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The BeepBeep Nation App can enable you to take care of your day by day problems by giving you the arrangements numerous different apps and sites give, yet less expensive, better and snappier – and in one single app. The BeepBeep Nation mobile app for the two iOS and Android gives an across the board answer for our clients to tackle their every day problems rapidly, by empowering them to enable each other out when to help is earnestly required.

It does this by encouraging the association between a man requiring help (“requestor”) and the individual giving the assistance (“partner”). From getting the most recent, freshest information from genuine individuals in particular areas, to getting rides or places to remain in from individuals in particular areas who wouldn’t fret assisting their kindred clients, to getting brisk help in instances of pain incorporating individuals with a restorative crisis or the individuals who are feeling the loss of a relative or pet right then and there and requiring help to discover them rapidly, and that’s just the beginning – BeepBeep Nation makes the asking for and arrangement of an assistance the most productive and successful they can be.

Requestors can choose to compensate associates with a Gratitude Tip after the requested help is rendered. At any rate the requestor isn’t obliged to offer any tip at all, anyway if one is offered, the collaborator is in like way not compelled to recognize it.

Both requestors and assistants deal with each other autonomously from BeepBeep Nation, and BeepBeep Nation does not partake in any game-plan between them. Neither requestors nor collaborators are agents of, or autonomous legally binding laborers for, BeepBeep Nation. Both requestors and collaborators speak to themselves and settle on themselves and for the BeepBeep Nation society in occasions of level headed discussion.

In progressing and enabling a helping economy, BeepBeep Nation enhances the world a place, and in addition brings its customers closer as they will typically need to get together eye to eye to render the help requested, while moreover settling their inquiry themselves. This is a tremendous progress up from acclaimed electronic life applications where customers as a general rule interface behind a cell phone or PC screen by a long shot more often than not.

Plan of activity

Territory Based Peer-to-Peer (P2P) App

BeepBeep Nation’s essential arrangement of activity is by the offering of credits that are required to pass on requests for help.

BeepBeep Nation will charge a requestor an apparent US$0.10 – USD$0.30 for each interest for empower, which to will be sent to a traverse of 1 – 5 km from the predefined region. This is an astoundingly pitiful course for requestors to accomplish hundreds, thousands, or even countless customers (like New York, which has a huge people) inside the range. Not only that, since requests for help are sent to the requestor’s predefined regions where only customers inside that region will see it, it gives customers greatly centered around requests for help and will achieve better responses from accomplices while keeping their “Contiguous Beeps” screen clean of sales that colleagues can’t respond to due to their not being in the territory controlled by the requestor

Another outstanding segment of the BeepBeep Nation application is that our customers can both be requesters and helpers meanwhile, in that they can request one kind of help (like requesting a ride), while giving another sort of help to various requestors (like giving new data to the requestors) meanwhile. Our customers essentially select a record with BeepBeep Nation and they can in a split second request help from various customers, or offer help to various customers as and when they can. There is no essential that they should offer help when distinctive customers request help, as any help to be given is headstrong in nature.

Since requestors may have the ability to finish some help for them in vain or for a little Gratitude Tip, we expect various people the world over will download it to give it a shot. In due time there will be an enormous number of sales for help sent every last day

BeepBeep Potential Partnerships

BeepBeep Nation application underlines the security of its customers as it enables meetups among them. Various shields are presently set up inside the application and can be found at https://beepbeepnation.com/safety.html.

There are distinctive perspectives that we can add to the application around there. BeepBeep Country can work with associations that invest critical energy in character affirmation and territory check using blockchain advancement.

Blockchain advancement makes character and territory records perpetual, which will give more affirmation to BeepBeep Nation customers in the midst of a watch out for an interest for help (on both requestor likewise, associate).

Token Ecosystem

Requesters can pay for Beeps and settle secure exchanges in EMN tokens

Requesters can simply purchase EMN tokens from trades, or win rewards from the reward mechanics of BeepBeep

Accomplices can get Gratitude Tips in EMN tokens, associations can use EMN tokens to purchase BeepBeep regard included organizations off the phase at a specific rate

Associates would then have the capacity to offer the EMN tokens on the trades in return for various advanced types of cash or fiat.roadmap 1.jpg

Co-founder / CFO
Samuel holds a double degree, BBA in accounting and management, from the gospel University in the United States. He has many years of experience as an auditor and liquidator. He was also the CEO of Trustee. He is a certified financial planner and a certified family business specialist.

Gelson Low
technical Director
Jelson has a B. Sc in computer science from John Moors University Liverpool in the UK. He has extensive experience in the analysis, design and development of computer systems. Jelson has worked for clients in the banking and financial industry, specializing in Internet banking and cash management systems.

Charles Wong
Charles Wong started his digital Agency in 2009, when social networks began to penetrate our lives more and more. He creates potential clients for his clients, converts them into clients and attends events through the use of social networks. Has extensive experience in managing a portfolio of over 100 clients from new startups to SMEs to established brands, including Red Bull, Thomas Sabo, Jaspal, Vistage, etc., as well As in real estate, food and beverage, e-Commerce and events.

Sen Ze
Co-founder, CEO


Christopher Lee
Christopher Lee is one of the leading e-Commerce entrepreneurs in Singapore. He has been in the online business since 2002. He owns 3 companies, one of which is RNC Limited, an online Health and Wellness company. RNC designs, manufactures and sells 150 products worldwide through its e-Commerce sites and in several online markets including Amazon, Jet, Walmart and eBay. Christopher also actively invested in cryptocurrency, mining, blockchain solutions and a crypto Fund management firm.

Thomason Chan
A serial entrepreneur and growth hacker, Thomason founded maiDan and within 3 years Rocket internet acquired maiDan. Then he joined them for the development of its corporate business in Asia for their new venture Foodpanda. He then became a co-founder of Nosh, then Alibaba has become the main investor. Thomason is now the CEO and co-founder of Deltamine, a cryptocurrency data center that uses renewable energy for its operations.

Nizam Ismail
Nizam is a partner and head of the financial services practice of the RHT Taylor Wessing Act in Singapore. He has advised global companies on ICO or tokens generating events in Singapore, cryptocurrency exchanges, and other cryptocurrency intermediaries. Nizam is also a member of the Singapore University for social research, where he focuses on encryption rules, as well as the chair of THE access regulatory Subcommittee, the encryption and block communication Association in Singapore. Road map: Q3 2018
Beta launch of the BeepBeep Nation app Optimize Ul / UX based on user feedback launch of the BeepBeep Nation app in the US Appstore / Google Playstore
Q4 2018
Token and wallet development token and wallet Integration with the BeepBeep Nation app Development of a token file exchange mechanism to calculate payment in tokens for users to pay for using the features of the BeepBeep Nation app
Q1 2019
Enable payment of tokens between users. The inclusion of payment of a token user to use the application functions BeepBeep Nation.
Q2 2019
The development of the system of supply tokens for the use of certain categories using the app BeepBeep Nation to Develop additional categories / functions to the app BeepBeep Nation
Q3 2019
The development of a supply system of tokens for the reporting of disputes, the Development of additional categories / functions to the app BeepBeep BeepBeep Nation Development Nation Level 2 users Dashboard
Q4 2019
Development of a system for awarding top users. Development of BeepBeep Nation Level 2 users Dashboard development of additional categories / functions in the BeepBeep Nation application
Q1 2020
Development of Level 2 users paying with a token system Launch of BeepBeep Nation Level 2 Dashboard users Development of additional categories / functions in the BeepBeep Nation application

Visit the links below for more information:
Website : https://eminent.beepbeepnation.com

Whitepaper : https://beepbeepnation.com/eminent-white-paper-2.4.pdf

Telegram : https://t.me/beepbeepnation

Twitter page : https://twitter.com/beep_eminent/

Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/beepbeepnation
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