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Email marketing is used more than other digital marketing channels, but the impact is not the same. This is due in large part to the fact that both content used in email marketing is of poor quality. Customers need information offered by email sellers, but they will not receive poor quality information.

Today, the company strives to reach the right people. If you reach the right audience in mail marketing, a 4% return on investment will be achieved. This relationship is a high level of acceptance among digital marketing tools. Emails have remained unchanged for decades, and they do not seem to change forever, do they? The EMMARES project erases everything and rewrites it with new rules. This is not an advertising model, but most of what is now dreaming of marketing via email and email. So, what about a win-win situation for both parties? EMMARES allows you to evaluate the quality of content from email campaigns sent. The evaluator is the recipient of the email and receives an EMA token to evaluate the received email. Buyers can ask for their favorite area, and the system recommends the best content providers relevant to this field. If a buyer accepts a combination / combination, the buyer will have the best content for the provider and the ability to send content marketers via email to specific and interested buyers.

By signing up for an EMMARES system, email sellers have access to MARKETING, which has access to customers who are more interested in the content. When they want to send content that the recipients are good, they have the opportunity to use the EMMARES system to expand coverage and improve results and earn higher return on investment.

They invest in prize funds, which are the basis for rewarding EMMARES users (email recipients) who evaluate their content.

To reward email recipients for evaluation, they receive content from different mailing lists (the sender) and the recipient receives a token from the group being returned. For each evaluation, email recipients receive tokens from sellers of emails that rank content.

Everyone involved has a harvest

Bookmark email – Penerbit

Our unique and transparent model is based on encouraging publishers to post good, interesting, and relevant content. As an editor, collect comments from your potential customers and target audiences and get tokens from your prizes.

1. Create your credibility as a qualified email seller,

2. Access the new recipients of the right recipients who are interested in your service / theme / product type,

3. Increase the recipient’s participation.

Buyer is symbolic

When you purchase an EMMARES marker, you get an important privilege as a token holder and support a new extension with great potential.

You will be part of a system that will represent the future of the global email market. Everyone can get content that interests them and sellers via email get a higher return on investment.

The recipient of the message is an appraiser

As a member of the EMMARES community, you will receive a token to evaluate the content of the email you receive. It’s so simple you can also subscribe only to content that appeals to you from the most popular email sellers.

Existing marketing and revenue uses, partly allocated to a useful email system, will be useful in terms of targeting new customers. EMMARES will allow everyone to request a certain level of quality for a particular content area.



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