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Good day everyone,  this is a review about a project which is one of it’s kind on cryptospheres, wondering why i said so?

Spare few minutes, and read about Egretia .


The blockchain is nothing but a public ledger for the purpose of recording and publicly displaying every Cryptocurrency transaction carried out in the system. Blocks are the permanent records of the recently executed transactions. There are a huge number of sites, databases, services and resources that are constantly evolving and acquiring new properties. Especially, these changes are noticeable in the mobile sector, dozens of applications appear every day, which improve various areas of human activity. New technologies are trying to change the shortcomings of the modern structure, to increase the popularity of the social good. These recorded data blocks keep accumulating to build the blockchain containing all the records since the very first transaction using Cryptocurrency.



“HTML5 is the fifth version of the programming language for structuring the World Wide Web. HTML5 was created as a single markup language that could combine the syntactic norms of HTML and XHTML. It extends, improves and streamlines the markup of documents, and adds a single API for complex web applications. “


Egretia Lab is a platform that is created for the functioning of HTML5 on a blockchain – this allows solving the main disadvantages in the HTML5 industry and adding practical solutions for the development of the industry. As the world’s first platform for blockchain services and the HTML5 ecosystem, Egretia Lab has teamed up with Egret Technologies to work with market giants. The mobile games industry has undergone truly revolutionary changes, but the existing technologies have almost exhausted their resource for the further evolution of mobile gaming. HTML5 technology will give the next push and bring new values.


The project platform Egretia Lab is ready to integrate technologies and tools for software developers into the gaming industry. They implemented the association of blockchain with other already proven tools, and reached the necessary agreements with Internet communities and partners to attract a large number of developers and many mobile users of Egretia Technologies to the world of blockchain.

Egretia Technologies has assembled a complete and complete HTML5 workflow, covering 14 technical products (Egret Engine, Egret Wing, Dragon Bones and Egret Runtime).


Current Situation 

In today’s world, where Internet technologies are rapidly developing, the methods of providing and structuring data are constantly being improved. With unprecedented competition, a variety of services are constantly improving. The sphere of games on mobile devices has changed dramatically, so modern technologies have almost completely exhausted their own resources, so that in the future mobile games can evolve. The company Egretia Technology spent more than four years to create a comprehensive set of tools for the development of HTML5 Content. With their help, developers can create content, test their achievements, integrate them with block system technology and distribute the finished product.



Blockchain is the best solution for solving existing problems in the HTML5 industry. With blockchain popularity rapidly increasing, many developers are eager to “blockchain-ize” their games. However, as a matter of fact, blockchain technology is fairly complicated. At the same time, not all developers have sufficient time to fully leverage the underlying technology. The Egretia Game API is a solution through which developers can get easy access to blockchain. Through the Egretia Game API, HTML5 games can be “blockchain-ized” with just a few lines of code.


The Egretia platform includes a block-based development process, four major platforms and integrators that provide end-to-end solutions and package services for players, content providers, channels and advertisers that contribute to the creation of a complete ecosystem. In recent years, after many hardware upgrades and the rapid development of Internet technologies, some of the weak spots (such as performance, traffic and compatibility) that previously limited the work of HTML5 games have been eliminated. Using the power of mobile social networks, HTML5 content is widely distributed in mobile applications and created completely new business models

Egretia integrates  proven workflow into its blockchain interface layer, thus all HTML5 games have access to the world’s first complete blockchain development suite. Furthermore, this interface framework, not only supports Egretia’s own public chain but also can be extended to support Ethereum, EOS and other public chains in the future.



The project platform will be able to provide developers with Smart Coding Assistance the basic languages ​​with intelligent code that will provide programming, feedback with real-time error detection, search for links, transition to definitions and other functions. Developers can easily and easily create games on the blockchain through the Egretia Lab toolkit and use the blockchain to move virtual assets between games.



Coin name – Egreten

Ticker – EGT

Coin platform – Ethereum (ERC 20)

Will be issued – 8 000 000 000 Egreten

Pre Sale tokens – from April 30, 2018

Price 1 ETH = 84,000 EGT

The minimum investment amount for early investors is 100 ETH

The maximum investment amount for early investors is 1000 ETH

Public sale – May 26, 2018 – May 30, 2018

Price 1 ETH = 70,000 EGT

The minimum amount at this stage is 0.1 ETH

The maximum amount is 3 ETH

Soft Cap – 10 000 ETH

Hard Cap – 35,000 ETH

Road Map




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