E-commerce (electronic commerce or EC) is the purchasing and selling of merchandise and ventures, or the transmitting of assets or information, over an electronic network, basically the internet. These business exchanges happen either as business-to-business, business-to-consumer, consumer-to-consumer or consumer-to-business. The terms e-commerce and e-business are often used interchangeably. The term e-tail is additionally sometimes used in reference to exchange processes for online shopping.

The innovative Elysian platform will drastically transform the standard Ecommerce business model. Multiple improvements in efficiency and security will be evident for investors and consumers, such as faster delivery, secure customer data storage and identity theft protection. The implementation of these aspects through the use of blockchain technology will provide an immeasurable level of trust that is vital in the progression of Ecommerce.

Elysian is a team of Ecommerce and cryptocurrency experts with a plan to connect the multi-trillion dollar Ecommerce industry with the multi-billion dollar global cryptocurrency market by creating a revolutionary, new Ecommerce platform. We envision a future where Elysian is the epicenter of a new model for Ecommerce, powered by the blockchain. The Elysian ecosystem presents a model for sustainability and healthy growth, along with community integration to connect Elysian supporters directly with the team.

The  Elysian  ecosystem  will  serve  as  the gateway  to  a  more efficient  future, powered  by the blockchain.  Continued sustainable  growth  is  only  achievable  if  the current  status  quo  improves.  The  current industry  standard  for  security  and  user experience  will  slowly  become  obsolete. This  process  has  already  started. Consumers  and  businesses  will  adapt  to the  advancements  of  technology  to  the point  that  the  antiquated  technology  that currently  allows  the  industry  to  thrive  will practically  become  extinct. Elysian  is  positioned  perfectly  to  be  one  of the  very  first  in  the  market  at  the  ground floor  of  the  oncoming  technological revolution.  First  mover’s  advantage  plays  a crucial  role  in  the  success  for  any  business in  any  market.  The  ability  to  set  the  industry standard  for  a  certain  service  allows companies  to  reach  out  to  a  large population  and  gain  a  significant competitive  edge.

Clients  will  have  the  ability  to  use  the  Elysian platform  for  their  own  businesses,  providing an  upgraded  level  of  functionality.  The platform  will  act  as  a  foundation  for  other future  Ecommerce  businesses  that  will  enter the  space.  Essentially  it  will  act  as  an intermediary  between  our  clients  and  their target  consumer  demographic.

Elysian  will  also  give  third-party  agencies  the ability  to  build  on  top  of  the  Elysian  platform to  host  their  current  clients’  platforms  on  our platform.  This  will  ultimately  strengthen  the Elysian  ecosystem  and  provide  immediate access  to  client  bases  of  other  Ecommerce platforms,  giving  them  an  incentive  to  switch to  the  Elysian  ecosystem


Security: Elysian will build trust in Ecommerce by producing a substantially improved level of data storage security by using the Proof-of-Authority algorithm. Proof-of-Authority consensus will provide the Elysian ecosystem with a private blockchain to store encrypted credit card information and other user data securely over a distributed network.


Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality: The implementation of these two features into Ecommerce will solidify the advancement and progression of the industry. This technology will provide the ultimate convenience. Consumers will have the ability to shop at home in an intimate environment and will have a level of engagement that is similar to an in-store experience. Consequently, both satisfaction and efficiency increase. In addition, the Elysian platform gains a competitive edge against businesses using antiquated methods of user experience and customer engagement.



The Elysian token (ELY) will serve as the primary method of access to transactions on the Ecommerce platform. The token will have the capability of being kept in our private wallet and then sent to the Ecommerce platform to facilitate transactions for services, avoiding the hassle of using a card or the outrageous fees of bitcoin. The token will be of the ERC20 format.

Name of Token: Elycoin

Token Ticker: ELY

Total Supply: 1 billion ELY tokens

Hard Cap: $7million

Soft cap: $3million

Token sales: June 20th –July 8th 2018




  • The project entered development phase in the Q3 of 2017 until the Q1 of 2018.
  • In the Q2 of 2018:The Elysian Private Event begins, followed shortly thereafter by the Elysian TGE.
  • Team Expansion and the launch of the official Desktop Wallet (Windows, Linux & Mac) happened in the Q3 of 2018.
  • The launch of the official Mobile Wallet (iOS & Android) will happen in the Q4 of 2018 while the team will implementation the private blockchain for data storage in early 2019
  • Q2 of 2019 is when the team will launch the official Elysian Merch Program. The team will also launch the official Elysian platform in the Q3 of 2019.
  • Atomic Swap integration into the Elysian e-commerce platform will be done in the Q4 of 2019 which is to be followed by the expand the range of altcoins accepted on the Elysian platform in early 2020
  • In Q2-Q3 of 2020, the Elysian team plans to open a Strategic Office in Europe and Asia
  • This will be followed by Artificial intelligence integration into the Elysian Ecommerce platform in the last quarter of 2020.
  • The team will integrate the Virtual Reality into the Elysian e-commerce platform in the Q3 of 2021
  • And after all this, it is expected that about 1% or more of the world will be active users of Elysian platform.








Web pagehttps://elycoin.io


ANN pagehttps://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3332920.0



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