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A community contract describes an entity that allows one or multiple collaborators build open source organizations offering software products and services such as a website, API, smart contract, packages, frameworks etc. Collaborators push and pull code to and from the network, perform governance functions by creating, approving proposals and receive compensation from the network. A community contract can be deployed to centralized cloud hosting platform if it is a web app/service or compiled and loaded on the network as a smart contract for processing transactions.

Ellcrys is on a mission to create an ecosystem where open source collaboration goes beyond offering contributions during free or leisure periods to one where collaborators can build open source enterprises that can be proftable, thus, enabling them to spend more time building great products and improving open source

It is their believe that collaborators should be able to work on open source projects full-time, earn and live comfortably. To achieve this, Ellcrys offer a platform where contributing to open source is natively rewarded and various contribution models to allow open source contributors create revenue generating and sustainable projects. An ecosystem where open source is proftable to contributors will ultimately improve the quality of contributions and products.

Ellcrys’ goal as a network is not to become another decentralized network with the purpose of making centralisation irrelevant — Ellcrys is not anti-centralisation.Ellcrys leverages on blockchain technology to provide and enforce transparency between collaborators, node owners and the Ellcrys organization. Contributors can collaborate to build products meant for centralized systems or ones meant to be executed decentrally.

Ellcrys will actively work with centralized technologies and entities while enabling openness and transparency through blockchain technology

Ellcrys’ communities need a mechanism to reach agreement on topics or issues surrounding operations. Te model employed by Ellcrys is a Proposal/Approval Voting scheme where contributors create proposals and solicit approvals from other contributors. A proposal describes a type of predefned action that must be approved to by 2/3 of contributors. Ellcrys will support weighted membership where members of a community contract gain more voting powers based on the amount of stake they own.

The Importance Of The Ellcrys


The Mission of the Ellcrys is to create an ecosystem of open source collaboration places exceed contributions over a period of free or free time where collaborators can build open source companies that may be adopted, so as to enable them spend more time to build a great product and increase openness. source ecosystem we believe collaborators should be able to work on open source projects are full time, earn and live comfortably. To achieve this, we offer a platform which contributed to an open source valued nominally and many different models contribute to allow contributors to open source creating income generating projects and sustainable. Open source ecosystem which can be accepted by the contributors will ultimately improve the quality of contributions and products.


Host Protocol Ellcrys


With the understanding that organizes community contract may not be free, the Ellcrys Host Protocol provides mechanisms for cloud providers to impose a contract agreement with community collaborators contracts. This Protocol will also support subscription-based payment. This builds on the mechanism that allows collaborators agreement members create and approve these types of proposals are known as HostProposalWebsite: https://ellcrys.co/
Models Of Contribution


There are several ways Ellcrys contributed to work on the contract. Some kind of contribution can generate some compensation.
  • The Contribution Of The Branch
  • Contributions To The Task
  • Contributions To Publications
  • Donations Paid Branch
  • Contribution Pending Branch


There are several ways to distribute the Ellcrys network Tokenya.
  • Great books distributed
  • Sharding
  • Consensus Methods

The sales plan and budget Ellcrys Token

Researching and developing the above idea will need the money. Although, the current team have given a lot of time and money to research and develop prototypes for various components, we need additional funding to continue. For this purpose, we will organise several sales sets the token. During the Pre-Sale, the token will be issued on a system of our own wallets. After the sale of the primary token, we will issue the token the ERC20 will be exchanged for tokens main network when it launches. This will be the swap 1:1. Here are the details: token
Distribution, Sale and Sale: Token

The distribution of the Ellcrys Token as much as Two billion (2 billion) will be for saleduring the Pre-Sale and Sale Token.

Pre-Sale will be available to the public and will take place over the next 8 weeks. Is targeted at supporting original project Ellcrys and includes a bonus 30% maximum.
  • Pre-sale release date: 1 February 2018
  • Pre-sale ends: April 1, 2018
  • Duration: 8 weeks
  • ELL is available: 800 million
  • Price: $0.1/ELL
The token is not sold will be available for purchase in the sale of the primary token. Here’s a bonus structure for pre-order Sale.
  • Week 1:30%
  • Week 2:20%
  • Week3:10%
  • Week 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8:5%
Token Sale (ICO)

Primary Token Ellcrys sales will happen 6 months after pre-order Sale. The purchase will include a bonus of up to 30%.
  • Sale launch date: 1 June 2018 Token
  • Pre-sale ends: 1 July 2018
  • Duration: 4 weeks
  • ELL is available: 900 million
  • Price: $0.35/ELL
The token is not sold will be equally divided to the reward of mines and deposits the universal provides. Here’s a bonus structure for Sale Token.
  • Week 1:30%
  • Week 2:20%
  • Week3:10%
  • Week4:5%
Budget Plan Costs

The team plans to issue the Ellcrys funds from the sale of Tokens in the following ways:

  • Product development and Staffing 60%: this allocation will be used to recruit the top talent in the area of Silicon Valley and around the world. Our team currently consists of talented software developers, mobile, user experience design and management/personnel. Additional new talents will greatly strengthen the team and speed up product delivery time.
  • 20% marketing: our marketing Goal is to grow the adoption by reaching developers,designers, makers, testers.
  • 10% Security: the importance of security cannot be overstated. Allocation of that going towards hiring and consulted with security experts to investigate our algorithm and algorithm system have also been sponsoring bounties bug/security.
  • Law of 10%: at a time when the legal implications of technology blockchain is not clear, this portion of the budget will be used to hire an outside counsel to help us do the figures out all the legality with regard to the Ellcrys.
1 ELL: $0.35
Total budget: 25 million Bounty Ellcrys Token ELL
Total Bounty Budget will be allocated among all the Bounty as follows:
  • Social Media Campaign: 25%
  • Blog/Media Campaign: 20%
  • The campaign Translation: 20%
  • The signature campaign: 35%
More Information:

WHITEPAPER: https://storage.googleapis.com/ellcrys-docs/Ellcrys-Whitepaper.pdf


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