Blockchain technology has gotten to the level in which the whole world cannot do without it. We have discovered that this technology is making the news headline everyday which symbolizes global and rapid adoption of this technology. But despite the greatness and potential of this technology, there are still some things that needed to be improved upon its use. We have several and different blockchain network such as bitcoin blockchain, ethereum blockchain, eos blockchain, tron blockchain and some other more. The level of difficulties associated with each of this blockchain network varies based on the type of blockchain.
We have some blockchain that are more cumbersome and difficult to use than some others, we also have some that easy to use but they are lacking some other qualities. Let’s take for example the speed of transaction which is solely dependent on the nature of blockchain transaction. Some transactions do take several hours before it could be confirmed on the blockchain network, some blockchain also charges high transaction and mining fees. This is the reason why a new team has gathered around to rectify this problem by launching a new blockchain project known as

ELAD is a decentralized platform that envisions eliminating these challenges and providing an efficient investment network for global investors to invest in properties and reap substantial returns. The investment process is quite simple and begins by investors creating a real-estate profile. They can then select the property they want to invest in and the platform will showcase all the relevant information related to the assets, thereby enabling investors to make a well-informed decision.A Seamless Integration of Top-notch Technology

ELAD is a decentralized platform that is developed by experienced and proficient real estate professionals, innovative developers, and blockchain experts. Some of the renowned members of the team are:

Brennon Williams – Brennon Williams is a reckoned software engineer who has worked as a software engineer for over two decades. He is a Chief Technology Officer and consultant technical advisors at renowned establishments including Motorola, Microsoft, eBay, and Nokia. Brennon essentially focuses on artificial intelligence and robotic hardware and renders the most advances conversational AI.

Dale Perkins-McCook – Dale is the CEO and Founder of ELAD Tech Ltd. And Make Better Moves Ltd (a property company). Dale’s interest towards technology and passion for real estate presented the concept of ELAD to bring stable and secure investment platform for individuals across the globe.

Steve Craig – Steve Craig has a myriad of experience of working in operations and manufacturing government bank notes and passports. His primary technical background is the area of quality and lean manufacturing. Steve has the ability to effectively engage with staff and build a winning team that focuses on delivering high-quality products and services. Steve regularly works with global government banks and has held a position at De la rue U.K. for many years.

Adrian Morson – Adrian has an IT experience of over 20 years and has been working in London and Geneva for government, banking, private and education sectors. He has also worked along with CESG and the MOD on a large scale project that includes London Olympics in the year 2012.

ELAD seamlessly blends technology and experience to present global investors with a secure platform to efficiently invest and sell real estate. With a primary aim to make real estate accessible, the team has integrated top-notch features and functionalities to make this platform user-centric and profitable.

ELAD Network is committed to utilizing bleeding edge innovation to make new conceivable outcomes. The manner by which we trust, associate and trade with others has changed for the better. Our vision is to decentralize exchanges generally utilized in the land industry. We will make the whole procedure straightforward to allow standard individuals to be a piece of arrangements that have customarily been kept away from plain view.

About ELAD Network
The safe house is an essential human need. The interest for haven and work fills the world’s greatest resource class and creates tremendous money streams from all bearings. Overflowing measures of this well-deserved value and benefit streams into middle people and monster enterprises, while causing time-delays, wasteful aspects, unreasonable expenses and boundaries to passage. This makes numerous issues for cross-fringe candidates, landowners, inhabitants, financial specialists and purchasers.

Most speculations are executed through enormous, global organizations, consequently confining access to the normal individual or speculator.
All out world land esteems developed by 5% in 2016. Gross domestic product developed by 2.3% in 2015/16, importance the universes land resource esteem became quicker than its salary. The world currently possesses land resources worth 2.8 occasions its yearly pay (GDP). This land resource for money proportion has expanded from 2.7 in 2015 and is consistently rising, which means not just has the property stepping stool become distant for a few, yet it currently creates more cash as a benefit, in value thankfulness and lease, than the normal compensation.

From the get-go in 2016, World Research detailed that worldwide land esteems totalled US$217 trillion. Our exploration in 2017 demonstrates that figure has risen. Worldwide resource cost swelling has now expanded the sum to US$228 trillion at steady costs – an expansion of 5% in genuine terms.

Worldwide land is a more significant resource class than all stocks, shares and securitised obligation consolidated, which together add up to simply US$170 trillion. The estimation of all gold at any point mined from the beginning of time pales into much more noteworthy inconsequentiality at a negligible US$6.5 trillion. The market estimation of UK land is £1,662bn, speaking to 21% of all-out net riches. Land contributes £94bn to the UK economy – 5.4% of GDP.

Issue Identified by ELAD
Purchasing property can be tedious, exorbitant and diligent work. The benefit can be lost because of data asymmetry among financial specialists and operators, over costly charges and constrained accessibility. Selling is additionally influenced by in house plans, misbehaviour, scaremongering and out of agreement fiscal motivations for operators, which makes the property be sold underestimate or kept from entering the market and accomplishing its most extreme potential. A few specialists victimize planned occupants because of irrational and out of line criteria like wedded status, while others charge basically for access to landowners.

Answer for The Problem
Multi-possession for land will give simple access to property venture, including long separation, abroad and crowdfunding openings. Dealers will almost certainly sell properties for a little fixed expense from 0.25% through the protected online stage. The Elad stage will give important data and the custom fitted quest for land specialists to spare significant time for the two gatherings. The worldwide idea of the stage will take into account simpler abroad rental. Robotized instalments by keen contract and P2P contact to will wipe out outsiders.

Token Information
Pre-sale Start Date : July 1 st 2019
Pre-sale End Date : Sep 1 st 2019
Minimum Private and Pre-Sale Supply : 600,000 ELAD
Token Value : 1 ETH = 1250 ELAD = 60% Bonus
Soft cap : 480 ETH
Maximum Private and Pre-Sale Supply : 10,000,000 ELAD Hard cap : 8,000 ETH
Maximum Transaction Amount : 250 ETH/312,500 ELAD
Minimum Transaction Amount : 0.5 ETH/625 ELAD
Accepted Payment : ETH, BTC and LTC
Main Sale
Start Date : Sep 30th 2019
End Date : Dec 15th 2019
Maximum Crowd Sale : 60,000,000 ELAD
Total sale supply : 75,000,000 ELAD
Token Price : 1 ETH = 500-833 ELAD
Minimum Transaction : 0.5 ETH = 250 – 416.5 ELAD
Maximum Transaction : 1000 ETH = 500,000 – 833,000 ELAD



Team Members

WEBSITE: https://www.elad.network/

MEDIUM: https://medium.com/@elad_network

LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/company/eladnetwork

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/elad_network

TELEGRAM: https://t.me/elad_ico

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/ELAD.Network/
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