eLYQD – decentralized ethereum based ecosystem marketplace.

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Greetings Community, In this new post I will introduce about eLYQD project, and for more details let’s just go to the following discussion.

eLYQD is a platform created for manufacturers and consumers from all over the world. With an easy to-use online store builder, any manufacturer can create their own storefront to sell their products, while making use of the platform’s wide range of features for a minimal fee. While the consumer will avail the benefit of choosing the product of their liking at the most competitive prices. The eco-commerce platform will be built in accordance with a scalable and decentralized approach that ensures stability and sustainability in the long term. The main features of eLYQD is the use of blockchain technology , which allows to make the platform transparent, open and as safe as possible for both transaction parties, reduction of transaction costs and business costs, and simplification of the purchase process Decentralization, globalization, simplification and the integration of cryptocurrency in the project are Their competitive advantages over other business solutions existing in the e-commerce markets today.

About Elyqd

eLYQD is an ecosystem market based on decentralized eternity which will be the framework for the entire vaping industry. One of the main features of eLYQD is the use of blockchain technology, which enables the creation of a transparent, open and safe platform for both parties, reducing transaction and business costs, and simplifying the purchasing process.

eLYQD is a platform designed to enable manufacturers of vaping industries to create online stores that will utilize the most advanced technology in e-commerce, and provide the vaping community the freedom to choose and the option to pay for products with LYQD tokens, fiat or cryptocurrency.

Business Model

eLYQD is a platform for buyers and sellers from all over the world. With an easy-to-use online platform, any manufacturer can utilize the broad features of the platform by making their own stores to sell their products at a minimum cost.

Their services offer users who are free, small-scale producers, multinational companies, direct customer feedback, accounting, sales analysis, advertising and publicity, and a great opportunity to have a user-friendly interface.

Elyqd’s revenue model is fundamentally different from traditional e-commerce platforms. Traditional e-commerce platforms usually charge a flat fee along with the commission fees sometimes exceeding the selling price. Buyers must also pay for PayPal or other payment processing solutions.

Global Problems & Solutions eLYQD


Complete product — expensive or not available
Cross-border payments for vaping products
Payment verification or rejection
Recording and security


Consumers have access to brands from around the world 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, wherever they are.

The LYQD token allows users to send and receive payments globally in a matter of minutes, eliminating the risk of not paying and costing a fraction of the total

blockchain eLYQD will facilitate the transfer of funds directly to an escrow account. All constituents can manage escrow accounts through smart contracts.

The eLYQD recording application will enable simplified electronic record-keeping and store this data on decentralized anonymous networks that are significantly more difficult to hack and leak.

The eLYQD system will eliminate potential damage points. Smart eLYQD contracts will (a) ensure that the transition runs smoothly and (b) keep an unchanging record of actions taken by all constituents.

eLYQD requires proof of order, stamping the time / location of the actual transaction, and hash records that are not disputed from all steps taken, from orders, billing to shipping.

The eLYQD network will record all transactions, positive actions improve the user’s reputation. A negative risk review motivates all parties to remain honest. The blockchain-based decentralized network eLYQD will provide a platform for future generation of peer-to-peer (P2P) applications to support and record all constituent interactions in the value chain, with proof of completion and compliance at every step.


All Elyqd

The eLYQD market will increase the effectiveness of all business interactions by freeing them from all types of intermediaries and making these interactions immediate, transparent, safe and mutually beneficial.

This vision will be achieved by creating a decentralized blockchain-based ecosystem and managing user interactions in a peer-to-peer manner. The eLYQD ecosystem will be used by mass consumers and product manufacturers, from all over the world.

Block Chain

Distributed Blockchain ensures total transparency and verification of each transaction, including detailed product characteristics, price structure, relevant sales conditions, and well-known profiles of sales parties. The eLYQD ecosystem will be used on the Ethereum platform.


The principle of peer-to-peer interaction in eLYQD will allow all participants to interact directly. This eliminates the costs associated with intermediaries. The price of the product or service will be forwarded to the manufacturer as a whole. The final price of a product will only contain real production costs and fair margins.

Elyqd Utility Token

Payments in the eLYQD ecosystem will affect the crypto-token system-LYQD, ERC20-compliant. The token function is rewarding the user for active use of the ecosystem and contributing to its development (rewards including several types of crypto-payback, loyalty, promotion).


In cases of disputes between buyers and sellers, arbitration services are available. We encourage sellers to choose arbitrators, because this increases the level of trust for buyers and also the possibility of purchases will be made. If both parties dispute the transaction, the seller will pay the arbitrator from the deposited funds. For buyers, arbitration is always free.

Reputation System

Every seller and buyer will have a reputation rating derived from their behavior during each transaction. Users with low or negative reputation scores can be filtered, to protect other users from fraud and waste time. This reputation system will encourage legitimate traders and customers to act honestly and build a solid reputation.

Fiat Payment

Ether, like all cryptocurrency, is easy to change, changes its value every day, relative to national currencies such as dollars and euros. eLYQD will develop an integrated payment system that functions like ether, but converts to a 1: 1 currency. Finally, items can be priced in national currency, and you will know exactly how much you spend or paid.

Ekosistem Cryptocommerce

In the eLYQD ecosystem, brands, consumers, arbitrators, distribution, and senders interact directly with each other.

Transactions are supported by LYQD and therefore they are fast, safe and transparent. No intermediary is needed in traditional vaping ecosystems.

eLYQD will retain all the values ​​generated by the community in the ecosystem.

Ico Details

Start Date:2018–07–09
End Date:2018–09–30
Quantity:10000000000 LYQD
Price — 0.0054 USD

Token Distribution

Token info

Token = LYQD
Platform = Ethereum
Type = ERC20
PreICO price 1 LYQD = 0.0024 USD
Price in ICO 1 LYQD = 0.0024 USD

Investment info

Min. investment = 0.1 ETH
Accepting = ETH
Distributed in ICO = 60%
Soft cap = 2,000,000 USD
Hard cap = 15,000,000 USD

Token Sale Structure




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