The use blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies would not have been successful without platforms where the currencies are traded against each other. Cryptocurrency exchange has therefore become an essential part of the blockchain technology and digital currencies. Several crypto exchanges are being created on a daily basis both centralize and decentralize with different features that compete with others. In all these exchanges there are still a lot of challenges faced by traders which hinder effective, efficient, safe and convenient trading experience. Hence the need for ENCRYBIT EXCHANGE.


Despite the importance of cryptocurrency exchanges and several numbers of exchange platforms in existence, traders are still having issues trading their digital assets due to some challenges such as:

1. Complicated and difficult interface: some exchanges are designed mainly for professional traders; as such beginners find it very difficult understanding and using such exchanges to trade or invest their digital currencies.

2. Lack of proper security measures which leads to traders losing their assets to cyber hackers.

3. Limited number of trading pairs: traders do not have a wide range of trading pairs to choose from as they can only trade against one or two currencies.

4. Limited number of coins listed: traders have to create several accounts on different exchanges to be able to trade some currencies that are not listed on other exchanges.

5. High transaction fees: the trading and withdrawal fees on some exchanges are usually so high that some traders get discouraged especially when trying to trade a small amount of coins.

6. Low liquidity is another challenge traders do have with most of the existing exchanges.


ENCRYBIT is an innovative platform designed with a Unique UI and other innovative features that make it to stand out and be different from every other existing exchange thereby solving current crypto exchange problems and spicing up traders trading experience. The idea that gave birth to ENCRYBIT exchange and its disruptive features was based on research carried out by the Team and the result of that research made them to create ENCRYBIT as all in one platform with all necessary trading tools.


ENCRYBIT exchange is designed with some great features and benefits that different it from every other cypto exchange globally. It is termed the best and next generation crypto exchange created to transform crypto trading experience. Some of those innovative features include but not limited to:

1. A unique user friendly interface: with ENCRYBIT exchange even beginner and novice in trading will be able to trade due to its simple and easy to use interface.

2. With ENCRYBIT traders do not need to switch from one exchange to another, this is because they have every tool required for a convenient, safe, effective and efficient crypto trading.

3. On ENCRYBIT platform there are unique and broad spectrum tools for technical analysis such as trading signals etc.

4. With ENCRYBIT the trading fees and withdrawal fees are relatively low compare to other trading platforms.

5. On ENCRYBIT exchange there is a tool that reports profit and loss on every trading this is not found on other exchanges.

6. Support multi languages: with ENCRYBIT traders globally can comfortably use it as there are different languages to meet global needs.

7. With ENCRYBIT exchange there is a regular updates on current market research and news on cryptocurrencies.

8. On ENCRYBIT exchange users can carry out smart social trading and obtain trading rewards depending on their activities.

9. High level of security tools: on ENCRYBIT exchange users do not need to bother about security and safety of their assets, this is because ENCRIBIT has put in place security tools such as: 2FA, IP Authentication, withdrawal Authentication, multi signature wallet, Anti phishing alert as well as Wallet address whitelisting.


The team has created a token on the platform ENCX that will serve as the major driver of ENCRYBIT ecosystem and will be used for many purposes that will add value to the exchange.


An ENCX token has so many uses and benefits to holders which including:

1. used in payment for traction fees on the platform and users enjoy up to 50% discount

2. ENCX will be used as payment for bonuses and rewards depending on trader’s activities on the exchange.

3. In order to list coins on the exchange developers will have to use ENCX, this will help to increase the value of the token.

4. Holders of ENCX are bound to make profits as there will be a buyback program periodically that will increase the worth of the token.

5. Also to further increase the token value the team will carry out a token burn program after every buy back.

6. There are other products that will be launched by the exchange in order to keep raising the value of the token and cause investors to make more profits in the nearest future.


Token name: ENCX

Token type: utility

Protocol: ERC20

Total supply: 270,000,000 ENCX

Circulation supply after ICO: 172, 8000,000

Token price: $0.2/ token

Private sale is ongoing and will end in 13 days, be a part of this unique project do not miss it for anything.



ENCRYBIT is designed by a Team of seasoned professionals and experienced men and women, who came together, carried out a research, discover the loop holes that were present in existing crypto exchanges and came up with this platform with some disruptive tools to solve problems and make trading experience better globally.

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