The BeepBeep Nation App can help you solve your day-to-day problems by providing solutions that many other apps and websites provide, but cheaper, better and faster – and in one application.
The BeepBeep Nation Mobile App for iOS and Android offers an all-in-one solution so our users can solve their everyday problems very quickly, helping them to help each other when help is needed from any emergency.
It does this by facilitating the connection between a person in need of assistance (“applicant”) and the person providing the help (“help”). Get the latest and most recent information on specific people in specific locations, on rides or places of residence for people in specific places who do not mind helping their colleagues, to get quick help in case of distress. medical emergency or those who miss a family member or pet at this time and need help finding them quickly, and more – BeepBeep Nation makes the application and provision of any form of help the most effective possible.
Applicants may choose to reward the aids with a thank you tip after the requested help is given. However, the applicant is not obliged to offer a tip, but if one of them is offered, the assistant is not obliged to accept it either.
The claimants and assistants deal with each other regardless of the BeepBeep Nation, and the BeepBeep Nation shares no arrangement between them. Neither the applicants nor the assistants are employees or contractors independent of the BeepBeep Nation. Applicants and assistants act for themselves and decide between themselves and the BeepBeep Nation community in the event of a dispute.
By promoting and encouraging a helping economy, the BeepBeep nation not only makes the world a better place, but also brings its users closer, as they will usually need to meet in person to make the help needed, while resolving their differences themselves. . This is a significant advance over popular social media applications where users typically interact behind a smartphone or computer screen in the vast majority of cases.
BeepBeep Nation will charge an applicant a nominal amount of $ 0.10 to $ 0.30 for each request for assistance, which will be sent within 1 to 5 km of the specified location. This is a very inexpensive way for applicants to reach hundreds, thousands, even millions of other users (like New York, who has a huge population) in the department. Not only that, since help requests are sent to the specified locations of the requester where only the users in that location will see it, it provides users with highly targeted help requests and will result in better help responses while keeping their “Proximity Beeps” screen cleaning requests that assistants can not answer due to their absence from
Another unique feature of the BeepBeep Nation app is that our users can be both callers and assistants, in that they can request a type of help (such as requesting a ride), while providing a different type of assistance. help to other applicants. (like giving new information to applicants) at the same time. Our users can simply create an account with BeepBeep Nation and they can immediately seek help from other users, or offer help to other users as and when they can. They do not have to offer help when other users ask for help, because any help is voluntary.
Since applicants can get help for themselves for free or for a small hint of gratitude, we expect many people around the world to download it for a try. In due course, millions and millions of requests for help will be sent every day.
BeepBeep Potential partnerships 
The BeepBeep Nation app focuses on the safety of its users as it encourages meetings between
Many backups are already in place in the app and can be found at
There are other aspects that we can potentially add to the application in this area. Beep beep
Nation can work with companies specializing in identity verification and localization
verification using blockchain technology.
Blockchain technology makes identity and location records immutable, giving
BeepBeep Nation users greater certainty when verifying a request for help (on both applicants
and help).
Token Ecosystem 
1. Applicants can pay for beeps and set secure transactions on REM
** 2 tokens . ** Applicants can only purchase EMN tokens from exchanges, or earn rewards through reward mechanisms. from BeepBeep
** 3. ** Helpers can receive gratitude advice on EMN tokens, companies can use EMN tokens to purchase value-added BeepBeep services from the platform at a preferential rate
4. Assistants can then sell EMN tokens on exchanges in exchange for other cryptocurrencies or fiat. TOKEN NAME TOKEN NAME
Eminent Token (EMN)
TOTAL SUPPLY 156,250,000 EMN (including bonus tokens)
31,250,000.00 CURRENCY ACCEPTED ETH and USD PREVENT on June 27th 2018
SALE July 4, 2018
To encourage the team, BeepBeep will retain 20% of all EMN tokens sold, or a maximum of 31,250,000 EMN tokens, whichever is lower, generated at the end of the Token Generating Event (TGE).
Tokens not sold in the sales pool will be burned. No other coins will be generated at the close of the symbolic auction, the total bid will be capped at 156,250,000 EMN chips, of which 80% or a maximum of 125,000,000 EMN chips will be outstanding.
Token purchases in fiat will be taken into account at the Ethereum rate from www.coinmarketcap.com at 1800 HRS (GMT + 8), it will be updated and reflected daily on the BeepBeep Nation website. For example, if a contributor contributes 1801 hours on day X (eg July 1), the rate will be taken from 1801 hours on X + 1 day (July 2).
We raised $ 500,000 from angel investors to create the app, which is now ready to launch after the ICO.
We are collecting additional funds with ICO to market the application, starting with the United States.
Here’s how the funds will be used: 2018 T3
Beta launch of BeepBeep Nation
Optimiser Ul / UX app based on user feedback
Launch of BeepBeep Nation app in US Appstore / Google Playstore
Q4 2018
Token development and portfolio Token and portfolio
integration with application BeepBeep Nation
Development of a fiat-token trading engine to calculate tokens payment for users to pay for using the features of the BeepBeep Nation application
1st quarter 2019
Activation of token payment between users
Activation of token payment by users for using the features of the application BeepBeep Nation
T2 2019
Development of a Token Staking System for Use of Certain Categories with the BeepBeep Nation App
Development of Additional Categories / Functions in the
2019 BeepBeep Nation T3 App
Development of a Token Staking System for Reporting Disputes
Development additional categories / features in the BeepBeep Nation app
Developing the BeepBeep Nation Level 2
T4 2019 User Dashboard
Developing a system to reward top performing users
Developing the BeepBeep Nation Level 2 User Dashboard
Developing Categories / additional functions in theBeepBeep Nation application
Q1 2020
Development of Level 2 Paying Users with Token System
Launch of BeepBeep Nation Level 2 User Dashboard
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