EndChain Ending Counterfeits and Logistical Complications


Hi everyone,I will be presenting you a promising and an awesome undertaking this time,as all of you realize that Crурtосurrеnсу hаѕ bееn аblе tо рrеѕеnt аn еаѕу tо uѕе dіgіtаl аltеrnаtіvе tо fіаt сurrеnсіеѕ. Crурtосurrеnсу еmрlоуѕ thе uѕе оf сrурtоgrарhу thаt аѕѕurеѕ hіgh-ѕесurіtу рrосеѕѕеѕ аnd vеrіfіеѕ trаnѕасtіоnѕ реrѕоnаl tо еасh uѕеr. Hence, counterfeiting and anonymous transactions are impossible to achieve.

Consequently, it is basic as crypto speculators to be among the main who join the new patterns of blockchain platform and this lead me to One of the core tenets of blockchain Endchain, is an utility token that changes the manner in which coordinations is dealt with all through the business in a practical manner.

What is EndChain?

EndChain is a patent-pending blockchain service organization that is centered around conveying mass selection of blockchain following to all business sectors. Our patent-pending QR and standardized tag blend enables EndChain to have 2 particular favorable circumstances in this market: incorporation and cost. Existing coordinations organizations and producers see the advantage in blockchain following, however are reluctant to redo multi-million dollar frameworks.

EndChain enables companies to effectively extricate both the nonexclusive standardized identification information and the thing particular blockchain QR code information in the meantime. As EndChain’s program will keep running out of sight of existing frameworks, our blend code will be effortlessly distinguished by our program and the conventional information will be gone into inheritance frameworks for customary coordinations and makers. At the same time, the blockchain will be refreshed with the thing particular blockchain information.

EndChain brings blockchain benefits at a small amount of the expense to all items. By far most of arrangements in the market depend on NFC chips or manual passage of information into the blockchain. EndChain will make an API that enables organizations to consequently create and refresh the blockchain and in addition print our codes straightforwardly on their bundles, along these lines definitely diminishing the cost. This will enable low to mid-cost merchandise, for example, natural sustenance, to end up blockchain empowered items. Man-made intelligence and Big Our group will use their involvement in AI and enormous information by incorporating both with EndChain.

Endchain empowers associations to effortlessly expel general scanner tag information and thing particular QR code information in the meantime. By utilizing one kind of Blockchain information, it will be conceivable to make the activities more agreeable and more blunder free. Store data exchanged to the Blockchain chain just once will end up straightforward activities in resulting employments. Along these lines, the bundle to be examined will be effectively available and won’t be tedious.


EndChain plans to cover all parts of the production network, including the second-hand showcase. Our items will be moderate, even regular things can be followed on the blockchain. Usefulness for correspondence between the inventory network and the sub-meter, further expanding the item’s importance to the store network.

The essential thought is that coordinations administrations are costly and that charges can be lessened utilizing blockchain innovation. Therefore, with its patent-pending QR code and standardized identification mix, Endchain means to accomplish two critical points of interest in this market: reasonable cost and market combination.


The main advantage of this is the disentanglement of complex procedures. Another advantage is that procedures can be finished in minutes with a standardized identification scanner. The stores that will introduce the product of Endchain will be finished with the code filtering of representatives just between the B2B and B2C.

How this framework will function:

• Each item is alloted a scanner tag;

• It is sufficient for shops and organizations to have a straightforward scanner with an EndChain stamping for perusing codes;

• Each organization working in the EndChain framework will have its very own status: provider, coordinations organization, B2B store, B2C-shop;

• Manufacturers will dole out every item its very own standardized tag, and additionally each container in which the item will be stuffed and toward the end it will all be gone into a solitary blockchain with nitty gritty data about this item, along these lines they will have the capacity to track the distance to their items whenever. goal;

• Buyers will have the capacity to abstain from purchasing fake items by basically checking a QR code set on the item, in this way deciding the credibility of the item;

• Using the EndChain application, the quantity of burglaries is decreased. Data about robberies and robbery amid creation or transportation will be quickly added to the framework, along these lines sparing clients when they purchase stolen merchandise;

• Through the utilization of keen contracts in the EndChain framework among makers and organizations, all printed material can be dodged. Swinging to electronic contracts, makers will get a specific number of tokens submitted as a reward, which later will be utilized to additionally go into keen contracts;

• Each EndChain client gets a one of a kind key that affirms their status in the framework, regardless of whether you are a provider, maker, vender, or basically the purchaser deciding the present area of the item, and also mindful people.


Notwithstanding the general capacity of the chain, it is imperative to talk about the fundamental highlights that enable EndChain to be broadly acknowledged. This element will be added to streamline existing procedures, for example, correspondence. Expanding security, protection and lucidity will likewise bring extra advantages over existing strategies.


Approved information scrambled in the blockchain will anchor the framework. Channels can be changed, organizations can figure out which information can be entered. Since EndChain licenses are a deferred scanner tag/QR include, our channels can be arranged to give perused just QR perused access to all points of interest before exchanging things. The individuals who need to have authorization to compose on the blockchain will be required to utilize our program. This enables clients to see the thing’s history without having the capacity to alter or include them. By having the variables indicated in this program, representative mistakes will be lessened and security will be ensured.

The substrings can be created on EndChain amid make and transport. This subculture will enable the organization to track the item in-house once developments are finished and quality confirmation is required. Since this subnet may contain touchy data, organizations can design subchannels to be private. Private substrings enable organizations to consolidate interior strings without the danger of losing delicate information.

Coordinate correspondence

Keeping the subject of the across the board arrangement, this program will show scrambled correspondence channels. This will encourage correspondence among assembling and transportation forms. Rather than searching for the area of the ebb and flow thing, the organization, and the right contact, utilize a straightforward string to show precisely where related things and exchanges can be opened to associate with individual rights.

The maker will have the capacity to see quickly if there are things being transported

having issues and can discuss rapidly with the ideal individual. The immediate correspondence channel is likewise close to home, with just two gatherings approaching the message.

Physical security

Burglary is a scourge around the world. In the United States alone, load burglary can surpass $ 30 billion per year. Endchain can be utilized to decrease robbery and advise shoppers when a thing has been stolen from the inventory network. On the off chance that the stock is stolen before being sold to shoppers, it very well may be set apart as stolen in the framework. This will permit any potential trip amid make or travel to be instantly seized and stamped. I will likewise enable shoppers to examine a thing and see it instantly stolen at a point in the inventory network. Now, purchasers would then be able to contact the experts to report the burglary of products.

Token and ICO Information




Token: ENCN

Price: 1 ENCN = 0.24 USD

Bounty: Available

MVP / Prototype: Available

Platform: Ethereum

Accepting: BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC

Soft cap: 4000000 USD

Hard cap: 15000000 USD

Country: Hong Kong

Token Distribution

Fund Allocation



For more information, you can see it below:

Website: https://www.endchain.io/

MTB: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5055264.new#new

Bounty MTB: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5056363.0

White paper:http://www.endchain.io/assets/whitepaper/1539463780EndChain%20Russian%20Whitepaper%20Final%20Version.pdf

Github: https://github.com/EndChain

Twitter: https://twitter.com/EndChainIO

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EndChainIO/

Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/J19jRxLbcyhWw25SXGtlcA

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/EndChain/


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