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As progressive as it sounds, Blockchain really is a system to convey everybody to the most noteworthy level of responsibility. Not any more missed exchanges, human or machine blunders, or even a trade that was not finished with the assent of the gatherings included. Above whatever else, the most basic territory where Blockchain causes is to ensure the legitimacy of an exchange by recording it on a principle enroll as well as an associated dispersed arrangement of registers, which are all associated through a safe approval component.

The blockchain is a morally sound computerized record of monetary exchanges that can be customized to record not simply money related exchanges but rather for all intents and purposes everything of esteem. Blockchain innovation resembles the web in that it has a worked in power. By putting away squares of data that are indistinguishable over its system, the blockchain can’t be controlled by any single substance and has no single purpose of disappointment. The web itself has turned out to be tough for just about 30 years. It’s a reputation that looks good for blockchain innovation as it keeps on being produced.


Encrybit trade is the primary research-based organization, that has done such a large number of research’s and succesful studies among over 12k cryptographic money dealers in more than 167 nations. Encrybit trade is determined to furnish clients with a basic, solid and minimal effort administration to utilize, purchase, move, and exchange different crypto resources, from scope of nations. Encrybit token known as ENCX will be the utility token of the Encrybit stage.

Encrybit exchnage makes accessible to its clients with broad statistical surveying apparatuses which incorporate information examination, exchanging methodologies, exchange signals, digital currency news thus numerous others you can consider. Encrybit reviews confirmed this pattern in the clients, discovering alot of things that individuals anticipate from exchanging stages however frequently being left frustrated, making them search for outsider programming to accommodate these desires. Encrybit is getting ready to explain all the real issues of existing digital currency trades, which push the merchants to utilize this outsider programming. The fundamental reasons why individuals pick outsider graphing stages are:

TA devices are insufficient to make a legitimate investigation;

The graph isn’t clear and the greater part of the occasions too little;

The exchanging UI is befuddling and not easy to use.

Here are a portion of the issues confronting the crypto trades of today.

High Trading Fees: Popular trades can charge between 0.5% to 3% in expenses.

Security: such a significant number of Exchanges don’t have a solid security to ensure clients resources.

Poor User Interface: There are such huge numbers of crypto trades that has a poor User-interface which makes it troublesome for clients to Navigate through the stage.


High Security: Encrybit trade offers clients with first rate security, and utilizations ISO/IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) 27001:2013 CSS (Cyber security gauges) and CCSS (digital currency security measures) for stage foundation. ISO/IEC 27001 determines an administration framework to bring data security under administration show control.

Current User Interface: Encrybit trade has an all around structured User interface that makes the exchanging background pleasant and helpful for Traders. The Encrybit UI/UX guarantees an exchanging background like no other.

Multilingual Support: Unlike such a significant number of other customary digital money trades, the Encrybit trade will bolster such a significant number of dialects, for example, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, French and Italian. New dialect bolster will be incorporated relying upon the quantity of clients from a specific nation. The Default Language of the Encrybit trade will be English.

Straightforwardness: The Encrybit trade will make each operationcarried out on the stage straightforward to each client, for example, coin posting process, exchanging charge structure, airdrops and Bounties.

Withdrawal Fees: Encrybit trade makes it workable for dealers to pay half less in the event that you pay your expenses with the ENCX Tokens.



This element will enable clients to exchange on the Encrybit stage with virtual monetary standards, allowing them the chance to rehearse distinctive exchanging startegies and furthermore investigate the stage


This component makes it workable for clients to set trailing stop misfortunes on their exchanges


This element makes it feasible for brokers to screen distinctive exchanging sets on a similar window. No requirement for minimization.

Screen capture AND SHARE:

With this element you can screen capture your current exchanging window


This component enables brokers to talk and examine about exchanges and techniques


Brokers will have the capacity to see the benefit and misfortune reports exhibited in Business arrange.


This component enables brokers to set warnings on value changes.


Token Symbol: ENCX

Token Type: Utility

Platform: Ethereum (ERC-20)

Total Supply: 200,000,000 ENCX

Circulating Supply: 172,800,000 ENCX

Token Price: $0.2 USD

Soft Cap: $5,400,000 USD

Hard Cap: $32,400,000 USD

Accepting: ETH, BTC


Token Available for Private Sale: 27,000,000 ENXC

Private sale Ends: DEC- 03 – 2018

Accepting: BTC , ETH


50% of Tokens for sale

2% Referrals and Bounties

2% Advisor

11% Encrybit

10% Founder

10% of Initial Investors

5% Team

10% of ongoing development funds


30% Development

25% marketing

15% Administrator and Support

13% Security and Audit

2% legal

15% reserve


Above you can see the roadmap — how the team sees their nearest and long-term future.


For more information, please visit;

website: https://encrybit.io/

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/encrybitofficial/

Telegram: https://t.me/encrybit

Twitter: https://twitter.com/enbofficial

white paper: https://encrybit.io/pdf/encrybit-wp-v1.pdf

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