EndChain – a unique supply control system

EndChain project intends to hide each sector of the provision chain, as well as the used automotive market. This project can permit its users, victimization blockchain, to trace even daily merchandise. extra functions for communication between the provision chain and permitting the creation of extra chains more increase the connectedness of the merchandise to the provision chain.

EndChain provides an entire and cost-efficient supplying package that edges all sides of the provision chain. whereas most tokens for use area unit centered on high-end merchandise, EndChain focuses on the low and medium market — a section that has been neglected for too long. EndChain will enter this market because of the benefit and low value of the system compared to alternative tokens that focus on dearly-won NFC chips or manual input.

The platform uses the QR code EndChain. it’s distinctive therein it includes a barcode within the QR code. This style makes it simple to use, as a result of EndChain users can savvy to scan solely the code found on the package. alternative corporations that have faith in superannuated barcode technology are going to be ready to scan the embedded barcode. Thus, EndChains QR code creates a special code for operating with any variety of system. an extra advantage is that one code will update each a blockchain and any internal inheritance systems employing a single scan. the aim of this can be to cut back complexness and increase potency.

A compact company will solely be as robust as its economy. EndChain is committed to each its company users and investors. to make sure that the requirements of each area unit met, a deflationary self-activating economy are going to be used. companies are going to be inspired to shop for and hold EndChain tokens for the acquisition of QR codes, the conclusion of contracts and access to the info stream.

The percentage of fees related to these options are going to be “burned” to cut back the amount of tokens. If EndChain’s value remains unchanged, the value of individual tokens can increase.

To succeed, a token wants a thriving market. Tokens that aren’t used don’t have any purpose for investors. additionally, tokens that don’t have a continuing variety of consumers produce unstable costs. that’s why EndChain centered on providing a vivacious market, attracting corporations to shop for EndChain tokens. victimization our tokens, corporations will receive a reduction on our qr codes, huge knowledge and sensible contracts.

If the marketplace for EndChain is down, additional tokens are going to be needed to pay money for every order. once additional tokens area unit used, additional are going to be burned; so increasing the value till it reaches equilibrium. As a result, it’s safer to stay EndChain for an extended time, as a result of there area unit measures to safeguard against deduction. Thus, EndChain can have a self-adjusting system that has stable savings.

Details of the ICO

Token distribution:

Use of funds:

Thanks to an outsized base of potential customers, EndChain will straightaway begin operating with our product. 2-4% of revenue from sales are going to be for recording EndChain tokens. this can facilitate cut back the amount of EndChain tokens within the long run; thereby increasing the value. Since most corporations got to set up ahead and budget, they’re seemingly to shop for and retain the amount of EndChain tokens. this can produce robust support for the EndChain market.+




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