Encrybit is the first cryptocurrency exchange with a modern trading platform

Today we will talk about directions like the crypto industry. You have to admit that this direction is developing very strongly and that is why people need a platform to conduct transactions, as well as to buy and sell crypto currency assets. At present, there are more than enough of these sites, but not all provide users with what they want to see in practice. For example, the speed of work leaves many things to be desired, and support works all the time. So, I want to tell you about a project called Encrybit. Now we will talk about it.

Today the exchange of modern cryptocurrency seems to have to take into account the mistakes of their predecessors. It is logical that they must be faster, more comfortable, the level of technical support must be the highest. But with the release of each new exchange, we are faced with the fact that the new platform is not as fast as we promised, withdrawal of funds alone can take up to 24 hours, and in some cases you have to wait several days if the transaction falls on a holiday. In general, sheer disappointment. Of course there are exceptions, platforms provide services that are truly high-quality and fast, but their units, and the market is non-negotiable, and all are waiting for a new, modern and high-quality platform to exchange cryptactive assets.

Encrybit has made a historic moment by creating a massive survey on the cryptocurrency market with 12k + responses from traders in 167 countries. The Encrybit exchange is considered a trader where we combine their demands in reality developing a safe trading platform and enriched features that do not want to compromise the emotions of traders. Our research in the cryptocurrency universe revealed that 40% of crowd cryptocurrency is not safe about platform security because of the latest attacks and losses they face. 36% still cannot know which exchange they prefer to trade because of their liquidity problems and nightmares for them to transfer their assets from one exchange to another with a large withdrawal fee.

Encrybit is the first cryptocurrency exchange with a modern trading platform that distinguishes it from the traditional exchange styles that are available on the market today. Encrybit UI/UX also promises a trading experience that is second to none. The amazing Encrybit has developed a transparent user policy regarding the coin recording process, trade fee structure, air drops and forks, so traders can anticipate how to handle these events and take action to achieve profitable results.

Encrybit’s main goal

  • Optimized and simplified trading platform with an easy-to-use and attractive user interface;
  • Broad spectrum of technical analysis tools;
  • Smart alerts;
  • Profit and loss reporting;
  • Multiple levels of order history;
  • Multilingual support;
  • Smart social trading;
  • Trade gifts;
  • Market research and news updates;
  • Broad order book;
  • Transparent policy;
  • Demo trading;
  • Multi-tiered security;
  • Special customer representative.

It seems like most traders face so many problems where there are emotions that fall with the uncertain policies of the current cryptocurrency exchange.

Our research on the market shows how traders face problems and what they expect from cryptocurrency currency exchanges.

Survey 1– https://encrybit.io/insights/crypto-exchange-problems.html

Survey2– https://medium.com/@enbofficial/encrybit-cryptocurrency-exchange-evaluation-survey-2018-global-analysis-insights-b53c16abb106

Encrybit is considering all aspects, problems and expectations to provide a better trading experience and is enhanced by an innovative and revolutionary modern trading platform.

Token Information

  • Ticker ENCX
  • Token type ERC20
  • Accepted Currencies ETH

Bonus Program

  • Private Sale – 30% discount
  • Pre-Sale – 15% discount
  • Public Sale – 5% discount

Token distribution

  • 50% – Token Sale
  • 2% – Referral & Bounty
  • 2% – Advisors
  • 11% – Encrybit
  • 10% – Founders
  • 10% – Early Contributors
  • 5% – Team
  • 10% – Ongoing Development Funds

Funds allocation

  • 30% – Development
  • 25% – Marketing
  • 15% – Administrator and Support
  • 13% – Security and Audit
  • 2% – Legal
  • 15% – Reserve

Token Sale

  • ICO start date 07 Jan 2019
  • ICO end date 28 Feb 2019
  • ICO token supply 135,000,000
  • Soft cap 5,400,000 USD (fiat)
  • Hard cap size 32,400,000 USD (fiat)


Q1 2018: Jan, 2018 to March, 2018

  • Foundation Establishment
  • Internal Team Formation
  • Planning of Exchange Development
  • Launching of Internal Tools & Services

Q2 2018: April, 2018 to June, 2018

  • Encrybit.io Website Launch
  • Corporate Entity Establishment
  • External Team Building
  • Exchange Feature Prototype
  • LitePaper Published – English, Korean, Russian, French, Malay, Italian
  • ICO and Exchange Marketing
  • Listing of Encrybit in Major Publications
  • Cryptocurrency Exchange Problems Survey

Q3 2018: July, 2018 to September, 2018

  • Community Building
  • Global Promotion and Publication of Encrybit
  • Cryptocurrency Exchange Evaluation Survey
  • Launch of Main ICO Website along with Whitepaper and Prototype
  • Pre-ICO Bounty Programs

Q4 2018: October, 2018 to December, 2018

  • Private Sale Launch
  • ICO Goes Live Round 1 – Pre Sale

Q1 2019: Jan, 2019 to March, 2019

  • ICO Round 2 – Public Sale
  • Marketing and Promotions of Exchange
  • Exchange legal and compliance process

Q2 2019: April, 2019 to June, 2019

  • Exchange Algorithm and Security Testing
  • Marketing, Promotions & Useful Partnership Programs
  • Coin Listing Registration Starts
  • Private Beta Test Launch

Q3 2019: July, 2019 to September, 2019

  • Exchange Public Test Launch and Bug Fixing
  • Marketing, Promotions & Useful Partnership Programs
  • Encrybit Exchange Live
  • R&D team Setup to Explore Decentralize Exchange on Compatibility and Process

Q4 2019: October, 2019 to December, 2019

  • Marketing, Promotions & Useful Partnership Programs
  • Multi Chart Feature Launch
  • Advance Order Summary Feature Launch

Q1 2020: Jan, 2020 to March, 2020

  • Chat Feature Launch
  • Social Trading Launch Trailing Stop Loss Launch
  • Marketing, Promotions & Useful Partnership Programs
  • Announcement of Decentralized Exchange by R&D Team, Further Steps will be carried out based on the Report.

Q2 2020: April, 2020 to June, 2020

  • Ongoing R&D to provide more Unique Functionality
  • Develop and Launch Features as per the Market Trend
  • Partnership, Promotion, Events, Marketing and whatever it takes to be on top 10 by Q2 2021.

We believe the team always plays a leading role in achieving success and we are committed to the same

If you want to know more about encrybit.io, Below are some useful links where you can find more pieces of information

Website: https://encrybit.io/

Whitepaper: https://encrybit.io/pdf/encrybit-wp-v1.pdf

Litepaper: https://encrybit.io/pdf/litepaper.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/encrybit

Twitter: https://twitter.com/enbofficial



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