The cryptocurrency world has become so popular and it is drastically increasing and at same time expanding speedily. The trading aspect of it in different kinds of exchanges is also increasing although it has its ups and downs. The markets are always fluctuating and it is bleeding seriously hard now but not withstanding the bulls will eventually make their entry once more and by then the cryptocurrency world will be a trillion-dollar industry by 2020.
Currently in cryptocurrency trading, trading has become a crucial method and this is because almost everybody wants to stay ahead and maximize their gains in the market.
With the current market fluctuation on the cryptocurrency prices, holding a particular cryptocurrency has never been a good thing to do and this is because you may end up missing out on a lot of opportunities that would have fetch you a reasonable sum amount of money or even a better opportunity.
Currently, it is really pretty easy to start trading on different exchanges as there are lots of cryptocurrency exchanges where these cryptocurrencies are listed specifically for trading purposes.
However, the cryptocurrency trading volume on these exchanges has drastically reduced judging from 2017 overall market cap and the number of active users on these third-party platforms has grown steadily throughout this period.

Encrybit has come to the heart of the matter whereby the market is loaded up with Blockchain ventures and their particular cryptocurrencies, vast measure of exchanging platforms is possessed by Encrybit actually, which attempt to abuse this advanced dash for unheard of wealth. Yet, the outcomes are horrifying, the most utilized ones can be depended on one hand and they don’t generally give what the client needs, who has greater liquidity needs in client commitment, who gives better client encounter however absence of exchanging sets or requires enormous stores with the end goal to enroll, the greater part of them have likewise high exchanging and pull back expenses and that is not what the client is searching for.

There are so many cryptocurrency exchanges existing in the world today, and many of them accept crypto to crypto trading pairs. Here are some of the problems facing the crypto exchanges today and which Encrybit intend to solve.
-HIGH TRADING FEES: Popular exchanges can charge between 0.5% to 3% in fees.
-SECURITY: So many Exchanges do not have a strong security to protect users’ assets.
-POOR USER INTERFACE: There are so many crypto exchanges that has a poor User-interface which makes it difficult for users to Navigate through the platform.

-HIGH SECURITY: Encrybit exchange offers users with top notch security, and uses ISO/IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) 27001:2013 CSS (Cyber security standards) and CCSS (cryptocurrency
security standards) for platform infrastructure. ISO/IEC 27001 specifies a management system to bring information security under management manifest control.
-MODERN USER INTERFACE: Encrybit exchange has a well-designed User interface that makes the trading experience enjoyable and convenient for Traders. The Encrybit UI/UX promises a trading experience like no other.
-MULTILINGUAL SUPPORT: Unlike so many other traditional cryptocurrency exchanges, the Encrybit exchange will support so many languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, French and Italian. New language support will be included depending on the number of users from a particular country. The Default Language of the Encrybit exchange will be English.
-TRANSPARENCY: The Encrybit exchange will make every operation carried out on the platform transparent to every user, such as coin listing process, trading fee structure, airdrops and Bounties.
-WITHDRAWAL FEES: Encrybit exchange makes it possible for traders to pay 50% less if you pay your fees with the ENCX Tokens.

WEBSITE: https://encrybit.io/
WHITEPAPER: https://encrybit.io/pdf/encrybit-wp-v1.pdf
TELEGRAM: https://t.me/encrybit
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/enbofficial
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/encrybitofficial/

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