Passive Income for eGM Token Holders Through Profit of Cryptocurrency Mining

What is eGold Mining?
eGold Mining is a community of people who want to mine cryptocurrency by combining resources to achieve savings on cutting-edge equipment, professional maintenance, and very cheap electricity. We are conducting a Token Sale to build the world’s largest crypto crowdfunded mining operation. The eGold Mining Token will be an eGM Token.
eGold Mining will operate a large-scale cryptocurrency mining facility in the cold South Dakota state. South Dakota is the right place to start cryptocurrency mining activities, especially with low electricity costs of 4.5 cents / kWh. The eGM Token will be a digital currency supported by a gold ETF.
eGold Mining will provide incentives to EGMS holders for the long term, regardless of market conditions. We want to reward investors who are only “HODL” and who trust the future of our company. The longer an investor holds, the longer he produces.
Our goal is to position the company to become the leading brand of cryptocurrency profit sharing operating in the United States. At present, no licensed title shares profits with long-term token holders in the United States, so the market is largely open to recovery. After extensive research and feasibility studies, we were very enthusiastic and convinced that this operation would benefit all parties.

Why eGold Mining?

Distribution of profits of
50% of net income divided by token holders every month, six months and years depending on accumulated G-points and the length of time the EGM tokens are held. Payments will be made at ETH through smart contracts.

eGM legality takes appropriate steps to comply with all security laws established by the United States government. The aim is to become the first US-based revenue sharing company in the mining industry. eGM plans to operate legally under the jurisdiction of South Dakota, USA.

Being a registered company in the United States allows investment security compared to similar companies around the world. Registration for official eGold Mining business entities can be found here.

Cheap Electricity Rates Electricity costs for eGold Mining are below 4.5 cents per kWh with all additional cost factors included. eGM has the cheapest electricity costs from all profit sharing mining companies.

Contrary to traditional profit sharing methods, eGM rewards investors through a point system called ‘G-point’. The G-point system is there to provide the most prizes to long-term token holders.

No contract
Unlike Cloud Mining, eGM does not require the purchase of a contract or hash power to receive mining profits. Benefits are shared only by holding GMGM eGM and accumulating G-points.

EGM tokens to allow balance holders as an advantage with spare parts on the difference in returns with progress drawing with prices on reference as an increase in returns to work for developers to manage strategies with diversification set to implement various algorithm formulations as collectors with different exchange tables and pay attention to the results of transparency with opportunities for investors to work in advance as managing with differences in restrictions as attracting customs with variables at initiation to be provided with references as securing the decision to follow with future provisions regarding shifts with further stages of level of compliance.

Investors can benefit at high prices because of the attractive use of reference notifications with prices on value to demand expectations as a return targeting limit with the term term as reaching different uses in the exchange table to manage with a range at the distance with the investment project provisions with the business plan on mining financial token cryptocurrency

Short-term Holders

  • Dividends are paid every month
  • Reset the G-point every month
  • 25% of profit
  • They must hold a token for a full month to receive profit sharing

Long-term Holder

  • Dividends are paid every six months
  • Reset the G-point every six months
  • 15% part of profit
  • They must hold tokens for at least three months to receive profit sharing

Elite Holder

  • Dividends are paid annually
  • G-points are never reset
  • 10% of profit
  • They must hold tokens for at least six months to receive profit sharing

ITO Budget Requirements and Allocation
Soft Cap 1 = $ 8m
Soft Cap 2 = $ 12m
Soft Cap 3 = $ 20m
Hard Cap = $ 50m
Calculation is based on 8/02/2018 mining difficulties (subject to change)
Calculations are based on Soft Cap 2
Energy Levels ~ 4.5c / kWh
Energy costs can change by market for
natural gas Energy  levels will range from 4c-4.5c / kWh


Team You EGM

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