As indicated by observational assessment by concerned foundations on the planet, existing web specialist co-ops confine association records to just help a solitary proprietor who is conceded boundless right of section to include and evacuate clients and deal with the record and all advantages. A large portion of these exercises are obvious in administrations like Github, Stripe, Heroku and thousands progressively that attempts comparatively works. This sort of record or association plan can’t work for future decentralized associations where there may not be a solitary proprietor or pioneer, no trust and no central station. This is a basic issue that should be tackled before decentralized, exertion driven web association is conceivable. Besides, the world is getting to be noticeably complex as the day passes by, along these lines new developments are attempted on regular schedule particularly with the presentation of the most recent Blockchain innovation, which gives better highlights and alternatives when contrasted with customary organizations that are acclimated with thorough delegates and methods. To illuminate these issues and others standing up to the framework today and to provide food for the not very far who and what is to come, https://ellcrys.co/ was made as a totally decentralized biological system based on the start of the Blockchain innovation.

What is Ellcrys? Ellcrys is a blockchain that permits individuals around the globe to construct open, group claimed programming items what’s more, fair web associations. Individuals from anyplace can offer their aptitudes to an Ellcrys association, take an interest in basic leadership forms, get rewards for their commitments and pick up notoriety inside the system.

Ellcrys is a Blockchain framework that will permit anybody on the planet begin, join or add to open source programming items and get repayment for their help. Clients will have the capacity to make decentralized Git vaults that are bowdlerization contradicting, profoundly accessible and can be really claimed by various people. Storehouses can incorporate a wide range of codes for various purposes, for example, web administrations, shrewd contracts, portable applications libraries/bundles, structures and the rundown proceeds. To empower open, trustless, self-sufficient joint effort, the designers of this thought will use Git; the most mainstream variant control framework, to enable anybody around the globe to without trouble add to an undertaking. Givers can bring branches, push changes and make pull ask for proposition to have their work consolidated. As an end product, the Ellcrys Blockchain stage decentralizes a git storehouse by packaging and circulating git protests over the system. Donors will have the capacity to easily adjust their nearby vaults with the system utilizing existing git apparatuses. The stage will join innovative know-how and the truth of things to accomplish this huge yet surmountable assignment as proposed by the stage.

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations

The Communities can to build decentralized, effort-centric a organisations around a git high repository. These organizations will work on mobile applications, libraries, web apps/services, make smart contracts, ans etc. Decisions are make through this proposal and make a approval voting mechanism.

Paid Open Source Product

Ellcrys Maintainer of open source products can make a branches and set a any price to be paid by people who fetch the branches. Maintainer and a developers can to earn coins reward for, paid software issues.


Ellcrys be relying on the ecosystem that can rise to support and fast grow the network.



Validators are make network node owners who can contribute computing resources to power and make secure the network. In turn, they will be rewarded with new coins.


Contributors are people who contribute work, manage and cread to a repository


Coin holders provide the coin liquidity will be required for contributors and end user to participate withEllcrys economy. Contributors and end-users purchase any coins from this traders to make easy gain access to the network.


Service providers provide the specific services tailored to Ellcrys organizations in exchange a coins. Some examples of services include cloud , domain purchase & management, hosting & database, sales and marketing etc.


  • Name coin : Ell (plural: Ellies)
  • Symbol : ELL
  • Total suplay : 10 000 000 000 (10 billion)
  • Mining Algorithm : StackMint
  • Utility : P2P Transactions , Push Fee, Fetch Fee (paid branch only), Network Consensus Skake , Marketplace Transactions


Ellcrys marketplace is where to the service providers showcase and sell their products and make services to Ellcrys organizations. Ellcrys organization ia ssmart decentralized, they are will be still purchase services through as purchase a proposals that be approved by member. Transactions can paid using the native coin.

Some of the services to be available include but not limited to: Web Hosting, Managed( Database, Marketing & Sales),Business Registration, Human Resource Management.



  • Star : 24.12.2017
  • End : 24.01.2018
  • Total Suplay : 300,000,000
  • Price/ELL: $0.05
  • Bonus : up to 10%


  • Star : 02.02.2018
  • End :03.03.2018
  • Total Suplay: 800,000,000
  • Price/ELL: $0.08
  • Bonus: up to 35%


  • Star : 30.03.2018
  • End : 30.04.2018
  • Total Suplay: 900,000,000
  • Price/ELL: $0.1
  • Bonus: up to 35%




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