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EtherInc(einc) project is a platform, the use of which allows the development of a unique protocol for creating and managing special decentralized applications. With this solution, businesses all over the world will be free to interfere in the process of adjusting the firms activities without any restrictions and costly means of intermediaries. system integration in the professional activity will help to significantly increase the existing value of product and secure the company’s reputation in the domestic and foreign markets.

Project Benefits

The main Benefits of EtherInc platform are :

  • Platform flexibility – suitable to entrepreneurs at all levels (from beginners to professionals);
  • Ease of creation and management application;
  • Intuitiveness workflow;
  • Ease of integration into the existing production system;
  • The possibility of adapting the project to suit your needs.

The platform can be involved at any stage of development and requires significant financial investments. There is the possibility of failure of unnecessary additional components, which are often bundled with other systems.
Working with EtherInc does not require lengthy training. The process of integrating the system into the organization’s work is painless for both the leadership and the rank and file employees, so that any problems in the implementation phase does not occur.

EtherInc main feature

The main feature of EtherInc is that the developers have been able to successfully integrate into the blockchain network full programming language through which any user can create his desired decentralized applications, and define for them the rules and functions that are necessary for the implementation of high-quality workflow. The platform will provide invaluable assistance to all who need reliable and efficient shell for creating and testing decentralization programs.

With EINC can easily get rid of the problems associated with the solution of various legal and financial issues that often confront a user who decided to open a new project. The only thing that is required from the developer – is to select the original name and to develop the concept of the company. Once the project is ready, you can move on to defining the founding members and the appointment of their specific positions.

The process of creating EINC command implies the possibility of granting its members the right to vote based on percentages. With this approach virtually eliminates the problem of the distribution of assets and reduce the risk of bringing the company ill-prepared professionals. In addition, you can choose the ways to start and solve specific situations in your company.

Another feature EtherInc – the presence of a special platform for voting. Businesses can create a simple and comfortable “voting is” allows you to quickly identify users’ preferences in the choice of a particular proposal. Voting shall be conducted in accordance with all safety requirements.

Approved proposals in due course be transferred to the so-called “smart” contact. Payments also initiated after all the conditions of the contract are met, you can easily send the owners. In addition, the platform is targeted, which means that no one stops to create on it their own protocols for the mass of funding.

Prospects of the project

In the case of the successful development of the project EtherInc there is a high probability that the DAO will be truly real and effective. Those organizations that have dealt with work platform, will get rid of the forced need to act in a strictly limited geographical framework. Also it disappears the need to attract employees to carry out planned activities.
The use of the project will allow the safe removal of many restrictions that hinder the company’s development process. To work on the platform necessary to involve distributed teams – only in this case the operation of the system will be transparent and efficient.

As it is known, in order to establish a high-quality work of its leaders must meet to collect a huge number of documents and to visit the set of instances. The service EtherInc this problem is easily solved because the platform provides an opportunity not only to create a decentralized organization such as around the world, but also easy to manage.

ICO information

Token ETI
PreICO Price 1 ETI = 0.10 USD
Price 1 ETI = 0.10 USD
Bonus Available
MVP/Prototype Available
Platform Ethereum
Accepting ETH, BTC, LTC
Minimum Investment 0.5 ETH
Soft cap 1,000,000 USD
Hard cap 22,000,000 USD


In general, innovation EtherInc platform – this is a very interesting project, and they will certainly be interested in many organizations around the world who want to do their professional work as productively as possible, a stable and secure.

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For further information, feel free to visit :

WEBSITE: https://einc.io/
WHITEPAPER : https://einc.io/#docs
FACEBOOK: https://web.facebook.com/eincofficial?_rdc=1&_rdr
TELEGRAM: https://t.me/eincHQ
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/eIncHQ
MEDIUM : https://medium.com/einc
GITHUB : https://github.com/cryptosolartech/
Reddit : https://www.reddit.com/user/cryptosolartech

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