EtherInc is an Ethereum fork that aims to advance the future of organizations. It is the first live project to develop digital organizations based on cryptographic proof, not trust. eInc organizations can transparently and freely operate with the consensus of its shareholders, eliminating the need for a costly third party or trusted intermediaries.
The mission of EtherInc is to provide an alternative protocol for building decentralized applications and running decentralized organizations. It offers a new set of tradeoffs that can be instrumental for a vast class of decentralized applications. It has a particular focus on situations where the ability of various applications to efficiently interact, security for rarely used and small applications, and rapid development time are critical.
EtherInc performs such by establishing the optimum abstract foundational layer, a blockchain that contains Turing Complete programming language. It enables anyone to write decentralized applications and smart contracts where they can set their state transition functions, transaction formats, and arbitrary rules for ownership.
Protocols such as reputation systems and currencies can be built in under twenty and Namecoin’s bare-bones version can be written in two lines of code. Smart contracts can also be made on top of the platform, with significantly higher power than that provided by Bitcoin scripting due to the added powers of Turing blockchain-awareness, value-awareness, state, and completeness. Smart contracts are cryptographic “boxes” that contains the value and can only be unlocked if specific conditions are achieved.
How does the EtherInc Ethereum Crypto Blockchain Fork work?
EtherInc tokensale
Currency name EtherInc Coin
Currency symbol ETI
Blockchain EtherInc
Total coin supply 997,528,142 ETI
Total coins in coinsale 450,000,000 ETI
ETI price $ 0.10
Soft cap $ 1,000,000
Hardcover $ 22,000,000
The sale of Pre ICO begins on June 7, 2018
The pre ICO sale ends on June 15, 2018
The sale of ICO begins on June 25, 2018
The sale of ICO ends on July 25, 2018
EtherInc coin distribution
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