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About Ellcryz

Ellcryz present a network for creating and managing open, decentralized organizations comprised of globally distributed collaborators working together to build software products and services. Ellcryz offers a blockchain network that integrates Git.
We refer to this organization as a community contract. A community contract is composed of an address for sending and receiving payments and transactions, a git repository for version control and collaboration, a proposal and voting system for approving predefined actions put forward by collaborators and a task-based system for distributing work and receiving contributions.

Ellcrys aims to allow the use of modern languages such as Javascript, Go, Ruby & Python for writing smart contracts. Contracts are executed in an isolated environment with a capped execution time — This means contracts are expected to produce an output before the execution time elapses or risk forced termination.
Ellcrys goal as a network is not to become another decentralized network with the purpose of making centralisation irrelevant — Ellcrys is not anti-centralisation. Ellcrys leverages on blockchain technology to provide and enforce transparency between collaborators, node owners and the Ellcrys organization. Contributors can collaborate to build products meant for centralized systems or ones meant to be executed decentrally.https://storage.googleapis.com/ellcrys-docs/Ellcrys-Whitepaper.pdf

How Ellcrys Works

What is a community contract?

Community contracts describe organizations that allow one or more employees to create open source organizations that offer software products and services, such as websites, APIs, intellectual contracts, packages, frameworks, and so on. Collaborators cause and output codes to and from the network, performing management functions, creating, approving offers and receiving compensation from the network. Community contracts can be deployed on a centralized cloud hosting platform if the web services application is either compiled and downloaded on the network as a smart contract for transaction processing.


  • Token Sale & Budget Plan
  • Researching and developing the ideas above will require money. To this project, we will be hosting several token sale rounds. During the Pre-Sale, tokens will be issued on our own wallet system. After the main token sale, We will issue ERC20 tokens which will be swapped for the main network tokens when it is launched. This will be a 1:1 swap.
    Host Ellcrys Protocol

    With the understanding that organizing community contracts may not be free, Ellcrys Host Protocol provides mechanisms for cloud providers to impose community contracts with the consent of contract collaborators. This protocol will also support subscription based payments. It builds on a collaborative agreement mechanism that allows members to create and approve a type of proposal known as HostProposal.

    Contribution Models

    There are several ways Ellcrys contribute to working on community contracts. Some

    this type of contribution can result in some compensation.

    • Branch Contributions
    • Contribution of Duties
    • Issue Contribution
    • Branch Paid Contributions
    • Pending Branch Donations
    • Network
    There are several ways Ellcrys to distribute Token network.
    • The ledger is distributed
    • Sharding
    • Consensus Method
    • Ellcrys Token Sales and Budget Plan
    Researching and developing the ideas above will require money. Although, the current team has given a lot of time and money to research and develop prototypes for various components, we need additional funds to continue. For this purpose, we will host multiple tokens sales. During Pre-Sale, tokens will be issued on our own wallet system. After the primary token sale, we will issue an ERC20 token that will be exchanged for the main network token when it launches. This will be a 1: 1 swap.
    Here are the details of Token
    Distribution, Pre-Sale and Token Sale:
    The Ellcrys Token Distribution of Two Billion (2,000,000,000) will be sold during Pre-Sale and Token Sale.
    Pre-Sale will be available to the public and will last for 8 weeks. It is targeted at early supporters of the Ellcrys project and includes a maximum 30% bonus.
    • Pre-Sale Launch Date: February 1, 2018
    • Pre-Sales Ends: April 1, 2018
    • Duration: 8 weeks
    • ELL available: 800,000,000
    • Price: $ 0.1 / ELL
    • Unsold tokens will be available for purchase at the main token sale.
    Here is the bonus structure for Pre-Sale.
    • Week 1: 30%
    • Week 2: 20%
    • Week 3: 10%
    • Week 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8: 5%
    • Token Sale (ICO)
    • Primary Ellcrys Token sales will occur 6 months after Pre-Sale. Purchases will be
    • including up to 30% bonus.
    Selling Token Launch Date: June 1, 2018
    Pre-Sales Ends: July 1, 2018
    Duration: 4 weeks
    ELL available: 900,000,000
    Price: $ 0.35 / ELL
    The unsold token will be equally divided into the mining reward and the universal savings provide.
    Here is the bonus structure for Token Sale:
    • Week 1: 30%
    • Week 2: 20%
    • Week 3: 10%
    • Week 4: 5%
    • Budget plan
    The Ellcrys team plans to raise funds from Token sales in the following ways:
    Product Development and Staffing 60%: This allocation will be used to recruit top talents in the Silicon Valley region and around the world. Our team currently consists of talented software, mobile developers, user experience / design and personnel management. The addition of new talent will greatly strengthen the team and accelerate product delivery time.
    Marketing 20%: Our marketing objective is to cultivate adoption by reaching developers, designers, makers, testers.
    Security 10%: The importance of security can not be overstated. The allocation will lead to hiring and consulting with security experts to investigate our algorithms and system algorithms have also sponsored security bugs / bounties.
    The 10% Law: At a time when the legal implications of blockchain technology are unclear, this portion of the budget will be used to hire outside legal counsel to help us figure out all legality related to Ellcrys.
    more info:
    Website: https: //ellcrys.co/
    Whitepaper: https: //storage.googleapis.com/ellcrys-docs/Ellcrys-Whitepaper.pdf
    Facebook: https: //facebook.com/EllcrysHQ
    Telegram: https: //t.me/EllcrysHQ
    Twitter: https: //twitter.com/EllcrysHQ

    My profile Bitcointalk:https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1063026



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