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Ellcrys Review

A community contract describes an entity that allows one or multiple collaborators build open source organizations offering software products and services such as a website, API, smart contract, packages, frameworks etc. Collaborators push and pull code to and from the network, perform governance functions by creating, approving proposals and receive compensation from the network. A community contract can be deployed to centralized cloud hosting platform if it is a web app/service or compiled and loaded on the network as a smart contract for processing transactions.

Ellcrys is on a mission to create an ecosystem where open source collaboration goes beyond offering contributions during free or leisure periods to one where collaborators can build open source enterprises that can be proftable, thus, enabling them to spend more time building great products and improving open source

It is their believe that collaborators should be able to work on open source projects full-time, earn and live comfortably. To achieve this, Ellcrys offer a platform where contributing to open source is natively rewarded and various contribution models to allow open source contributors create revenue generating and sustainable projects. An ecosystem where open source is proftable to contributors will ultimately improve the quality of contributions and products.

Ellcrys’ goal as a network is not to become another decentralized network with the purpose of making centralisation irrelevant — Ellcrys is not anti-centralisation.Ellcrys leverages on blockchain technology to provide and enforce transparency between collaborators, node owners and the Ellcrys organization. Contributors can collaborate to build products meant for centralized systems or ones meant to be executed decentrally.

Ellcrys will actively work with centralized technologies and entities while enabling openness and transparency through blockchain technology

Ellcrys’ communities need a mechanism to reach agreement on topics or issues surrounding operations. Te model employed by Ellcrys is a Proposal/Approval Voting scheme where contributors create proposals and solicit approvals from other contributors. A proposal describes a type of predefned action that must be approved to by 2/3 of contributors. Ellcrys will support weighted membership where members of a community contract gain more voting powers based on the amount of stake they own.

Token Sale & Budget Plan

Researching and developing the ideas above will require money. Although, the current team has contributed extensive time and money into research and development of prototypes for various components, we will need additional funding to continue. To this end, we will be hosting several token sale rounds. During the Pre-Sale, tokens will be issued on our own wallet system. After the main token sale, We will issue ERC20 tokens which will be swapped for the main network tokens when it is launched. Tis will be a 1:1 swap. Below are the details of the tokens distribution, Pre-Sale and Token Sale:


A total of Two Billion (2,000,000,000) tokens will be sold during the Pre-Sale and Token Sale events.


Te Pre-Sale will be available to the public and will last for 8 weeks. It is targeted at early backers of the Ellcrys projects and includes a maximum of 30% bonus.

  • Pre-Sale Launch Date: February 1st, 2018
  • Pre-Sale Ends: April 1st, 2018
  • Duration: 8 Weeks
  • ELL available: 800,000,000
  • Price: $0.1 / ELL

Tokens not sold will be available for purchase in the main token sale. Below is the bonus structure for the Pre-Sale.

  • Week 1: 30%
  • Week 2: 20%
  • Week 3: 10%
  • Week 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8: 5%

Token Sale (ICO)

Te primary token sale event will occur 6 months after the Pre-Sale. Purchases will include a bonus of up to 30%.

  • Token Sale Launch Date: June 1st, 2018
  • Pre-Sale Ends: July 1st, 2018
  • Duration: 4 Weeks
  • ELL available: 900,000,000
  • Price: $0.35 / ELL

Tokens not sold will be equally shared to the mining and universal node reward supply. Below is the bonus structure for the Token Sale.

  • Week 1: 30%
  • Week 2: 20%
  • Week 3: 10%
  • Week 4: 5%


WEBSITE : https://ellcrys.co/
WHITEPAPER: https://storage.googleapis.com/ellcrys-docs/Ellcrys-Whitepaper.pdf

My BitcoinTalk Profile:https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1082374



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