About Ellcryz

Ellcryz present a network for creating and managing open, decentralized organizations comprised of globally distributed collaborators working together to build software products and services. Ellcryz offers a blockchain network that integrates Git.
We refer to this organization as a community contract. A community contract is composed of an address for sending and receiving payments and transactions, a git repository for version control and collaboration, a proposal and voting system for approving predefined actions put forward by collaborators and a task-based system for distributing work and receiving contributions.
Ellcrys aims to allow the use of modern languages such as Javascript, Go, Ruby & Python for writing smart contracts. Contracts are executed in an isolated environment with a capped execution time — This means contracts are expected to produce an output before the execution time elapses or risk forced termination.
Ellcrys goal as a network is not to become another decentralized network with the purpose of making centralisation irrelevant — Ellcrys is not anti-centralisation. Ellcrys leverages on blockchain technology to provide and enforce transparency between collaborators, node owners and the Ellcrys organization. Contributors can collaborate to build products meant for centralized systems or ones meant to be executed decentrally.


hat is Community Contract?

A community contract describes an entity that allows one or multiple collaborators build open source organizations offering software products and services such as a website, API, smart contract, packages, frameworks etc.
Community contracts building software products intended to be accessed from a browser or as a web service may implement and structure their project to be compiled and executed by any centralized cloud hosting platforms that support Ellcrys buildpack and host protocol.
Ellcrys buildpack will provide interfaces for services running on centralized platforms to have access to official and third-party services. Projects launched with the buildpack will not be directly accessible to developers once deployed.

Ellcrys smart contracts are upgradable, versioned codes loaded from a repository. They are repository-addressable. This means originating transactions must reference the community contract as opposed to directly referencing the smart contract.

Plan Sales Budget & Token
Researching and developing the above idea will need the money. Although, the current team have given a lot of time and money to research and develop prototypes for various components, we need additional funding to continue. For this purpose, we will organise several sales sets the token. During the Pre-Sale, the token will be issued on a system of our own wallets. After the sale of the primary token, we will issue the token the ERC20 will be exchanged for tokens main network when it launches. This will be the swap 1:1.

Pre-Sale will be available to the public and will take place over the next 8 weeks. Is targeted at supporting original project Ellcrys and includes a bonus 30% maximum.

Pre-sale release date: 1 February 2018
Pre-sale ends: April 1, 2018
Duration: 8 weeks
ELL is available: 800 million
Price: $0.1/ELL
The token is not sold will be available for purchase in the sale of the primary token. Here’s a bonus structure for pre-order Sale.

Week 1:30%
Week 2:20%
Sunday 3:10%
Week 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8:5%
Token Sale (ICO)
Primary token sales event will take place 6 months after the Pre-Sale. The purchase will include a bonus of up to 30%.

The launch date of Sale: 1 Token June 2018
Pre-sale ends: 1 July 2018
Duration: 4 weeks
ELL is available: 900 million
Price: $0.35/ELL
The token is not sold will be equally divided to offer in Exchange for mining deposits and universal. Here’s a bonus structure for Sale Token.

Week 1:30%
Week 2:20%
Sunday 3:10%
Sunday 4:5%

lcrys platform is perfect for any business developers and designers in complete with sharing features and convenience for customers and in the very estimate has the age of long term business. Platform Ellcrys in form with a team consisting of some very clever people who are experienced and have a high flying hours and supported by media Track, Bitcointalk, Desk, Token Coin Gecko, Cryptoslate, Smith + Crown. with that we hope you and your investors soon followed and joined the Ellcrys felt Platfonrm variety convenience has been provided in each feature

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