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The BeepBeep Nation App can enable you to take care of your day by day problems by giving you the arrangements numerous different apps and sites give, yet less expensive, better and snappier – and in one single app. The BeepBeep Nation mobile app for the two iOS and Android gives an across the board answer for our clients to tackle their every day problems rapidly, by empowering them to enable each other out when to help is earnestly required.

It does this by encouraging the association between a man requiring help (“requestor”) and the individual giving the assistance (“partner”). From getting the most recent, freshest information from genuine individuals in particular areas, to getting rides or places to remain in from individuals in particular areas who wouldn’t fret assisting their kindred clients, to getting brisk help in instances of pain incorporating individuals with a restorative crisis or the individuals who are feeling the loss of a relative or pet right then and there and requiring help to discover them rapidly, and that’s just the beginning – BeepBeep Nation makes the asking for and arrangement of an assistance the most productive and successful they can be.

Requestors can select to remunerate assistants with a Gratitude Tip after the asked for help is rendered. Anyway the requestor isn’t constrained to offer any tip whatsoever, however in the event that one is offered, the assistant is in like manner not constrained to acknowledge it.

Both requestors and aides manage each other independently from BeepBeep Nation, and BeepBeep Nation does not share in any course of action between them. Neither requestors nor assistants are representatives of, or independent contractual workers for, BeepBeep Nation. Both requestors and assistants represent themselves and settle on themselves and for the BeepBeep Nation people group in instances of debate.

In advancing and empowering a helping economy, BeepBeep Nation improves the world a place, as well as brings its clients closer as they will normally need to get together face to face to render the assistance asked for, while likewise settling their question themselves. This is a huge advance up from famous web based life apps where clients more often than not interface behind a smartphone or PC screen by far most of the time.


Plan of action

Area Based Peer-to-Peer (P2P) App

BeepBeep Nation’s primary plan of action is by the offering of credits that are required to convey demands for help.

BeepBeep Nation will charge a requestor an ostensible US$0.10 – USD$0.30 for each demand for enable, which to will be sent to a span of 1 – 5 km from the predefined area. This is an exceptionally shabby route for requestors to achieve hundreds, thousands, or even a huge number of different clients (like New York, which has an enormous populace) inside the range. Not just that, since demands for help are sent to the requestor’s predefined areas where just clients inside that area will see it, it gives clients extremely focused on demands for help and will bring about better reactions from partners while keeping their “Adjacent Beeps” screen clean of solicitations that assistants can’t react to due to their not being in the area determined by the requestor

Another exceptional component of the BeepBeep Nation app is that our clients can both be requesters and aides in the meantime, in that they can ask for one sort of assistance (like asking for a ride), while giving another kind of assistance to different requestors (like giving new information to the requestors) in the meantime. Our clients basically enroll a record with BeepBeep Nation and they can instantly ask for assistance from different clients, or offer assistance to different clients as and when they can. There is no prerequisite that they should offer assistance when different clients ask for help, as any assistance to be given is willful in nature.

Since requestors might have the capacity to complete some assistance for them for nothing or for a little Gratitude Tip, we expect numerous individuals around the globe will download it to give it a shot. In due time there will be a huge number of solicitations for help sent each and every day

BeepBeep Potential Partnerships

BeepBeep Nation app underlines the security of its clients as it empowers meetups among them. Numerous shields are now set up inside the app and can be found at https://beepbeepnation.com/safety.html.

There are different viewpoints that we can possibly add to the app around there. BeepBeep Country can work with organizations that spend significant time in character confirmation and area check utilizing blockchain innovation.
Blockchain innovation makes character and area records permanent, which will give more assurance to BeepBeep Nation clients amid a keep an eye on a demand for help (on both requestor also, aide).

Token Ecosystem

  1. Requesters can pay for Beeps and settle secure transactions in EMN tokens
  2. Requesters can just buy EMN tokens from exchanges, or win rewards from the reward mechanics of BeepBeep
  3. Partners can get Gratitude Tips in EMN tokens, organizations can utilize EMN tokens to buy BeepBeep esteem included administrations off the stage at a particular rate
  4. Aides would then be able to offer the EMN tokens on the exchanges in exchange for different digital forms of money or fiat.

TOKEN NAME Eminent Token (EMN)
TOTAL SUPPLY 156,250,000 EMN (Inclusive of bonus tokens)

HARD CAP USD31,250,000.00
PRE-SALE 27th June 2018
SALE 4th July 2018


Q3 2018
Beta launch of BeepBeep Nation app
Optimising Ul/UX based on users’ feedback
Launch of BeepBeep Nation app in US Appstore/Google Playstore

Q4 2018
Development of token and wallet
Integration of token and wallet with the BeepBeep Nation app
Development of fiat-token exchange engine to calculate payment in tokens for users to pay to use BeepBeep Nation app functions

Q1 2019
Enabling token payment between users
Enabling token payment by users for using BeepBeep Nation app functions

Q2 2019
Development of token staking system for using certain categories with BeepBeep Nation app
Development of additional categories/functions within BeepBeep Nation app

Q3 2019
Development of token staking system for reporting disputes
Development of additional categories/functions within BeepBeep Nation app
Development of BeepBeep Nation Level 2 users Dashboard

Q4 2019
Development of system for rewarding top performing users
Development of BeepBeep Nation Level 2 users Dashboard
Development of additional categories/functions within BeepBeep Nation app

Q1 2020
Development of Level 2 users paying with token system
Launch of BeepBeep Nation Level 2 users Dashboard

Visit the links below for more information:
Website : https://eminent.beepbeepnation.com
Whitepaper : https://beepbeepnation.com/eminent-white-paper-2.4.pdf
Telegram : https://t.me/beepbeepnation
Twitter page : https://twitter.com/beep_eminent/
Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/beepbeepnation


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