Encrybit (Feature Enriched Trading Exchange)

The Cryptocurrency trading with blockchain concept is growing rapidly with ups & downs. We are seeing a huge bear market in 2018 but the situation will not remain the same because the uncertain behaviour of the market may change anytime.

Cryptocurrency trading is becoming a crucial method in order to stay ahead and maximize one’s gains in this market. With massive rises and falls in cryptocurrencies prices, holding a single cryptocurrency waiting for its price to go up over time, means missing out on a lot of opportunities that the market has to offer. This realization has led to the current influx of a massive number of new traders.


Encrybit surveys corroborated this trend in the users, finding a lot of things that people expect from trading platforms but often being left disappointed, causing them to look for third-party software to provide for these expectations instead. Encrybit is preparing to solve almost all the major issues of existing cryptocurrency exchanges, which push the traders to use this third-party software. The main reasons why people choose third-party charting platforms are:

  • TA tools are not enough to make a proper analysis;
  • The chart is not clear and most of the times too small;
  • The trading UI is confusing and not user-friendly


  • Market Research

Encrybit provides users with extensive market research tools which include data analytics, trading strategies, trade signals, cryptocurrency news, social feeds and real-time coin announcements.

  • Transparent Polices

Encrybit developing transparent user policies with regards to the coin listing process, trading fee structure, airdrops and forks, so traders can anticipate how to deal with these events and take action to achieve the most favorable outcome.

  • Multilingual Support

Encrybit will initially be launched in English but will slowly be adapted to be fully supported by multiple language variants, which will include regional support teams. Immediate plans implements are in place to support Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, French and Italian. New language support will be included depending on the number of users from a particular country

  • Modern User Interface

Encrybit is the first cryptocurrency exchange with a modern trading platform that sets it apart from the traditional style of exchanges available in the current market. The Encrybit UI/UX promises a trading experience like no other.

  • Interactive Tech Tools

Encrybit is adding popular technical analysis tools for traders to study & analyze market movements and price action accurately on a single platform. Encrybit trading platform will minimize the use of API’s to trade on third party paid platforms.

  • Security

Encrybit is including ISO/IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) 27001:2013 CSS (Cyber security standards) and CCSS (cryptocurrency security standards) for platform infrastructure. ISO/IEC 27001 specifies a management system to bring information security under management manifest control.


Encrybit R&D team is well organized to analyze cryptocurrency market and traders emotions about the cryptocurrency exchanges. To develop traders based exchange its important to point the traders challenges and expectation from the trading platform. Encrybit found the best way to identify the traders emotions and that was surveys. One of the most top successful surveys of cryptocurrency community.

  • SURVEY 1 (Cryptocurrency Exchange Problems and Challenges)

This survey was organized to collect the valuable suggestions from traders regarding the problems they are facing while trading their assets on trading platforms. With response of over 1100+ participants Encrybit is considering the traders thoughts to create future of cryptocurrency exchange. survey timeline and insights.

  • SURVEY 2 (Cryptocurrency Exchange Evaluation Survey 2018 Global Analysis and Insights)

Cryptocurrency Exchange Evaluation Survey was conducted among traders to collect exhaustive details on advanced trading features, personal preferences and expectation from exchanges . With massive response of 11k+ traders around the globe from 167 countries, Encrybit will be the first cryptocurrency exchange that will change the way of trading because its all based on the thought of traders survey timeline and insights.


Its all about a modern cryptocurrency exchange, designed considering what community have asked in our recent survey and traders review.

Note : We want to keep the UI and other aspects of designs private, users who are interested to review may schedule a meeting for screen sharing session on Skype or GoToMeeting. ETA for private review meetings is within a week from the submission.


ENCX is the key element of the Encrybit ecosystem, It will be utilized to administrate the exchange operations with multiple uses in various tasks and fees. ENCX will also determine the exchange revenue model with trading, coin listing, and various other activities.

We’ll be utilizing three important activities for increasing ENCX token demand:

  • One can utilize ENCX to encash a 50% discount on the trading fee.
  • 40% of coin listing fee will be charged in ENCX.
  • Every quarter Encrybit will utilize its 10% of total profit to buy back the ENCX from circulating supply. Burn process will be in action immediately after successful buyback every quarter.

There will be more activities and products Encrybit will launch which will be available for community utilizing ENCX. Total supply is 270,000,000, circulating supply after the sale will be 172,800,000 and per ENCX price is $0.2. 60% of total supply is available for sale during Private, Pre and Public ICO.


Token Supply & Allocation

In order to develop, launch and grow the exchange, Encrybit is introducing ENCX Token this will provide small & institutional level participants with the access to contribute to this project. ENCX is the utility token utilized for ICO and exchange operations.

Token & Fund Allocation


Encrybit revenue model includes the small amount of fees coming from various transaction and coin listing fee.

Revenue Model Encrybit


Team behind Encrybit is fully technical and associated with a software development agency which was incorporated in year 2009. We understand the importance of timeline for a project

Roadmap Encrybit


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More information please visit link :

WEBSITE : https://encrybit.io

WHITEPAPER : https://encrybit.io/pdf/encrybit-wp-v1.pdf

TELEGRAM : https://t.me/encrybit



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