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Esports is famous as a young industry that is growing rapidly. At the moment it is not open enough for marketing. Many small start teams, ribbons, medium tournaments do not have access to most of the big advertisers because they usually only work with big events and famous people.
This problem is not solved long. And here recently came a project that showed a good decision for the whole industry. This is called the Esports Intaractive Platform or just EIP. Brands and Companies do not understand the audience and the market itself because it is too young and there are some experts who understand enough of this. Tournaments and ribbons that advertise in their content are not quite as interested as the main part of the Brand marketing budget is taken by the agency. 
The main purpose of EIP is to replace agencies with more personal and efficient direct marketing, facilitating effective direct interaction between Brands and audiences. 
The advantages of EIP are founded by people who have a lot of experience in this industry. Many workers have more than 10 years of experience before they start working on this project. The EIP ecosystem will be the first truly decentralized global platform that directly connects sponsors, partners, game players and Esports fans. Brands and Companies optimize their spending for sponsors by directly reaching the audience they need, and the audience eventually gets access to the budget of leading brands.
EIP also uses Blockchain and Smartcontracts. This is a contract that executes itself under terms of an agreement between the buyer and the seller directly written into the line of code. 
EMP Token
The EMP token is planned to be the only way of exchange to handle all kinds of gifts and one of the means of payment within the EIP ecosystem 
Information about ICO
Start date: 11:00 (GMT), 10 APRIL, 2018
Payment method: BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH, USD (bank transfer of 2,000 USD)
Goal: US $ 60,000,000
Goal minimum: 6,000,000 USD Target
maximum: 60,000,000 USD
Exchange rate tokens: 1 EMP = 0.1 USD
Distribution of planned funds
Research and development 45.0%
Marketing and advertising 20%
Management and operations 15%
Legal support 5%
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