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Despite the slowness of email client vendors to update their rendering engines, email designers are developing new ways of bringing commonplace techniques on the web to the inbox. Effects like animation and interactivity are increasingly used by developers to pull off campaigns once thought impossible. And, for anyone coming from the world of the web, there are more tools, templates, and frameworks than ever to make that transition as smooth as possible. For seasoned email developers, these tools can decrease email production times and increase the reliability and efficacy of email campaigns.

Perhaps more importantly, the email industry itself is in a state of reinvention. For the first time, email client vendors—traditionally hesitant to update or change their rendering engines—are listening to the concerns of email professionals. While progress is likely to be slow, there is finally hope for improved support for HTML and CSS in the inbox. Although some problems still need to be addressed, there has never been a better time to take email seriously. For a channel that nearly every business uses, and that most consumers can’t live without, these changes signal an important shift in a thriving industry—one that designers, developers, and strategists for the web should start paying attention to.

However, no matter how rosy everything looks from the outside, Blockchain, like any other sphere, has a number of working moments that need to be somehow beaten to make everything work quickly, clearly and without interruption. I think you have time to guess what I’m going to start talking about, right on the very first part of the appearance of any coins-their mining or in simple words (production).

What is EMMARES?

EMMARES is a system that allows e-mail to be sent to the relevant users. EMMARES stands for Email Marketing Rewarding System. This allows e-mail marketers to reach broad target masses while allowing them to receive e-mails based on interests that do not offend buyers. You can remove spam by flagging content that you do not care about in your inbox. You can subscribe to an e-mail address that interests you. You can get an EMA token by evaluating incoming mail to your mailbox. This will be a middle ground for senders and recipients.

The Email system is an award-a unique platform with a free evaluation for marketers’ email (sender) and the recipient of the email (all email users). Traditional banking services be decentralized, and other initiatives emerging around the world and is built on a protocol that is not Emmares at the Ethereum exceptions. Before I delve deep into how Emmares platform and how it works, I will quickly give you a brief description of Cryptocurrency and token for people who do not understand the meaning of terms imply and how it works. You can skip this part if you already know.

The platform help minimize spam and evaluate content quality and email marketers can take advantage of the system and generate targeted leads based on the quality content. The platform is powered by Blockchain technology to provides security and transparency to the operation. Ethereum Smart Contract is utilised for building trust between the independent evaluators and the digital marketing campaign managers. A/B testing, engagement maximization measures and various other tracking tools exist on the platform for the marketers to decide the kind of campaign they wish to create. The EMA token is the utility tool for rewards and fees on the platform. You can choose your quality and type of content on the platform and thereby earn the tokens by evaluating emails.

How Does This Platform Work?

Email Marketers:

By signing up to EMMARES system, email marketers get a chance to reach more targeted customers that are interested in their content. As they are sending content that is well accepted by their recipients, they get a chance to use EMMARES system for expanding their reach and work toward better results and higher ROI. They invest in the rewarding pool, which is a base for rewarding EMMARES users (Email recipients), who evaluate their content.

Recipient Email:

In return for evaluating the content that they receive from various email marketers (senders), the recipients get tokens from the rewards pool. For each assessment, the email recipient (user) receives tokens from the email marketer whose content was evaluated.

EMMARES system is so revolutionary as we are making it possible for content providers to be matched with the people who really want their content. This facilitates targeting that is exponentially more effective than anything else on the market. Recipients are getting tons of emails, most of them of irrelevant and undesired. By evaluating relevancy and content quality on our blockchain-based system, they will receive rewards in the form of EMA crypto-tokens, which they will be able to use for the email ESP service, other email smart services or trade them.

For More Details, follow the links below:

Website: https://emmares.io/

Whitepaper: https://emmares.io/whitepaper.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/emmares

Twitter: https://twitter.com/emmares_io

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/emmares.io/


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