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How does it work?
  • Email marketers
EMMARES systems, MARKETING emails have the privilege of reaching more to expect customers interested in their content by signing up.
They invest in outdoor fun, which is used as a basis to reward Emmares users, who evaluate their content.
  • The recipient of the e-mail
As a benefit to evaluate the content they receive from many marketers (sender) emails, the recipient gets the token from the pool. For each assessment, Email recipients (users) receive tokens from email marketers that the content is evaluated.
Token is Token EMA ERC20 applied to the Blockchain application platform. Ethereum Contracts for Token EMA and all contracts written in violence. All decentralized market users EMMARES will collect their EMA Ethereum wallet.
E-mail marketers will use EMMARES (EMA) by following these simple steps-
After signing the contract award, the sender pays the EMA plus amount money service fee for a special campaign wallet holding the token until the budget is fully used. The recipient evaluates the quality of the email content and is rewarded by the EMA token. The ICO has been structured to provide the best opportunity for anyone who wants to participate from scratch, providing maximum flexibility and control for the participants.
Vision Emmares
Emmares’ vision is to imagine a world where email marketing content has a much higher caliber. With our services, email marketers will be compelled to consistently produce better content over time. Trusted evaluations will help us all to minimize spam. EMMARES will start a new golden era of email marketing. We want email marketing to represent trust and quality in people’s minds.
Mission Emmares
Emmares’ mission is to make the world spam-free and play a major role in uncovering the possibility of dynamic content evaluation and intelligent delivery systems.
Email marketing is used more than any other digital marketing channel, but the impact is not what it is. This is due in large part to the fact that so much content used in email marketing is so low in quality. Customers want information offered by email marketers but they will not receive low quality information. By using the smart services offered by EMMARES, users can finally get email marketing content as per their standards and tailored for them by gender and their region.
The world where every email is received
  • Less spam.
  • Quality control.
  • Reach your target customers.
  • Get rewarded.
In February 2017, the Radicati Group estimated the number of email users worldwide reached 3.7 billion and the number of emails sent per day to about 269 billion. The large number of emails is equivalent to nearly 2.4 million emails sent every second and about 74 trillion emails sent every year.
By 2015, Radicati Group estimates are 205 billion emails per day. The amount will only continue to grow. (Lifewire.com – by Heinz Tschabitscher) Sending emails faster and easier than ever. As shown in the statistics collected by Hubspot.com, emails provide value to senders and recipients. There is a big difference, between high quality email and low quality.
The Emmares project has the potential to disrupt the digital advertising market by providing excellent return on investment, much more important than traditional online advertising. As the first service of its kind, Emmares provides a new approach to online advertising through email channels and gives a new dimension to email marketing.
Emmares Email will remain the only area for web presence, where results can not be achieved in an easy way just by paying for digital added. Getting targeted new customers is still one of the most important goals, because targeted customers mean better conversions.
Nowadays, with the possibility of surprising blockchain technology, we can introduce EMMARES intelligent services, which bring together information sources with consumer information. This results in higher ROI and clearly targeted leads. We hope that the revenue given to web advertising will be partially allocated to email marketing and this will result in a better ROI.
Implementation Token
The EMA Token is an ERC20 Token applied on the Ethereal Blockchain application platform. Ethereum Contracts for Token EMA and all other contracts are written in the Solidity programming language. All decentralized EMMARES Marketplace users will collect their EMA in Ethereum Wallet.
Email marketers will use EMMARES (EMA) by following this simple one
  • After digitally signing the award contract, the sender pays the agreed amount of EMA coins plus service charges to a special campaign wallet that holds tokens until the budget is fully utilized.
  • The recipient evaluates the quality of the email content and is rewarded by the EMA token.
  • Once the beneficial pool is fully disbursed and / or the deadline has passed, the recipient can still review the provider’s content but will not be rewarded with a crypto. The rating is not on the blockchain and is not relevant to the combined quality score. In this way, the recipient will be motivated to evaluate the content quickly, giving their impression on the content as soon as it is first published. In turn, publishers will be motivated to provide optimal feedback to obtain relevant quality assessments on the blockchain.
  • Users will be able to convert ETH to EMA and vice versa through DEX exchange.
  • GAS and service fees are deployed in each cycle to include blockchain transactions and service charges.
Pre-sale and Crowdsale
  • Token Symbol: EMA
  • 1 EMA = 0.12 USD
  • Total Supply: 500,000,000 EMA
  • Softcap: 2,000,000 USD
  • Hardcap: 22.5 million USD
  • Pre-Sale: Mar 1 2018 – March 15, 2018
  • ICO: Mar 19, 2018 – Apr 19, 2018
  • Tokens for sale (Pre-ICO and ICO): 255 million EMA
To encourage the development of next generation EMMARES Email ecosystems that will have a potentially very positive impact on email recipients, Email marketers and Email service providers, EMA tokens are now introduced and available for distribution. There are 3 phases in distribution plan in Personal placement with 3 stages, Pre-Distribution stage and international distribution stage (“Distribution”). Subject agreements must be signed with the buyer, please find the indicative terms and conditions below.
Allocation of Token
  • Token will be issued shortly after crowdsale through smart contract. There will be 500,000,000 EMA generated. 255 million EMA tokens (51%) will be available during crowdsale, and 23% will be allocated for incentives for eco system globalization (incentives for opening new accounts).
  • We have decided to release (1/24) -from the founders’ contributions every month for 24 months of known practice as vesting (2-year vesting with 1-month cliff). This will create long-term incentives for executives and inspire them to continue to achieve milestone roadmap milestones with perseverance.
  • 5% token will be reserved for future strategic team members.
  • Tokens for presale contributors will soon be distributed after the crowdsale token.
  • Bounty tokens will be distributed two weeks after the crowdsal
Distribution Plan
Operation of EMMARES smart contracts When executed well and delivered with relevance to the customers involved, email marketing provides the highest ROI for modern marketers. Viewers of nearly 3B users worldwide receive an average of 3 email marketing posts a day. It makes the marketing volume Email 9 billion posts email marketing a day or 3.3 trillion posts email marketing per year. EMMARES target audience is email marketing recipient and email marketer. With only 1% penetration in the email marketing arena, EMMARES will have a 90mio email message volume through EMMARES per day scoring system, resulting in a satisfying 90 million euro per day transaction.
To encourage the development of next generation email ecosystems Email EMMARES, which has potentially very positive impact on email recipients, Email marketers and Email service providers, EMA tokens are now introduced and available for distribution.
EMA Token Distribution.
  • Private Placement and Pre Distribution Contributors will receive EMA tokens after the distribution stages are completed Bounty Contributions will be distributed within two weeks after the crowdsale ends.
  • Distribution stage contributors will receive tokens via smart contract immediately.
  • Bonus tokens from presale will be locked for a period of 6 months.
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