ELAD Network creates an online platform and accepts property, real estate throughout the world.

It is a real estate platform with a difference. Taking advantage of the power of fractional ownership, any property can be divided into blocks of different sizes that offer investment opportunities from £ 50 to £ 50,000. There will be a monthly return on profit that is directly related to the size of the investment. Our mission is to reduce costs and improve the efficiency of real estate transactions by giving everyone the opportunity to buy, sell and invest in property and gain access to the real estate scale with a trend reversal never seen before. ELAD Network will combine Blockchain, Smart Contracts and Artificial Intelligence technology to create a cryptocurrency and a real estate platform that will give everyone access to the liquidity of Real Estate, the largest asset class in the world.

  • Information on the ELAD network

Shelter is a basic human necessity. The demand for shelter and work feeds the largest asset class in the world and generates huge cash flows from all directions. Copious amounts of this fair income and profits flow into intermediaries and large corporations, causing delays, inefficiencies, excessive costs and barriers to entry. This creates many problems for cross-border applicants, owners, tenants, investors and buyers. Most investments are made through large multinational companies, thus limiting access to the average person or investor.

The total values ​​of the real estate world grew by 5% in 2016. The GDP grew by 2.3% in 2015/2016, which means that the value of world real estate has grown faster than its income. The world now owns real estate for 2.8 times its annual income (GDP). This real estate asset-to-income ratio increased from 2.7 in 2015 and is still growing, which means that not only the scale of the property has grown out of reach of some, but now it generates more money as assets, stock appreciation and annuity , compared to the average salary. In 2016, World Research reported that global real estate values ​​amounted to $ 217 billion. Our research in 2017 shows that the figure has increased. Global asset price inflation has now increased to $ 228 trillion at constant prices – a 5% increase in real terms.

The global real estate sector is a class of assets more valuable than all the shares, shares and securitized debt put together, which together amount to 170 trillion dollars. The value of all the gold ever extracted in history becomes even more insignificant at only 6 trillion dollars. The market value of real estate in the United Kingdom is £ 1.662 billion, or 21% of total net wealth. Buildings contribute £ 94 billion to the UK economy – 5.4% of GDP.

How the platform works

    Browse our property catalog until you find what you’d like to invest blocks (stocks). View all statistics, monthly returns, documents and property history.
    Decide how many blocks and the value of each block you would like to invest.
    Earn a monthly return on your blocks without hidden costs and real transparency. Rental income payments and any appreciation of the property are taken into account in your monthly return.

Check your investments

    The ownership of the assets is stored immutably and decentralized on the Ethereum blockchain . This means that your transactions are transparent and secure.
  • P2P Exchange
    You can sell your blocks (shares) through our online auction function or directly through
    Peer 2 exchange between equal with one of our members, which means that your earnings on a sought after properties are as good as anyone who is willing to pay for it!
    Payment is made by Smart Contract or paid directly to your bank account in cash FIAT .
    Track your payments and investments through our online platform or mobile app, receive email alerts about your winning bids or sales from our online digital agent
    Your private key gives you full control of your resources and payments on the ELAD network platform.
    An Artificial Intelligence
    the agent will provide 24-hour assistance with exceptional customer service, creating a platform that anyone can use at any time and anywhere in the world!

The ELAD network is dedicated to using cutting-edge technologies to create new possibilities. The way we trust, connect and exchange with others has changed for the better. Our vision is to decentralize commonly used real estate transactions. It will make the whole process transparent to give ordinary people the chance to be part of the business that has traditionally been held behind closed doors.

  • Problem

Buying property can be time-consuming, expensive and hard work. Profit can be lost due to information asymmetry between investors and agents, as well as costly rates and limited availability. The sale is also influenced by internal programs, medical malpractice, scaremongering and out-of-contract monetary incentives for agents, which cause the sale of properties in value or prevent access to the market and the achievement of maximum potential. Some agents discriminate against potential tenants due to unreasonable and unfair criteria such as marital status, while others simply require access to owners.

  • Solution

Timeshare real estate will offer easy access to real estate investments, including long distance, overseas and crowdfunding opportunities. Sellers will be able to sell properties for a small fixed commission of 0.25% through the secure online platform. The Elad platform will provide relevant information and tailored research for real estate agents to save valuable time for both parties. The global nature of the platform will allow easier rental abroad. Automated payments through smart contracts and P2P contacts will eliminate third parties.

  • ELAD Token

The ELAD token complies with the ERC20 standard and will be implemented on the Ethereum network, can be used as a value deposit or as a medium of exchange such as bitcoins and many other altcoins.

ELAD tokens can be purchased with both fiat and cryptocurrencies and can be exchanged and stored via exchanges like other altcoins.

The ELAD tokens will be converted into EQ currencies on the ELAD platform to allow investors to participate in fractional ownership and crowdfunding of real estate. (see the complete paper for further details).

ELAD tokens will be intrinsically supported by tangible resources, establishing ELAD as a secure cryptocurrency for value storage and a medium of exchange.

We believe that the relationship between market appreciation and compound interest will allow ELAD tokens to acquire intrinsic value and support the new asset class by decentralizing the real estate market.


  • General
  • Website:
  • Dates: TBA
  • Token info
  • Ticker: ELAD
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Available for sale: 75,000,000 ETH


  • ICO Price: 1 ETH = 5,000 ELAD
  • Accepting: BTC, ETH, LTC
  • Hard cap: 100,000,000


15% of all ELAD tokens will be available during pre-sale preparation with initial platform users. Register to get a pre-sale date and provide early access.

  • Start date: TB
  • Currency accepted: ETH
  • Maximum pre-sale offer: 15 000 000 ELAD
  • Token value before sale: 1 ETH = TB
  • Maximum number of trades: 250 ETH


The final number of ELAD tokens will be available from the number of stores allocated during pre-sale preparation.

  • Start date: TB
  • Maximum number of tokens sold: 60 000 000 ELAD
  • Key sales value tokens: 1 ETH = TB
  • Maximum number of trades: 500 ETH


  • The first 15 m Elad tokens: 1 ETH = TB (50% bonus)
  • 2nd Elad Token 15m: 1 ETH = TB (bonus 20%)
  • 15th Elad Token 15m: 1 ETH = TB (10% failure rate)
  • Elad Tokens remaining: 1ETH = TB


  • 2017 Q2
    Start Concept and Technical Research. Build team and legal research.
  • 2017 Q3
    Business Model. Organisation Structure. Blockchain Development.
  • 2017 Q4
    Basic WebsiteStructure. Code Testing.
  • 2018 Q1
    Basic Site. Tech Structure. Depoly Smart Contracts.
  • 2018 Q2
    Start Compaign.
  • 2018 Q3
    Develop Platform Phase 1. Full Compaign to Presale.
  • 2018 Q4
    Real Estate Platform. Main ICO Phase 1.
  • 2019 Q1
    Playout For Investors. Platform Advance Phase 2.
  • 2019 Q2
    Increase Investable Portfolio. Launch App.
  • 2019 Q3
    Integrate A.I. Advance Blockchain Development.
  • 2019 Q4
    Global Expansion.
  • 2020 Q1
    Fully Running A.I. Agent.
  • 2020 Q2
    Platform Phase 3
  • 2020 Q3
    Become a Global House Hold Name. Provide Affordable Homes.
  • 2020 Q4
    10% Of All Real Estate Transactions Through Online Platform.


  • Dale Perkins McCook: Founder & Chief Executive Officer
  • Brennan Williams: Chief Technology Officer
  • Adrian Morson: Chief Information Officer
  • Steve Craig: Chief Opporatioal Officer
  • Callum Christie:
  • Blockchain and Lead Developer
  • Damron Macleod: Tech support/Developer
  • Harsh Parekh: Financial/ digital asset management
  • Billie-Jean Perkins: Property sales and management
  • Darren Brown: Property management
  • Natasher Barnes: Marketing


  • Armit Parekh: Advisor
  • Darren Taylor: Advisor



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