Today i want to tell you about the Elepig. Elepig is a  new crypto exchange that is going to disrupt the market with its simple UX and super secure platform.

Elepig will  make the purchase of alt coins as easy and secure as online banking

The platform its make to people for peole, will be simple to use and accessible to everyone, anytime and any place.

Elepig will address the following areas:
1. Security
2. User Experience
3. Customer Support
4. Spread of Coins
5. Transaction fees

Everday media coverage of all the scams and hacks associated with cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. Many exchanges have been hacked over the last few years.

Ofcourse  Elepig, cannot guarantee they will be never hacked , but we will put every effort in to make sure that your investments are safe and secure.they  will do simple things that some exchanges have neglected to implement such as:

1.Factor Authentication

2.Not leaving a high proportion of funds in hot or warm wallets

The team  have  13 members ,all with a lot  of experience  working in technology for investment banks, hedge funds, liquidity and treasury providers, leading defence companies, air traffic control, engineering companies and high street retailers.

Elepig is brought to you by superstars that have worked at the following world leading companies: JP Morgan, BAE Systems, Lockheed Martin, Gemalto, RBC, General Dynamics, NATs, Pensions Regulator .

The alpha will relese in august 2018,and the beta in octomber 2018.The Beta will be given a test-run by our community and any feedback incorporated ready for a Full production release in December 2018.

And if  you use the Elepig token for transactions you will receive 50% reduced.

Elepig will build the community by reaching out to them on prevalent platforms utilising a mixture of traditional and cutting-edge marketing methods. Building the community for the exchange starts now, through CO, and beyond, and will remain one of the areas that receives the greatest investment in respect of time, resources and cost. The EPG token will only be tradeable on the Elepig exchange so all of the community members that receive EPG tokens given out through airdrops, bounties and other affiliate programmes. A large proportion of exchanges and ICO’s fail to build and engage with their community through social media, networking events and customer service. Elepig will be engaging and transparent in everything. It will answer customers concerns and questions in a timely and coherent manner. Every person in the team from the co-founders down will work on the customer service desk and social media channels to fully understand the customers’ needs. Large number of coins will be allocated to reward  community members.Users contributions will be rewarded in the following areas:

. Airdrops

• Referrals

• Social Media Bounty programme

• Designing/Testing the UX/UI

• Bug Bounty

• Social Media Champions

• User guides


Elepig will support trading pairs in the following coins:

• Bitcoin (BTC)

• Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

• Elepig (EPG)

• Ethereum (ETH)

• Litecoin (LTC)

• Ripple (XRP)

• Stella Lumens (XLM)


Token sale

Total Sale Tokens

150 Million

Pre-ICO Token Hardcap

30 Million

Pre-ICO Bonus


Pre-ICO Starts

25 June 2018

Pre-ICO Ends

08 July 2018

Total ICO Sale Tokens

120 Million

ICO Sale
Round 1

Bonus : 30%

Token Hard Cap : 37.5 Million

Start Date : 9 July 2018

End Date : 29 July 2018

Round 2

Bonus : 20%

Token Hard Cap : 37.5 Million

Start Date : 30 July 2018

End Date : 19 August 2018

Round 3

Bonus : 10%

Token Hard Cap : 30 Million

Start Date : 20 August 2018

End Date : 9 September 2018

Round 4

Bonus : 5%

Token Hard Cap : 15 Million

Start Date : 10 September 2018

End Date : 30 September 2018

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