Sometimes a market ignores competitiveness of products / services and blockchain. Thus making no competition for the increase between the blockchain, this will make all existing projects or new projects feel overwhelming boring.

But ELISIA comes with a blessing on new projects or existing projects to create a competitive market for products / services and blockchain without exception. There will be competition that will continue to increase, this is because ELISIA wants the blockchain to produce solutions for new projects and existing projects.

What is ELISIA?

Elisa is a name that will speed up to be super-fast transactions! They claim that the transaction speed they use will be the same as speed of a light! At the speed they provide it would not cost anything to receive or send.

Does Elisia have a decentralized application ?

Yes!!! ELISIA has a decentralized application, there is a unique button in the application to run the FREE sending / receiving feature. Applications that will be distributed on Elisia’s network will provide excellent comfort and security. “FREE SEND, FREE TO ACCEPT AND GET THE SPEED LIKE THE FLASH”

2008 Satoshi Nakamoto issues Bitcoin with a technology called blockchain and Elisia uses the blockchain to make this technology to be more attractive.



Indeed, currently there are so many platforms that provide very high speed of transactions, but they take advantage of this transaction speed feature by having to pay shipping costs! Do you need a fast transaction but it’s free? Elisia is the right choice!


There are no fees for using this platform! This not like other projects that only rely on fast transactions but still they will get income from the features of the transaction! Elisia 100% free will not be charged any fees in carrying out fast transactions like a light!


You don’t need to have very high knowledge to make DAPPS, you can make this DAPPS only with the knowledge you have!

Problems that will be faced

Any technology and any sophisticated will get a problem that will occur in carrying out the project. Following are the problems that will be faced by each blockchain, there are two problems found by the ELISIA team on the blockchain technology that was developed.

Troubled In Other Blockchain Interactions.

From CoinMarketcap’s data, there are 2000+ coins and tokens which are basically different. In this difference the problem arises because they can’t interact with other blockchain (managing their own platforms) this they will not be able to move from blockchain A to blockchain B, if they force migration then it will be very good and will be called sidechain with very full function.

Very wide Applications

Currently there are very many platforms that utilize blockchain technology, for example the steemit platform that has been running for a long time and they will also found the success from their social media platforms but this does not allow application migration from one blockchain to another just by one click.

To find out information about this problem number 1 and two click the following link.

Whitepaper Link : https://elisia.io/white-paper.pdf


Elisia Guaranteed from the threat of quantum computing because Elisia uses DPOS,

But Elisia also does not guarantee computational threats to protect Elisia’s main chain. The presence of a chain has little chance of damaging the main chain.

But this Sidechain network adopted protocols such as.

Proof OfStake

Proof Of Work



You only use two kind of identification’s form

In order for Elisa to recognize the faces of all investors, she will need your photos.

All data must be correct and must be the same (name and confirmation address)

WEBSITE : https://elisia.io/

TELEGRAM: https://t.me/elisiaio

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/Elisia-199175400981031/

TWITTER : https://twitter.com/Elisiaio

ANN : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5066777.0

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