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EMMARES is connecting high-quality email content with interested recipients. Encouraging better quality content, lower frequency, and fair content evaluation, EMMARES brings new value, an expanded audience for email marketers and less spam with only desired content for recipients. EMMARES – Email Marketing Rewarding System is an evaluation system that highly benefits email marketers (senders) as well as email recipients (all email users).

By signing up to the EMMARES system, email MARKETERS have the opportunity to reach more target customers who are interested in their content. Because they send content that is well received by them, they got the opportunity to use EMMARES system to expand coverage and working towards better results and a higher ROI. They invest in outdoor fun, which is the base to give the prize to EMMARES users (Email recipients), which evaluate their content. AN EMAIL
As a reward to evaluate the content they receive from different marketers email (sender), recipients get the token from the pool. For each assessment, the recipient of the email (the user) accept tokens from email marketers that the contents are evaluated.
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The recipients of all mail providers are now exposed to the Spam. According to various categories, advertisers are selling mail addresses under the hand. (for example, the Bitcointalk email list has been seized and there are reports that the list has been sold to the 0.5 BTC.)
Of course, this situation is being made in our phone numbers. You know, after you give your phone number to a couple of places, you start receiving advertising messages. And there’s nothing we can do to stop this spam most of the time. Our long-term mailing addresses and phone lines are becoming impenetrable after a place. The worst part of the job is that messages that are sent are often irrelevant. We’re exposed to the Spam, and we have no interest in it.
Marketers who want to contact their target audience with Email are also difficult to get. They trust the lists sold underhand, and they don’t get results. They are losing their reputation to their brands with their spam. There is also static email lists that are unclear what is available.
Wanting to receive mail, the recipient segment selects the category from which they are interested in their own panel. For example, if you’re interested in new games, you can receive emails from new games with your own approval. By interacting with the e-mail you receive, you will also win the EMA token that the Advertiser has entered into the set. When you have new interests, you can choose a new category and undo the areas of interest.
It’s not written in the project, but I’ll add an idea to the subject. If you send a game designer game with mail and you download the game, and you come to this level, there may be much better interactions if you can give us incentives like this.

It’s not written in the project, but I’ll add an idea to the subject. If you send a game designer game with mail and you download the game, and you come to this level, there may be much better interactions if you can give us incentives like this.

We envision a world in which the content of email marketing has a much higher caliber. With our service, email marketers will be compelled to consistently produce better content from time to time. Reliable evaluation will help all of us to minimize spam.

EMMARES will launch a new golden era of email marketing. We would like to email marketing represents trust and quality in the minds of the public.
Email marketing is used more than any other digital marketing channels, but its impact is nothing like what it is. This is due in large part to the fact that so much of the content used in email marketing is very low quality. Customers want information offered marketers email but they will not accept low-quality information. By using intelligent service offered by EMMARES, users can finally get content marketing emails according to their standard and tailored for them based on their gender and their territory. Our mission is to make the world free of spam and play a major role in exposing the possibility evaluation of dynamic content delivery systems and smart.
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Email marketers
EMMARES system, email MARKETERS have the privilege to reach out more to expect customers who are interested in their content by registering.
They invest in outdoor fun, which was used as the basis for giving gifts to Emmares users (Email Recipients), which evaluate their content.
Recipient Email
As a benefit to evaluate the content they receive from many marketers email (sender), recipients get a token from the pool. For each assessment, the email Recipient (user) receives the token from email marketers that the contents are evaluated.
The token is a Token EMA ERC20 applied to Blockchain application platform. Ethereum contract for Token EMA and all contracts written in the violence. All users of EMMARES decentralized market would collect their EMA Ethereum wallet.


One of the benefits of EMMARES is that both marketers and recipients get to work together with more confidence and trust using this platform.
Rather than pay targeted data sets or trust blind luck with public data, marketing departments are able to and direct their messages to individuals who are interested and who will then decide to opt-in.
Marketers also benefit from the fact that they can reach more people who are looking for the same content they offer.
Another benefit of EMMARES is that consumers will receive relevant and more interesting offers by emails. They also get rewarded for giving helpful reaction on what they receive. All this means the usefulness and quality of marketing emails should go up over time.
Just like other Blockchain-based project, EMMARES also provide token. This token can be bought from their ICO event this year. On this event, there will be 51% of total token that their team will release. You can buy it to be used later, when this system is fully launched. You also can get tokens from other method, such as opening new account and register as user of EMMARES.
EMA Token Distribution
Bounty program is valid till 19th of April or until pool is utilized (whichever is first).
Pre-sale: Mar 1st 2018 — Mar 15th 2018
ICO: Mar 19th 2018 — Apr 19th 2018
Token: EMA
Total tokens supply: 500.000.000 EMA
Tokens for sale (pre-ICO & ICO): 255.000.000 EMA
Softcap: 2,000,000 USD
Hardcap: 22,500,000 USD
1 EMA = 0,12 USD
1% from total token supply = 5.000.000 EMA
Bounty will be splitted in two parts:
PreICO and ICO bounty 50% 2.500.000 EMA
Globalization launch & bug bounty 50% 2.500.000 EMA
What to expect from the product is the basic aim of the marketing? A film releases its trailer to attract an audience and in a few minutes, it has to tell its story to catch the attention of the people. The job is tough but that’s what is great about it. Creating a story in the mind of people so that they buy your product, and this is what marketing department does.
One of the foremost kind of marketing that started in the internet world is the email marketing. Delivering the email to the right lead at the right time to generate high ROI is their prime aim and as they have already collaborated with a website for the testing of their services, it seems that many insightful results will be seen in the future. The world of email marketing is going to change with the introduction of the platform. What do you think about the different services of the platform?


The team behind EMMARES is largely based out of Slovenia. There are 3 co-founders, with 12 staffs under them. The reason you need to understand the composition of the team is because this will show you how probable your success chances are.
The Founder and CEO of the firm is listed as Bojan Oremuz. A life-long entrepreneur and an experienced marketer, he has an impressive CV that makes you want to trust him. Denis Orensik is another Co-Founder and project Development. He is also boasts decades of experience as a developer.
Lastly, Tadej Oremuz is also a Developer and Co-Founder. He is a specialist in software development and marketing. Other listed as part of the team are Jure Tovrjan who is in charge of Advertising and Creative Design.

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