soft Cap 1 = $ 8 million

Soft Cap 2 = $ 12 million

Soft Cap 3 = $ 20 million

Hard Cap = $ 50 million

Calculations are based on mining difficulties 8/02/2018 (subject to change)

Calculations are based on Soft Cap 2

Energy level ~ 4.5c / kWh

Energy can be changed based on the market for natural gas

The energy level will range between 4c-4.5c / kWh


Andrew Fornes: Finances

Avais Khan: President

Mohammad Nasim: Executive Vice President

Jeremy Tan: Operations

Danish Qureshi: Marketing & Communications


Kashif Khan: Financial Advisor

Omair Khan: Account Advisor

Irfan Rashid: Product Advisor

Edwin Swijnenburg: Engineering Advisor







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