HTML5 is a structured language and content presentation for the World Wide Web originally developed by Opera Software and developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) starting in 2004. In 2008 Firefox became the first browser to support HTML5. In 2010 YouTube released the beta version of the HTML5 platform and other big companies like twitter Pandora Flickr and LinkedIn made similar decisions. However large companies soon realize that building content on HTML5 applications is too difficult. Even Mark Zuckerberg has admitted investing in HTML5 is Facebook’s biggest mistake. After years of neglect the HTML5 gaming market has rejuvenated as InstantGame features in many messager wechat line messaging applications. Kik is integrated with a population of nearly 4 billion. By the end of 2017 the number of people for an HTML5 game accounted for nearly 50% of the total number of global users total market volume reached over $ 10 billion is expected to reach over 100 billion by the year 2025. Despite the rapid development of HTML5 games the development and publishing of HTML5 games is still difficult.

-Lack of full payment platform. This will cause the payment process to encounter undue risks from the credit card. There is no good way to store the user’s assets. Users do not have real ownership of these assets as they are stored on the company server.
-There are no suitable solutions to “monetize” the flow of traffic from the game logically
-There is no reasonable mechanism to protect the copyrights of HTML5 products
-Lack of incentive for game developers to develop high quality products

The Egretia ICO project addresses issues in the development of game engine (a daroc software designed for game design and development, which is an interactive middleware that interconnects multiple applications in the same game. system together) on the blockchain technology first. Egretia’s new technology allows 200,000 processors to offer over 1 billion devices connected to the blockchain. Egretia will include the following main products:

-Virtual Asset Transaction Platform. Provides platform that allows players to build games on Egretia that can trade in digital assets.
-Advertising Platform: Build an ad management system based on blockchain-based games, smart contracts, and electronic payments.
-Platform Game: Players can play games on this platform, the platform uses the proof of game (POG) mechanism to reward players for electronic money as well as share it with you.
-Egretia Incubator: will support the game development team on the platform of Egretia. Bridge between players and development team.
-Storage platform: By using blockchain technology, it allows to store all the data in the game completely dispersed.
-Game Development Platform: HTML5 Game Development Software on the first blockchain.


Egretia is expected to develop and run on its own blockhain network, as well as be integrated with other blockchains such as EOS, ETH, etc. Some of the core features of the Egretia network
-Consensus protocol: Dpos (delegated proof of stake) like Bitshare, EOS
-Speed: over 2000 tps
-Activity: change the Egretia network parameters such as block creation time, block size, transaction fees through voting.
-Efficient development toolkit: Supports many programming languages: Javascript, typescript, HTML, CSS, Node.JS, Go, C ++, C #


The development team consists of four main members, all experienced in the field of game design and development. Some prominent members

  • Peter Huang, Founder of Egretia, was the technical manager of the Adobe Flash platform, has more than 18 years of experience developing applications and games.

  • Dirk Meyer, co-founder of Egretia, has been senior manager of development, 20 years of project management experience, and has made significant contributions to Adobe’s business and market development strategies.

  • Yin Ma, a member of the development team. He has nearly 20 years of experience developing complier for operating systems, developing Fortran complier for Intel / AMD, worked at many large companies such as Microsoft, Absoft, Qualcomm …

  • Ross Przybylski, Founding Director of Electronic Arts, one of the world’s largest game development companies, has over 15 years of software development experience, including 10 years of game development. Play


In addition to the development team, the project has a problem with 4 people. Lucas Lu, Founder of Light in the Box, Frank Lee who created the machine
First Litecoin ASIC, Yao Yang, founder of Wing Hang Technology. The project has also received investment from well-known investment funds such as Bit Angel, Viking Capital, UltronFund.


  • Quarter 2/2018: Release of development tools, smart contracts and test chain.

  • Quarter 3/2018: First batch of electronic game products and applications on Egretia blockchain

  • Quarter 4/2018: Release of the alpha release of the Egretia Blockchain SDK development kit.

  • Quarter 1/2019: Release vs electronic version for users.

  • Quarter 2/2019: Release platform development game on blockchain.

  • Quarter 3/2019: Completing the Egretia virtual property transaction platform

  • Quarter 4/2019: Complete the advertising platform Egretia

  • Quarter 1/2020: Support for other blockchain platforms such as Ethereum, EOS.

  • Quarter 2/2020: Released the first complete version of Egretia blockchain.

Project evaluation :

  • The project targets the potential game development market with a growth rate of over 10% a year. Estimated revenue of HTML5 games group will reach 100 billion in the next decade.

  • The idea of the project is quite good to solve the current problem of the game industry, develop the first blockchain game platform.

  • The development team and the experienced team in the field of video games, blockchain technology used in large companies such as NVIDIA (Game Engine, Graphics, Qualcom, Adobe). In addition, the project received investment capital from a large number of investors such as Bit Angel. This confirms the feasibility of the project. In particular,

  • Egretia partnerships enable Egret Tech partners to integrate and reach out to more than 200,000 users. Microsoft Partner , Xiaomi, Tencent. with 75% market share in HTML5 games in China .

  • The project is currently in beta.




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