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Endchain is basically a patent-pending logistics solutions company which uses QR code combine with the BAR code which enables the Endchain platform to track a product and record the product history to the immutable blockchain so that we as a consumer can be able to determine whether the product that we are going to buy is authentic.

Being able to be confident that what we are buying is the real thing that we want to buy is really a big ‘game player’ when it comes to consumers because in a lot of cases accidentally buying fake products even if it’s from a mall can be able to result into a huge waste of money, Health Complications or worst case scenario is DEATH.

As we continue to deep dive on the reasons why logistics and supplychain solutions is really needed nowadays, i will give you few examples why Endchain is really a vital solution that the world needs.

On china wayback 2008 there happened one of the big food scandal in the world which is the commercial milk got melamine on it. And Melamine is a type of plastic commonly employed in countertops, dry-erase boards, etc. The worst case scenario happened in china affecting estimated of 300,000 people, 54,000 babies and reportedly 6 babies died from kidney damage.

A lot of cases using electronics counterfeited product or parts in it can give you serious injury or cost you a lot of money. I’ll give few real life examples.
Around 2013 from the news and articles, Imitation chargers of apple gadget gave a man in widnes, cheshire an electric shock that resulted him blacken fingers, this guy is still thankful because that charger is own by his 8 year old daughter and he is thankful that he is the one who uses it when the incident happened. But on China, two people suffered severely because of the same fake product, one died while the other one got coma. These fake products can burn down your house and can put you into a very dangerous situation that you don’t really wanna be in.

Those are just few incidents and i know there’s a plenty of news about the matter on different type of products, that we can’t cover them all here. But here is my question. What if you dont have the capability to know that what you use is an authentic one ?

we can avoid these kind of things to happen if we just got a supply chain solutions that can be able to track a product and records the products history like Endchain.

While other logistics & supply chain solutions relies on expensive rfid chips that can make the product more expensive or and in my own opinion, rfid chips will not be use on such cheap items such as canned beverages or a bag of junkfood because rfid is expensive. Are we sure that a pack of milk is authentic because it came from the mall ? Incident on china proved that wrong.

Endchain saves the day because it does not use fancy chips. The Endchain Company uses Barcode and Qr code combined which can be able to apply on those said cheap items so that the supply chain can be more efficient on every item from manufacturer to businesses to customer and to reseller. And that will allow to increase the security, transparency and traceability of any product out there under the Endchain Platform Patent Pending Logistic Solutions.
And to me that’s what makes endchain really special.

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